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Katsuki Bakugou X Reader {The mute twin of Izuku} by versailles7753
Katsuki Bakugou X Reader {The CEO of BakugouXReaders
You are Izuku's sister and you are a mute. When you were a child your dad, a man that raped Inko, guilt tripped you. BTW His name is Akuma, it means demon. Your quirk is...
Chad's Shy Girlfriend  (Chad Charming X OC) by ScarletVisiontrash
Chad's Shy Girlfriend (Chad Makayla
People knew Chad as a player, the guy who dated a girl for a few weeks then broke her heart... little did they know that he's been in a secret relationship with one of t...
Her Knight by soccerlover35
Her Knightby Kate
Hayley knight had a love for soccer, it was what she lived and breathed. As a young teen, she dreamed of playing for the USA but after an accident, she didn't think she...
The Deaf Mutant by wolffie_03
The Deaf Mutantby Raven.S
Y/n is a new Avenger, but she has her differences. She is deaf, Completely deaf she uses ASL to communicate. She went deaf when she was 7. Caught in the crossfire, the...
Undying Echo {1} by CrystalBleu
Undying Echo {1}by c r y s t a l
After moving to a small town for a semester and a half, Camilla Adams is relived about how great the new place and school seem to be, and how nice some people were. But...
A Special Warning Wolf by GalacticUnicorn43
A Special Warning Wolfby Galactic Unicorn
Izuku (Midoryia) has been in a lab all his life. He is one of the few people who have been subjected to genetic engineering. Because of this he has become part Warning W...
In Sign Language, I Hear You ( Transmigrated as Deaf and Muted ) by Slyphd
In Sign Language, I Hear You ( I am Dita
It was only when the bloodshed through her face, and the sirene sound went wild. At that moment, she then know the happiness she was searching for... only At that moment...
Crystal Eyes by MG_writing2703
Crystal Eyesby Madi
Ellery Grace Wilson, a deaf teen who lost everything five years ago in a car crash, one that shattered her life and tore her family apart. She lost everything that day...
A Silence Full of Sound by MySmall_Infinty
A Silence Full of Soundby MySmall_Infinty
He stared at me, his green eyes bore into mine as if searching for an answer to an unasked question. He cracked a smile, the warmth hit me, and in that moment it was th...
17 Bullets:  becoming the Werewolf Queen by pattyofurniture
17 Bullets: becoming the PattyO
60 bullets 59 58 57.. The countdown to 17 Bullets begins now. Eleanor was prepared for the zombie apocalypse, not a completely different planet with werewolves, dragons...
Silent Suffering by DramaKelly
Silent Sufferingby Kelly
Midoriya is hit with a quirk during his internship, causing him to lose his voice. What they don't know is that in return, he's able to hear the thoughts of those around...
Taken - Seungjin  by Real_Ni-ki_Minaj
Taken - Seungjin by Real_Ni-ki_Minaj
What would you do if you had everything you ever wanted, and it was all taken from you? That's precisely what happened to the famous singer Kim Seungmin when he lost his...
Love language || Choi Soobin FF ✓ by YeonJeanLynn
Love language || Choi Soobin FF ✓by YeonJean
Choi Soobin became deaf at a very young age. Nobody has learned sign language for him, not even his own mother. Thats when he met Y/n who happened to know sign language...
Golden [BokuAka] by tay-tay19
Golden [BokuAka]by Taylor
After the death of his wife, Akaashi Keiji is left to raise their two sons Kei and Shouyou with the help of his friends Daichi and Suga. Traumatized by his mother's deat...
The Key to My Heart ✅ by lemonmintdrink
The Key to My Heart ✅by mint_lemon
This story follows the timeline of the show IPKKND. (Entire storyline explained in the chapter). However,soon after the marriage contract expires, Khushi disappears. Wha...
Bad boy? ✔️ by HereIAmAngel
Bad boy? ✔️by ;-)
A story about a bad boy Or is he? And a good girl Okay it's a cheeky girl And their friends and families and school and cliches (or not) Merry Christmas, happy birthday...
Childhood love ||A sign of affection  by animeisbetter1
Childhood love ||A sign of animeisbetter1
Shouko and her sister Yuki are sisters in college who are also deaf. Oushi Ashioki is a childhood friend who learned sign language and is very good at it. He is concerne...
mute touch by SchrodingersKaz
mute touchby Kaz
You're the daughter of All Might, but he isn't what he seems. You find refuge with the League, they help you, protect you, and in return, you help them. Being Mute has i...
Something To Savor  by disney_girl4life24
Something To Savor by •Disney• Girl•
Daryl and Connie's new blossoming relationship. Short cute moments between the two. Growth and development in their relationship, Including dog and a few other character...
Dandelion  by ShiftingFarFarAway
Dandelion by Chloe
Nick Fury, can be a little dim. All he wanted was to text Steve, the most trustworthy Avenger, to get all the Avengers in a meeting. But no. He happened to text the wro...