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Vanish (ONC Finalist) by elveloy
Vanish (ONC Finalist)by L.V. Lloyd
Aled is a gay man in a soldier's uniform. Unhappy with the turn his country is taking, Aled seizes the opportunity to enter a mysterious portal into the strange, primiti...
Nostalgia Mini Book Awards (JUDGING) by LORAINEJD
Nostalgia Mini Book Awards (JUDGIN...by •𝑅𝐴𝐼𝑁𝐸 𝓗𝓸𝓵𝓶𝓮𝓼•⭐️
Open ✖️ Judging 🪐 Closed Welcome to the Nostalgia Mini Book Awards, where words transcend mere text, and narratives ascend to unparalleled heights. This prestigious ac...
The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - LGBTQ) by elveloy
The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - LGBT...by L.V. Lloyd
(TOP FOUR WINNER!) When undercover investigator Kai Ewans is sent to the Steampunk world of Gaia to hunt down a serial killer, he doesn't expect to fall for the lead det...
Adventure Challenges by adventure
Adventure Challengesby Adventure | Ambassadors
Join us on monthly adventures by participating in our contests featuring exciting and wicked prompts that will make you go on a daring journey!
mahilig chocolate and strawberries basagulerang babae what if mapunta sya sa delubyong katulad nya at hindi inaasahan na mangyayari sa kanya meet crystal claire lux and...
Write Better, Write Happier  - Writing Tips, Wattpad Tips, Get Reads, Get Votes by HeyMysty
Write Better, Write Happier - Wri...by Mysty
Enjoy your writing! ☺ 2022. Help from a Watty Award-Winning Author, Wattpad Creator, and long-tenured Senior Wattpad Ambassador. Fresh updates periodically! High ranks:...
Little Red Riding Hoodie by Taleth
Little Red Riding Hoodieby Taleth
17 year old Scarlet Redmond has a secret, and that secret is the beautiful, smart, goody-goody popular girl Jacqueline Hunter. Living in Deep Wood, a rural farming town...
Rainbow Shorts ( my LGBT Short Story  Collection) by elveloy
Rainbow Shorts ( my LGBT Short Sto...by L.V. Lloyd
A collection of mainly sweet, gay, short stories - newest first. PS Birthday Fantasy is still the hottest, and most popular! *New story: The Coffee Machine* Includes...
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC 2021 | LGBT by elveloy
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC 2021...by L.V. Lloyd
(HONORABLE MENTION) Rik Sandro is a dimension traveller. Jumping from one version of the world to another was intriguing at first, until he discovered he can never go ho...
When Death Calls - BTS / Kim Namjoon Fanfic by Enriha
When Death Calls - BTS / Kim Namjo...by Enriha
Lee In Ha's life is as ordinary as it can be, barring a few troublesome colleagues and an over-achieving boss. The head of the 'Events' section in one of the most presti...
Dangerous Love (ONC 2019 - LGBTQ) by elveloy
Dangerous Love (ONC 2019 - LGBTQ)by L.V. Lloyd
(TOP FIVE WINNER!!) Patrick Morgan didn't usually invite strangers home, but when he saw Harlan camping out in the space terminal, he was prepared to make an exception...
LIGHTNING LOVE [ KILLUA X READER ]...by ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤─Mari...
You looked up to the white haired boy. " Of course were friends! we could even be more than that if you want.. " A smile grew on your face as the zoldyck embra...
Auroro by baconpancakes879
Auroroby baconpancakes879
On the day of his 18th birthday he will prick his finger on the spoke of a spindling wheel.....or maybe he'll fall in love. His mother's first love has come back with a...
Contests & Prompts by ShortStory
Contests & Promptsby Short Story | Ambassadors
Fancy writing some short fiction? This collection contains a series of prompts that can be used as a personal challenge, a way to compete with your fellow Wattpadders an...
The Little Lesbian✔ by aceofpage
The Little Lesbian✔by aceofpage
We've all heard the tale of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid'. But what if in an alternate universe the mermaid doesn't chase after the Prince due to her lo...
The Mirror Mage | ONC2022 by elveloy
The Mirror Mage | ONC2022by L.V. Lloyd
LONGLISTED! Lucian Wentworth disappeared in 1819. Was he escaping a loveless marriage or was it something more sinister? No one believes the valet's story that his maste...
Taming the Bully | ✓ by dessycakeswriter
Taming the Bully | ✓by dessycakeswriter
One Bully One Nerd One Time Everything changes. Erica Smith, is a girl, not just any girl but the Nerd of Spring Water High. She has never been to a teen party, alw...
Different  // Narry by NiallForChonce_
Different // Narryby Girl.
"You're a nerd" "And you're an asshole" They're just teenagers with two completely different personalities.
Contests by Romance
Contestsby Romance | Ambassadors
Romance short fiction competitions as run by the official Wattpad Romance profile. Fancy writing some Romance? This collection contains a series of prompts that can be u...
I will love you forever (LuNa) by Norkett12
I will love you forever (LuNa)by Trafalgar D. Water She-rah
I'm sorry if it is bad and that this story will update very slowly, that is all I have to say P.S Will have very bad Lemon 🍋 in the end