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all about Science by sugarrrrr_
all about Scienceby guess who
Science for a changing world. ©2019
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Tevun-Krus #3 - SteamPunk by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #3 - SteamPunkby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
The authors take on the first of their punks-Steampunk! Interviews, reviews, Smith & Jones-a brand-spankin'-new, exclusive short-and more! Check it out here!
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The Toy Prince: A Clockpunk Caribbean Nutcracker Retelling by CocoNichole
The Toy Prince: A Clockpunk Coco Nichole
The Curios. An island network running on clockwork, inhabited by animated dolls, and conquered by a warlord with seven heads. The moment Uncle Drosselmeyer arrives with...
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The Curious Adventure by StormyBean766
The Curious Adventureby K. Zander
Ellowyn and her stepfather, Dr. Edward Von Heikenroter, put the island of Fairburg on the map. Their little shop on Main Street specializing the creation, and maintenanc...
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The Traitor's Stain (wattys 2019) by SicSemperT-Rex
The Traitor's Stain (wattys 2019)by Sybil
The year is 1779. The American Revolution is in full swing, and right now, it seems like the British army will win. New York and Philadelphia are both occupied by the Br...
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Diseased Jottings From A Random Mind by johnnedwill
Diseased Jottings From A Random John Nedwill
A collection of short stories and random thoughts, covering various genres and tropes. Expect the unusual.
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Clockwork Dream by AGentlemanThief
Clockwork Dreamby Haleigh
Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock... Life inside the Clock Tower was simple enough for young inventor Leo Calloway. Until an unfortunate deal led to him being kidnapped, that is...
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Death in Love by BangadyBangz
Death in Loveby Bangady
The story of a grim reaper who valued his duty above all else, the dying girl who taught him to love, and the necromancer who kept them apart. Cover art by Angi-kat at D...
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Hubert Nip by HubertNip
Hubert Nipby HubertNip
"A twist on the Winter Holiday Season!" On a phantom island off the coast of Iberia is a world hidden from our own. Here is a world of magic and machine unlike...
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Idiot Genius: Willa Snap and the Clockwerk Boy by RichardDue
Idiot Genius: Willa Snap and the Richard Due
"Mystery, adventure, fantasy, and a dash of science-fiction . . . sure to leave the readers wishing they could board the next available transport to Grandeur."...
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Shadow on the Eclipse by JimSelf
Shadow on the Eclipseby JASelf
In the kingdom of Salentia, magic is a tightly-controlled secret. Prince Reginald harnessed this magic to create machines of incredible power, such as battle walkers, ma...
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The Clockwork Stallion  by wickedrider98
The Clockwork Stallion by Syd
When Gideon Chambers is killed in a zeppelin accident, he leaves his son Cyrus plans to make a spectacular metal horse and very specific instructions: create only one, a...
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The Cyber Clock Challenge by Clockpunk
The Cyber Clock Challengeby Clockpunk
Where the @Clockpunk & @_Cyberpunk profiles team up, to bring you an exciting challenge!
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Da Vinci's Turtles by GlennKoerner
Da Vinci's Turtlesby GlennKoerner
The ninja turtles' origin in an alternate world of gears, springs, and mechanical constructs. Written for a Clockpunk Challenge.
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Trade Secret [on hold] by ShadyCatNamedLeonard
Trade Secret [on hold]by L
Connie has lived her whole life on the Salamander. She knows it from stem to stern. All there is to know about piracy, she's been brought up with it. The first mate's da...
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The poem by SimoneFar
The poemby Simone Faré
Madama Joanna is a mechanic, not a work that women usually do, but something she loves. One night, while she's out, a man comes to her door and find just her apprentice...
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Steam and Thunder by DavidWilkin
Steam and Thunderby David Wilkin
Steam and Thunder is the story of Jacklincoln Cartwright, or Jac as he is commonly known. The son of a Cartwright who lives in a world rather like the late fifteenth cen...
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Wattpad Goes Punk: Reviews, Interviews and Recommendations by WattpadPunkFiction
Wattpad Goes Punk: Reviews, Punk Fiction
Where the community recommends some choice punk fiction from Wattpad authors; where authors are interviewed; where stories are reviewed... Where we share our love for Pu...
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Clockpunk: About the Profile by Clockpunk
Clockpunk: About the Profileby Clockpunk
Where we tell you everything you need to know about the @Clockpunk profile. Will be updated as and when.
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Cheshire Blast! The Adventures of Pepper and Dot by CheshireBlast
Cheshire Blast! The Adventures CheshireBlast
A sharp-witted girl enlists the aid of a staunch astronomer as they work together after being blasted to another world. Adventure and mystery ensue after she learns ther...
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