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cherry sugar || bokuaka by vistalune
cherry sugar || bokuakaby ayden
"what an interesting turn of events." bokuto says, letting his eyes glide over akaashi's honeyed skin, thinking he looked really nice when the sun hit him like...
0.002 lux by satricain
0.002 luxby satricain
2023 the mouth of truth #1 sentiments 11-20-23
𖬺 Evangeline by satricain
𖬺 Evangelineby satricain
2023 all sung anthem smithed with creed #1 sentiments 11-20-23
the slow art of breathing bitter by seven_hues
the slow art of breathing bitterby sreeja
slow dancing love and pain in the midnight chorus of liquor-washed autumn green ... || a constellation of destructive poetry ||
The Universe is Our Poetry by writebysyllable
The Universe is Our Poetryby Kriselle Niña Pantig
Every poet is trying to send a message to someone in secret. If you would only learn to listen, you'll know it's for you.
The Battle of Euangelion by Sojourner95
The Battle of Euangelionby Sojourner95
[Chapter 10 coming soon!] "Everything you see that stretches from Mount Mysticis and passes over the horizons of the Sublimis Sea is the Kingdom of Euangelion."...
motherboard by ragamala
motherboardby ‎
STARLIGHT! by sulfurixacid
collection of my friend and I's poems. (since i suck at writing novels) featuring @yellowglowstickz
eve's by satricain
eve'sby satricain
2023 a beckoning of grace #2 poema 11-20-23 #2 poemcollections 11-18-23
THE WORDS I WRITE by Scxrlet_Moon
Words are the most interesting things, it goes deeper into your soul like nothing else. Sometimes the words write themselves... First published Oct 13, 2020
Wild Kratts AU: The World Inside Your Mind by Angelmoonhowler
Wild Kratts AU: The World Inside AngelMoonHowler
"Don't dreams mean anything? Right? They don't affect me, they never will. But why, why is this nightmare keep coming up? Why am I like this?" Rated PG-13 for...
The Ages of Man 🏆 / A Short Story Collection by ALBlacksmith99
The Ages of Man 🏆 / A Short ALBlacksmith99
🏆 [Wattys2018 shortlist winner] 'The Ages of Man' is a short story collection that draws inspiration from Hesiod's renowned cycle of the ages. Each story weaves a tale...
Imagination by BomberJacknut
Imaginationby BomberJacknut
im·ag·i·na·tion /iˌmajəˈnāSH(ə)n/ noun the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. Otherwise k...
MY POEM COLLECTION  by favcountrywriting
MY POEM COLLECTION by favcountrywriting
Poetry allows you to discover, And gives you the gift to recover, Giving you the wheel and compass, To venture through the bypass
Taylor Swift Lover Lyrics (Album)  by lhiatusl
Taylor Swift Lover Lyrics (Album) by asdfghjkl
Lover album lyrics All credits to the amazing Taylor Swift
MOON by nareenok
MOONby nareenok
As time flies by, SUN realizes that MOON and SUN where never meant to meet. But they do. A group of concerned planets and stars gather together to confront SUN about th...
and the sun shines on (a poetry collection) by echolilya
and the sun shines on (a poetry lily
Supernova, extraterrestrial, cosmic and world-shifting: something's beautiful in the unknown. And yet, the sun still shines on.
The Blooming Youth of Isabella by RafaelleSofia
The Blooming Youth of Isabellaby Espe de Alegre
Isabella, a beautiful young lady from the Ibarra family, aspires to be San Dominggo's first female physician. When she was ten years old, she started reading books on me...
A Pretty Kind of Chaos by calliesues
A Pretty Kind of Chaosby callie.s
All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling. ~Oscar Wilde • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • A collection o...
Rebirth One Shots by MikkiSteel2
Rebirth One Shotsby MikkiSteel2
This is a collection of short stories based on a nightmare prompt. These stories start dark with almost the exact same prompt. WARNING THIS IS SUPER DARK AT THE BEGINNI...