Klaine One Shots by jmm55144
Klaine One Shotsby Jayda
  • love
  • hummel
  • kurt
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SASQUATCH! [Harry Styles] #Wattys2018 by lovealwaysvictoria
SASQUATCH! [Harry Styles] #Wattys2...by excessive commenter
"Sasquatch" is our sex code. We first decided to use a code word so that we could hookup in public places without people catching on to what we were doing. How...
  • comedy
  • hs
  • smutty
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Glee: A Brand New Direction (first book of Glee series) by arias3
Glee: A Brand New Direction (first...by arias3
Everyone at McKinley High knows about New Directions. When the glee club does a production of Grease, sophomore Juliet Vasquez is dragged along to see it by her best fri...
  • rachel
  • berry
  • mckinley
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Tarantism || Mike Chang [2] by Unco0rdinated
Tarantism || Mike Chang [2]by Yella
Alex Santiago had found her home within the wall's of McKinley High School after losing her mother but now she needed to find herself and her future.
  • finn
  • love
  • mikechang
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Come What May by glee_xo
Come What Mayby glee_xo
Kurt is dating Chandler, Blaine is dating Rachel. It's that simple, right? Not so much, I'm afraid. You see Blaine and Kurt have been friends with benefits for a littl...
  • moulin
  • may
  • kurt
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Infantilism Blaine by klainer15
Infantilism Blaineby klainer15
Warnings for: infantilism, nappies, bottles, sippy cups, crib, dummies, oversized high chair, stroller, car seat, bouncy chair, swing, walker, folded crib and jumperoo...
  • newdirections
  • blainecentric
  • blaine
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Not as Strong as You Think by gleefam
Not as Strong as You Thinkby gleefam
(COMPLETED) After Kurt was raped, he has to learn to get through his fears, cope with the trauma, and most of all, stay strong. With the help of his friends, family, and...
  • blaine
  • glee
  • blaineanderson
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His Alice, Her Sebastian by SkyWriter97
His Alice, Her Sebastianby SkyWriter97
(A Glee Fanfiction)There was a light in his hazel eyes that they had never seen before, and a smile full of an emotion both knew but didn't expect to see. Kurt and Blai...
  • sebastian
  • chriscolfer
  • warblers
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Unbroken (A Klaine Fanfiction) by musicxme
Unbroken (A Klaine Fanfiction)by musicxme
When Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton Academy in the middle of his Junior year, he doesn't expect to make any friends. He feels all of the bullying has made him become to...
  • glee
  • kurt
  • blaine
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IN THE SUN ↝ kurt cobain  by ugh-nirvana
IN THE SUN ↝ kurt cobain by 🥀
l.c ♡'s k.c forever
  • kurt
  • davegrohl
  • kurtcobain
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Silver Treble Clefs by Cameroii
Silver Treble Clefsby Cameron Powell
When Blaine's name gets reaped for the 73rd annual Hunger Games in Panem, he believes his life is over. Until he meets his stylist, Kurt. At that moment, everything chan...
  • hungergames
  • gaylove
  • tragedy
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Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
Who knew accidentally switching phones would lead them into a fake relationship.. ••• Hey guys! I hope you like this story I don't own glee.. :( Thank you to my best fri...
  • mercedesjones
  • anderson
  • kurt
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Home Sweets Bakery (Klaine)  by gleek512
Home Sweets Bakery (Klaine) by Klaine Trash
Kurt's looking for a new employee, what happens when he meets the mysterious Blaine Anderson and his daughter. There's just something about them that he can't put his fi...
  • kurt
  • glee
  • blaine
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Sass, Sex and a Baby (Klaine) by KurtAnderHummel
Sass, Sex and a Baby (Klaine)by Kurt & Blaine Anderhummel
When Blaine Anderson moves in with Kurt, Rachel and Santana. Things start to get a little physical between two, and growing problems arise MPreg! Mature Content, yes peo...
  • newyork
  • badboy
  • klaine
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Somewhere Only We Know ~ Klaine {ON HOLD} by slayzxswift
Somewhere Only We Know ~ Klaine {O...by hey hey
Kurt Hummel has been bullied for the last three years of high school. And the worst part is, he's being bullied by the person he loves most. Blaine Anderson - captain of...
  • klaine
  • wattys2017
  • kurt
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Klaine: Not As Easy As It Seems by isabellaelvira
Klaine: Not As Easy As It Seemsby 💗Isabella💗
(Kurt was never in glee club so was never forced to spy on the warblers and he never met Blaine) Blaine Anderson is a Wealthy and Famous musician. He is married to Sebas...
  • blaine
  • glee
  • kurt
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When Two Gangs Meet Book2:  The Queen Eye's Revenge by cassiene
When Two Gangs Meet Book2: The Qu...by euphoria
Read the book1 first! When two gangs meet! Start: April 4 2018 End: What if.... she's still alive... and watching you..
  • venice
  • romance
  • love
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Heathers | oneshots and shit by ssunnyboy
Heathers | oneshots and shitby ᴶ∙ᴰ
ya boi michael has a fettish. ⚣ pretty fucking bad? but if u read it. i hope u like it
  • heathers
  • veronica
  • chaos
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It Is Pretending Right? by finchelli
It Is Pretending Right?by Gabbydaniella Herman
Finn and Rachel decide to help each other out. Finn will pay Rachel to pretend to be his girlfriend for one night. The idea is perfect, it's a win-win! When it carries o...
  • finn
  • finchel
  • quick
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Maybe Just Happy - Kurt Cobain Fanfic by SappyWitch
Maybe Just Happy - Kurt Cobain Fan...by SappyWitch
Violet meets Kurt and her entire life changes. I'll update this story often. :)
  • nirvana
  • fictional
  • fanfic
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