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All The World's A Stage by NotSharuru
All The World's A Stageby 𝕊𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕦𝕣𝕦⁰-°
You wish to dwell upon my work from college? Sure. School likes essays, and essays like me. I reciprocate such feelings towards them. Yet, I cannot help but shed a tear...
Ikevamp: Short Stories + Art by jojo_natue
Ikevamp: Short Stories + Artby Jojo
These are just my short fanfiction stories based off the otome game, Ikemen Vampire: Temptation in the Dark! Some stories might be xreader, and some might be just the MC...
The Other Bill Shakespeare by LEGlazebrook
The Other Bill Shakespeareby LEGlazebrook
In the lavish world of 1970s high society, Madeline, once a poor relation, captivates the attention of a politician's son. Their story takes a sharp turn when Madeleine...
Step Aside Shakespeare by JustANerd777
Step Aside Shakespeareby Ancient Artifact
In which I torment myself by writing Shakespearean sonnets.
christian borle x reader one shots by -cborlelvr
christian borle x reader one shotsby 🤍
giving the ppl what they want f!reader = female reader m!reader = male reader will only write m!reader for marvin, and f!reader for josephine/joe
The Yeast Pillow by LiamWolf111
The Yeast Pillowby LiamWolf111
Each chapter is a different monster hunting down the three yeasters: Arianne, Kloey, and Liam. Main Characters switch each chapter. The Beginning - Kloey Halloween - Kl...
Romeo and Juliet: The Afterlife by nfmlangeni
Romeo and Juliet: The Afterlifeby Nkateko Mlangeni
Welcome, readers! Thank you for joining me. Before we begin, I want to suggest that you read and familiarize yourself with the original play by William Shakespeare. It w...
Is this Love or Something Else? by Demigod_In_Robes
Is this Love or Something Else?by Thisun
Romeo, a poetic teenager is asked to write a poem for St. Valentine for a prayer ceremony at the church on Valentine's Day. But he would only write such poem for his bel...
Athem To My Son |tragedy| by poetrowya
Athem To My Son |tragedy|by Komedya
Theatre game. My theater "The Result of The Mystery of The Uncertain Crime"; It is a rich play that includes the dynamics of father-son love, the different wor...
Ye Shall Be; a book of poetries  by aleksandrt01
Ye Shall Be; a book of poetries by aleksandrt
Explore "Ye Shall Be," a collection of poetry. These poems discuss topics such as self-doubt, stories of imagination, being let down by someone you trust, and...
Just a little space by Chrislolly
Just a little spaceby Chrislolly
An enemy will always have way when there's a little space for them. Unity will always shun them
One Shots (RWBY) by RocknRoll7575
One Shots (RWBY)by RocknRoll
One-Shots I have written and posted on Tumblr now on here! Enjoy!
His Eyes Was Green (GLEE ONESHOTS) ᓚᘏᗢ by bouncy_bouncy_bouncy
His Eyes Was Green (GLEE ONESHOTS)...by 💖Furty💖
Hi so my favorite thing is glee and so i like making stories here you go ENJOY !!!!!
THE SKILLFUL MAN  by aaronmac2
THE SKILLFUL MAN by aaronmac2
A man trying so hard to achieve his desires not minding the consequences either good or bad
Poecraft by thecedricsimp
Poecraftby thecedricsimp
After getting in trouble too much, Edgar allan poe is put to a new school called Nevermore. There he meets a cute mushroomcore boy named Lovecraft
As American As Apple Pie and Johnny Appleseed by BrhannadaArmour
As American As Apple Pie and Johnn...by BrhannadaArmour
Two stories about Thanksgiving, an American family holiday in November. First chapter: On land that traditionally belonged to native people of North America, foreigners...
Poems made by me by Philia_Wh0re
Poems made by meby Kl3bold B¡tch
just poems made by me. do not take or repost with credit to me.
Fanfiction Oneshots Collection by cpck_vpre
Fanfiction Oneshots Collectionby cpck_vpre
this is 100% serious and i stand by every word with my life. If at least two people ask for a part 2, it will be done. FOR THE HATERS⤵ see my pinky, see my thumb, here'...