World Of Worlds (Arula: One) by Berbear2000
World Of Worlds (Arula: One)by Amber
The Arula Series Book One: Karma Windale leaves her fair world Arula for five years, knowing that her world was at peace. But when she leaves her trust in wrong hands, K...
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  • magicalcreatures
  • wattys2016
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Sprites by syhraus
Spritesby syhraus
I recently began making undertale sprites, if you want your own sprite you can ask. I have base sprites for : Asriel, Asgore, Toriel, Chara, Frisk, Alphys, Undyne, Sans...
  • sprites
  • asriel
  • toriel
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Enchanted | KNJ [BOOK 1] by shadow_pupx
Enchanted | KNJ [BOOK 1]by EGreyA
[BOOK ONE OF THE "ENCHANTED" SERIE] Kim Namjoon,a faerie which has become trapped due to lashing at the king and being abrupt. Cursed to the lands,he must find...
  • youngjae
  • kimnamjoon
  • fantasy
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World Of Light (Arula: Two) by Berbear2000
World Of Light (Arula: Two)by Amber
The Arula Series Book two: With Termis over throwned peace is back to Arula, or so Karma thought. Already having trouble with trying to find a new king, a injured sprite...
  • adventure
  • elves
  • magicalcreatures
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Danganronpa Edits by Misherii
Danganronpa Editsby Mishie
I can do edits on any sprite from the series of Danganronpa.
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  • monokuma
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Art & Other Stuff. by ThunderWolfs
Art & Other Stuff.by Thunder
I made this just so I can make the 'Writing random things..' book a bit more organized. God damn it, I have to dedicate the chapters again. Sorry :C I drew the cover, th...
  • undertale
  • sprites
  • art
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Angels and Sprites (Miraculous AU)  by -alpacathegreat-
Angels and Sprites (Miraculous AU) by pluto
*Amazing cover made by @ladybooger ! Thank you so much!* Ladybug is an angel. She was born in heaven, and she is one of Fu's most faithful angels. She extra sweet, extra...
  • angels
  • sprites
  • paranormal
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DAIFUKU! (art.) by ganbaruuby
just me ur local broke artist tryna get by - DISCLAIMER: the images used in the aesthetics dont belong to me
  • edits
  • art
  • ocs
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Whispers in the wind by blackskull140
Whispers in the windby not important
I have always known I was different from the other kids in my town but I would never tell them my secret.... Alex has been able to hear, see and feel ghost ever since he...
  • demons
  • sprites
  • ghost
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My Sprite Art Book by Shadow_Temple_Writer
My Sprite Art Bookby :/
This is my art book hope you like it
  • sonic
  • fnaf
  • undertale
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All Will Be Well by EstherLeeDeitch
All Will Be Wellby QueenEsther
In a divided Canada of the future, a rag-tag collection of rebels must rescue their beloved leader from the clutches of an evil, robot-obsessed tyrant so they can overth...
  • separation
  • canada
  • magic
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Truth Or Dare With Jack And Friends by JustThatOneNerd
Truth Or Dare With Jack And Friendsby Good✨Trash
You know who it is! The (Imfamous) winter sprite from Rise of The Guardians! I keep watching it, so I'm pretty sure I know his personality by now. This book will be Pg13...
  • sprites
  • riseoftheguardians
  • borrower
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The Sprites by X--Rae
The Spritesby Rae❤
Poppy, the sprite of light and happiness, has been the sprites' princess for 21 years. Branch, the sprite of darkness and depression, is the village trouble maker... ...
  • fanfiction
  • ốc
  • trolls
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augurio 「 n. 」 a sign of what will happen in the future ; an omen portfolio iii. copyright2018©️manteia
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