Trials Of The Nine by Thegreyleo
Trials Of The Nineby Tannis Rainey
In the distant future, humanity is close to extinction thanks to the Red War. Earth now is a wasteland, with no law and no order. Individuals who survived the war, live...
  • storytelling
  • survival
  • atlantis
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Life After (Zombie Apocalypse Survival) FEATURED (Weekly Updates) #wattys2018 by RealLDNash
Life After (Zombie Apocalypse Surv...by L. D. Nash
This isn't your typical zombie story. It's much worse. There were stories of a plague lethal enough to obliterate the human population. There were also people who planne...
  • sword
  • destiny
  • gardenofeden
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Duty, Love and the Wasteland (DanseXM!Reader) by BlueStylz
Duty, Love and the Wasteland (Dans...by BlueStylz
A simple journey ended up changing my life. It all started with my pocket radio picking up an unusual signal once I almost reached my destination. Out of curiosity and l...
  • wasteland
  • paladindanse
  • action
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Old friends- MacCready x Reader by FalloutFella12
Old friends- MacCready x Readerby Robert Macready
Ahh, little lamplight. The place you grew up. You and MacCready had been best friends for years, that is, until he had to leave. You begged to go with him, only to be t...
  • fallout4
  • maccready
  • fallout
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The Silence Within by Tikct0CK
The Silence Withinby Tick Tock
In a new world where the Kingdom of Kyn is split by a wall with no explanation but to stop a "spreading famine," a group of vigilante teenagers set out to expo...
  • symptoms
  • romance
  • lies
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fall out Lemon Basket  by Ruthkid
fall out Lemon Basket by Nobiatkid
ONE SHOTS LEMONS SMUTS Hit the link in my bio and support me! Fall out 3 Fall out New vegas fall out 4 (kinda know some of them )
  • falloutgame
  • supermutants
  • falloutnewvegas
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Sand Runners by jmartelok
Sand Runnersby Jess Martel
UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT. Irene and her "company" have lived their entire lives running from groups of resource-hungry coastlanders, and the wastelands don't make...
  • combat
  • fantasy
  • dark
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Into The Unknown by kitkatty880
Into The Unknownby Kitkatgalaxy
A dangerous virus wipes out most of the human population in 2030. After what they call the "death wave", the virus had infected not only humanity, but also all...
  • fantasy
  • survival
  • post-apocalyptic
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Walk Till Tomorrow by Blackstorm701
Walk Till Tomorrowby Snake Eater
Welcome to the home that you once knew, though this it not exactly as you had left it; as our protagonist, Anthony will soon find. For this is a world that has been both...
  • travel
  • action
  • post-apocalyptic
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Delicate by Ardene45
Delicateby Mutifandomstories
He looked at me and smirked. He looked back at my father and bent down. "I will turn that boy into a warrior, he will not feel pain, mercy, care, or love. He will...
  • adventure
  • brainwashed
  • wattys2018
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Janice and Silent Sara by dark_lore
Janice and Silent Saraby dark_lore
Janice and Sara are two ladies trying to make it in the wasteland. Battling raiders or worse while earning caps. Set ten years after the fall of the Institute.
  • lgbtfiction
  • scifi
  • wattys2018
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The Pulse of the World by Fyrefli22
The Pulse of the Worldby Carter Weston
Brynn is a solitary scientist, living in the post-apocalyptic planet of Astra, where mankind once had free access to a fantastic magical force known as the Pulse. It was...
  • wattys2018
  • adventure
  • science-fantasy
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Demolition Age by TheBestBreadstick
Demolition Ageby TheBestBreadstick
You guys remember the music videos for SING and Na Na Na by MCR? It's like that.
  • pizzarolls
  • red
  • wasteland
I Just Want To Start A Flame In Your Heart (Fallout 4 X Reader) by BlueSiren23
I Just Want To Start A Flame In Yo...by Perpendickular
The characters chosen will be compared with the characters I have chosen for that male/female.
  • minutemen
  • wasteland
  • fallout4
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Instinct ☪︎ BTS [vault!au] by arctichope
Instinct ☪︎ BTS [vault!au]by *+:。нopeworld。:+*
VAULT 213 there's a man in this Vault; his name is Toby. he has a tattoo on his arm and it reads, "every man dies, but not every man lives." I didn't know what...
  • falloutshelter
  • suga
  • bangtan
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Embrace The Fallen by Incitatus05
Embrace The Fallenby Grayson
Jackson never wanted to live in a world with weather so drastic and hot. In a world where animals were scarce and absent. Mistakes that were made by the generation befor...
  • fantasy
  • survival
  • fiction
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Outcast - (Fallout 4 Fanfic) by Nicishness
Outcast - (Fallout 4 Fanfic)by Nic
Everyone has a past. Hers just seems to be a little more complicated. She has been running since she left the Capital Wasteland, her home. Running from her name, the re...
  • paladindanse
  • institute
  • gunners
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Fallout 4 RP by Best_SpaceMom
Fallout 4 RPby Petite Mama Lotus
Fallout 4 RP that is also an AU I guess, You can be a Vault dweller, a Ghoul, a Synth, a member of the BOS, a member of the Rail Road, a member of the Institute, a memb...
  • guns
  • falloutnv
  • fallout
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Overgrowth wasteland rp by NightHunter200
Overgrowth wasteland rpby NightHunter200
2nd wasteland
  • wasteland
  • actions
  • overgrowth
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Wasteland rp by NightHunter200
Wasteland rpby NightHunter200
Old one in the trash out come the new ones New creature and breeds probably the same ocs
  • action
  • metro
  • wasteland
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