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GOLDEN SPELLS | Alex Summers by project_deceiver
GOLDEN SPELLS | Alex Summersby ɪʟʟᴜꜱɪᴏɴ
COMPLETED | ❝ Mutant and Proud. ❞ ━ it took one simple stroll in the park for charles xavier to notice that he was unable to access the mind of a passerby, and so be...
Flickers (Charles Xavier) by twinklingnebula
Flickers (Charles Xavier)by twinklingnebula
Iris Miracle is a journalist with a passion for discovering new things. She has no idea about her past or what has led her to become the person that she is. That will so...
Princess • Fred Weasley by sscarletsspider
Princess • Fred Weasleyby sscarletsspider
Aurora Black was a powerful witch. She was also a powerful mutant. Her mother was secretly a mutant and a wizard. She died at the hands of Voldemort. Her father in Azkab...
Extraordinary Mutant (X-Men x autistic reader) by FiveColours04
Extraordinary Mutant (X-Men x Daisy
As an autistic person myself, I decided to write what I think it would be like to be an autistic person in the world of X-men, and explore how I think the characters wou...
The Nightmare Panther by Startrekgirl16
The Nightmare Pantherby Startrekgirl16
William 'Will' McCoy is the twin brother of Henry 'Hank' McCoy. He is a mutant who is always looking for good in everyone. One day, four people came to stop a mutant evi...
The Girl Running From Shaw (X-men / Havok/ Alex Summers Story) by Caitikatmeow
The Girl Running From Shaw ( Meow
Another night, another cell. As long as I'm safe and inside. I'll be okay as long as I'm inside. I hugged my knees to my chest. McKenzie has been running from Shaw for...
burst | alex summers by clfverr
burst | alex summersby rina
"i love who you are, don't change because other people say you look different. your difference is what makes you special," corinne dane was only fifteen years...
𝐌𝐀𝐉𝐎𝐑 𝐋𝐀𝐙𝐄𝐑 ▷ Alex Summers ! ✓ by celcstiaI
𝐌𝐀𝐉𝐎𝐑 𝐋𝐀𝐙𝐄𝐑 ▷ Alex ─ ੈ✩‧₊「 𝐷𝐼𝐴 」
❝So, did it hurt when your ass fell out of the f'ing tree?❞ ❝No. I caught her.❞ ______________ Where Natalia Beaumont joins the X-Men and slowly gets swept off her fee...
X-MEN IMAGINES by tribecky
I don't take requests here. These imagines are all from my Tumblr, I just went over them and corrected (hopefully) all of the mistakes and other problems. I did get rid...
Alex Summers / Havok x Reader Perfect Fit ❤️🧡💛🔔 by Bells_Stories
Alex Summers / Havok x Reader Bells 🔔💛🧡❤️
I Am What They Call A Mutant. A Runaway. A Loner. Charles and Erik find me. Give me a second chance. Only a c...
[AS]  wrong number  by wandaswife
[AS] wrong number by chloe :)
when Roxanne Luna, a mutant that can manipulate ice gets a text from an unknown number what will she do? Alex Summers x fem!oc social media and irl all grammar mistake...
𝐶𝑜𝑝𝑦𝑐𝑎𝑡 (Erik Lehnsherr x Y/N) by PeterMaxximoffsWife
𝐶𝑜𝑝𝑦𝑐𝑎𝑡 (Erik Lehnsherr x <3
I took the man from Charles's arms so that he could go dry himself. The man fell slowly and I helped him lay down. His head fell on my lap as he tried to keep his eyes o...
X-men imagines / smut  by monsstterrwhhorre
X-men imagines / smut by <3
Maybe some smut if it's requested but yeah 🏃 Characters - Alex summers - Scott summers - Peter maximoff - Hank McCoy - Mystique / Raven - Young Charles - Young Eri...
Flare (xmen) by lonelyhuman34
Flare (xmen)by lonelyhuman34
"My plan is simple. Kill the guy who carved the word freak into my skin and get out. What's yours?" Ali hated Shaw. She hated her mom for dying. She hated her...
🖤X-men Imagines🖤 by Lokilensherr
🖤X-men Imagines🖤by Loki Lensherr
Just little imagines I come up with while randomly day dreaming, so enjoy! May include ·Banshee (Sean) Magneto (Erik) Professor X (Charles) Beast (Hank) Wolverine (L...
Lucid Thoughts | Jean Grey [2] by sageneedsspace
Lucid Thoughts | Jean Grey [2]by 𝑆𝐴𝐺𝐸
"Olivia Xavier, lover of women." "Please don't keep introducing yourself like that." [X-Men] [Jean Grey x OC] [Apocalypse - Dark Phoenix]
green with envy → xmen [on hold]  by -faulkner
green with envy → xmen [on hold] by - ̗̀ ѕαммιι ̖́-
ON HOLD "your inner beauty & purity, is what gives you strength to, become the woman you are today," ...
60's love by jazzygirl2021
60's loveby Cm_tw_tmr
When a young girl named Jasmine Peirce meets Two men that will lead her to the best and worst time of her life, where she meets friends that soon become a family to her...
Sean Cassidy x Reader one shots/preferences by CallieTallent
Sean Cassidy x Reader one shots/ Slut4gingers
I couldn't find any of these so I thought I'd make them because Sean is severely underrated!<3 enjoy! The reader uses a combination of she/them pronouns for gender in...