IN THE SUN ↝ kurt cobain by ugh-nirvana
IN THE SUN ↝ kurt cobainby ☻
l.c ♡'s k.c forever
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Loving the Warbler                                         BOOK ONE by muhakka_17
Loving the Warbler...by Muhakka
  • santana
  • rachelberry
  • sam
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Klaine Smut  by lydia-lynn-
Klaine Smut by Lydia Lynn
I do not own glee. I don't own these stories unless I say in bold print that I do!!
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Supergirl: Past and Present by shipeverything08
Supergirl: Past and Presentby shipeverything08
[on a mini hiatus. Will be back Mid August!] Who is she? Is she Kara Danvers, Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, or Marley Rose? Truth is: She's all of them. • • • An alien break...
  • marleyrose
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  • mon-el
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Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
Fake boyfriends(Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
Who knew accidentally switching phones would lead them into a fake relationship....but could it lead to something more? ••• Hey guys! I hope you like this story I don't...
  • rachelberry
  • blaine
  • sebastian
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A Mistake (Sebastian Smythe love story) by Scorch_Runner2004
A Mistake (Sebastian Smythe love s...by FunnyBunny
Olivia Anderson is the sister to our favorite gay boy Blaine Anderson. What happens when they meet up with the Warblers and meet a very cocky, and sneaky Sebastian Smyth...
  • blaineanderson
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All Actions Come With A Concequence by ThatPotatoWhoWrites
All Actions Come With A Concequenceby ThatPotatoWhoWrites
The glee club is buzzing with anxiety and nervousness, it was a couple of days after their a win in one of their many choir competitions and everyone is ecstatic, althou...
  • glee
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X MEN IMAGINES by -mikehanlon
x men oneshots and x readers, all from my tumblr.
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Love Buzz - Kurt Cobain Fanfic by _Youknowyoureright
Love Buzz - Kurt Cobain Fanficby _Youknowyoureright
Kurt Cobain fanfic. Keep in mind please that this is just for fun and not meant to be serious. It is a FICTION story. No hate please.
  • fanfic
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CrissColfer/Klaine smut  by wishiwasinlovetoo
CrissColfer/Klaine smut by wishiwasinlovetoo
not gonna lie some of these are really hot
  • blaineanderson
  • kurthummel
  • klainesmut
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Glee Texts by klaine_is_bae121
Glee Textsby Klaine4life
Just a collection of text messages from one glee character to another. (Ships include Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, Samcades and Quick) New Chapters Every Saturday!
  • rachel
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LENET by user31320044
LENETby Sessiz prenses
Tek gecede değişen bir hayat! Yaşadıklarımı daha idrak edemeden kardeşim bildiğim Periyle evlenme zorunluluğu kondu hayatıma. Büyü yapmayı öğrenmek krallığı kanıksaya...
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Dalton Academy Warblers Imagines and prefrences  by twdismylife77
Dalton Academy Warblers Imagines a...by twdismylife77
I love the warblers and thought they should have done more with them. Plus you don't see a lot of these. I'll take requests. Disclaimer- I don't own anything.
  • clarington
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Klaine one shots by ellienerd14
Klaine one shotsby Class Trash
A bunch Klaine one shots. Hopefully most will be original I don't own glee. If I that sort of power I would make a Klaine movie
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And Baby Makes Three by LadyGaga9012
And Baby Makes Threeby LadyGaga9012
Klaine AU: A few weeks after Mr Schue's almost-wedding and the events that followed, Blaine starts having symptoms. Symptoms that appear to be a lot like pregnancy. I OW...
  • klaine
  • blaine
  • pregnancy
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Wolves in McKinly by YoungandChildish
Wolves in McKinlyby JackFrost
Stiles is Kurt's cousin who he loves like a lover. they are the people who act gay for eachother but are far from it. what happens when Stiles moves to Lima Ohio and mo...
  • quinn
  • derek
  • mccall
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Maybe Just Happy - Kurt Cobain Fanfic by SappyWitch
Maybe Just Happy - Kurt Cobain Fan...by SappyWitch
Violet meets Kurt and her entire life changes. I'll update this story often. :)
  • nirvana
  • 1990s
  • fictional
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Somewhere Only We Know ~ Klaine {DISCONTINUED} by slayzxswift
Somewhere Only We Know ~ Klaine {D...by hey hey
Kurt Hummel has been bullied for the last three years of high school. And the worst part is, he's being bullied by the person he loves most. Blaine Anderson - captain of...
  • klaine
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Klaine One Shots by blaineydayss
Klaine One Shotsby blaineydayss
  • oneshots
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Hidden Secrets{BadBoyBlaine} by MyLifeLivesHere
Hidden Secrets{BadBoyBlaine}by Mercedes Wilson
Blaine is the schools bad boy. Goes to parties and easily gets the guys he wants. Now what he wants is Kurt, but is he willing to ruin his reputation for sweet and inno...
  • kurt
  • kurthummel
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