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Angels & Demons by Smauggy
Angels & Demonsby Smauggy
A collection of my ideas including whether humanity deserves its existence 🥴 🌗 = chapters related to the Angel of Order and the Demon of Chaos S/s = short stories O/s...
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Wolf Queen - Book 1 of The Nightfall Series by Zatanna135
Wolf Queen - Book 1 of The Charly
The world has ended. Mankind is dead. Wolves roam the night.
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Last Eden by EphiWalker
Last Edenby Ephi Walker
Warning : This is a post apocalypse fiction. Occasionally contains graphic violence and adult content. We've one last task before he left: the last words. As is the rit...
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Lunatics by MortalButMerry
Lunaticsby Haadia
Cover credits : @xrigormortis There is nothing left to go home to. Earth has long been destroyed. But before all the hell broke lose, human beings found a shelter in an...
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Heart gone Dead by iced_viollete
Heart gone Deadby Eliza Peyton
She's done with it. It's impossible. They're asking way too much. Not let her go to the city of the dead, and make her stay as a zombie? Nah. What's even better, is that...
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THE BOOK OF HEARTFELT POEMS. by infinite_neeanu
THE BOOK OF HEARTFELT infinite_neeanu
These poems conceal inner feelings and emotions which can only be possessed by anyone who can commune, interpret and interact with oneself. They are the basics for human...
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Edhi:The Pride of Humanity by taroobzaidi
Edhi:The Pride of Humanityby Taroob Zaidi
"Humanity is higher than all religions" Nobel Peace Prize nomination, philanthropist and humanitarian late-Abdul Sattar Edhi devoted his whole life to helping...
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Love never dies  by Black_Paladin
Love never dies by meh
A humanformers (human transformers prime) fanfic (NOTE: Kissing, cuddling, and flirting are included within this fanfic. If that bothers you in any way, please refrain...
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A Guide To Angels by WitchCraft-Cali
A Guide To Angelsby ~The Hedge Witch~
The official guide about angels. This is real and not a story. I will be providing information about them, including spells.
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Surah An-Nas by Aria08
Surah An-Nasby Aria08
You have heard the verses of the Quran, the holy book of Muslims haven't you? And then you might have wondered what the words meant, right? The detailed translation of...
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News by Jackson5Fan
Newsby Ki
OC and News
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Withered by celestina31617
Witheredby fola
A collection of poems about the ills and seemingly abnormalities of the world we live in. What does life entail? The dark side of the world that pierces mankind .
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Stargate SG-1 and warhammer crossover by 7warsawa4
Stargate SG-1 and warhammer LongTimeNoSee
The Prometheus was dead in space, souronded by four gou'ld mother ships. "Give up or die, Taurine." The lord of slymy gou'ld said over the coming. Same time so...
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New hope, Empress by 7warsawa4
New hope, Empressby LongTimeNoSee
"you are him, reincarnation. I know, I feel it my lord. don't deny it and help us take back the Imperium of mankind." Just she had few parts wrong, one I were...
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//Face claims// by ctrllllllll
//Face claims//by ✧
People to use in your stories 🥥
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New Institute Director Logs by Dr_Pierre_Chang
New Institute Director Logsby The Swedish Glazier
As the SS has filled the role of Director after Shaun's passing, these are some of the logs from running the Institute. Moral dilemmas, new policies, and decisions to be...
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LIVES IN LINES ✓ by CreatingPositive
LIVES IN LINES ✓by CreatingPositive
#3rd - Blue Rose Awards #1st - The Lotus Awards Live to inspire; Live to make lives around you beautiful; Spread smiles; spread hope; Because, Every new smile will defi...
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The Legend Of Man by KtWilliams4
The Legend Of Manby Kristopher
A young Prince Kyran of planet Arkanna is intrigued by a story that he overheard about a lost species known as Man, hidden deep within the fabric of the cosmos. Legend s...
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Poetry for the soul by gothicanimegirl1503
Poetry for the soulby
This book will just contain self written poetry. These poems are written from personal experiences, to some these poems may be relatable. Hopefully some will find solace...
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