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Digimon: Server Wars by thedoctorgonepale
Digimon: Server Warsby Thedoctorgonepale
Hidden from most of the world, are two Digital Worlds filled with Digital monsters known as Digimon. Yggdrasill and Ilida. Two Servers housing the two Digital worlds are...
The Only Child by PSophieB98
The Only Childby LittleRose
Nancy comes from a family with too many siblings. As the oldest of the family, she often gets the responsibility to watch over her brothers and sisters pushed on her sho...
La Islas Filipinas  ( Hetalia fanfiction ) by gambaluyan
La Islas Filipinas ( Hetalia Azane Zeren
Walanghangan, La Islas Filipinas, The Philippines, The Republic of the Philippines, Andrea Realon H. Del Pilar, She has many names used over the centuries. A maid, A nur...
Bambi and the Eternal Engine (Bambi and SnowPiercer) by Lucas1091
Bambi and the Eternal Engine ( Lucas1091
"Humans tried to reverse global warming with CW-7 instead they froze Earth to her core" In 2039 humans launched a satellite to control climate change but in th...
Hope by RicardoVergueiro1
Hopeby Ricardo Vergueiro
No one has never reached an open sea in leaky boats of disagrees! #microfiction
The Penny For A Hand by Samantha_Nolin
The Penny For A Handby Scarlet_ShortStories
There are a lot of homeless people where I live, and the image at the beginning is of a real mural. This story is written in the perspective of an eighteen year old boy...
What Does It Mean To Be Human? by PhtharticExistance
What Does It Mean To Be Human?by name
What does it mean to be considered human? Is living really worth the pain and suffering just to be considered a human being. Why does simply existing make you question t...
Masquerade by MeganMillerxx
Masqueradeby Megan Miller
Ilea Venus wants to change the way people think. In a world full of perfection, Ilea is the rose in field of daisies. The only problem, is that a rose has thorns. Everyo...
some where out there by nightriverlove
some where out thereby nightriverlove
Hi I got this app to write my own story on like all of you's but I'm still a frust timer So give me a brake kc . So join summer-set and lily as the take on the world and...
My Thoughts and Scheisse by petsatanhailcats
My Thoughts and Scheisseby Kitten
Random serious thoughts and poems
The Book of Quirks [A Short Story/Flash Fiction Collection] by KnightRook
The Book of Quirks [A Short Cassie
This Collection features past contest submissions, flash fiction and short stories I wrote for projects and fun. All of them are immensely different, so the description...
There's More That Meets The Eye by thenamelessperson
There's More That Meets The Eyeby thenamelessperson
This collection consists of poems that addresses the problems the society and individuals face on a daily basis. They are not meant to be depressing but artistically cre...
The World is A Terrible Place by Knight_Alexander
The World is A Terrible Placeby Knight_Alexander
The world is nothing short of exemplary. Mental health for many people is declining due to events that they're forcing themselves to think back on to try and better them...
Harngels & Orlins by TaneDamz
Harngels & Orlinsby TaneDamz
This world is different. Orlins and Harngels rulling over it. Hellzul trying his best to stay away from every single living thing he walks by. Not bothering to care f...
Growing Green by bellamonl
Growing Greenby bella 𖠊
There comes a time for fear, and there comes a time for hope. A young boy has all the hope he needs in the palm of his very hands. He is the last hope.
EYES WIDE OPEN by Cutiepie712
America is FLAWED Pretty is OUTLAWED Habits are CAWED Dreams are THAWED Eyes are AWED
I'm Sorry (a collection of original poems) by constellationcat0660
I'm Sorry (a collection of Olivia
A collection of poems written by me. I hope you enjoy.
| Xx Xx | by _spunk_
| Xx Xx |by spunky
Living in the USA on the 3rd planet from the sun