Saving Shimmer ((Open Novella Contest)) by LaynieWrites
Saving Shimmer ((Open Novella Cont...by Laynie Bynum
It's been ten years since a troublesome little pixie got Annalise and Asher lost in the woods causing Annalise to give up make believe (and Asher altogether). When thei...
  • novella
  • neighbors
  • makebelieve
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Art/Sprite Book by -SakuyaIzayoi-
Art/Sprite Bookby Sakuya Izayoi
A book for some the art/sprites I make in my spare time
  • touhou
  • art
  • weird
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Tintagel **Open Novella Contest Entry** by Red_Leasia
Tintagel **Open Novella Contest En...by BrightStar
Open Novella Contest Entry Fantastical Fiction #2 The Dark Lord #OpenNovellaContest2019
  • elves
  • werewolves
  • demons
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Art & Other Stuff. by ThunderWolfs
Art & Other Stuff.by Thunder
I made this just so I can make the 'Writing random things..' book a bit more organized. God damn it, I have to dedicate the chapters again. Sorry :C I drew the cover, th...
  • random
  • undertale
  • art
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The Hollow City {Dark Fantasy - Complete} by CEPalmer
The Hollow City {Dark Fantasy - Co...by C. E. Palmer
"In his memories, he saw every single betrayal, every lie, ruthless murder and bloody coup. He took a thousand wounds, watched his loved ones put to the sword, and...
  • rebel
  • swordsandsorcery
  • city
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I'll turn your Danganronpa OCs into those little pixel sprite things when I can! by -MonotonxMakxr-
I'll turn your Danganronpa OCs int...by Ultimate Doll Maker
Basically I make those pixelated characters you see in the execution things, but your OCs!
  • sprites
  • danganronpa
  • minisprites
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My Sprite Art Book by Shadow_Temple_Writer
My Sprite Art Bookby Shadows of The Temple Writer
This is my art book hope you like it
  • art
  • fnaf
  • sonic
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