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Fairy Godmother for Hire by TheActress
Fairy Godmother for Hireby TheActress
I'm sick of being the fairy godmother to these ungrateful brats. All they do is whine about how their lives are unfair and they want to be pretty and shiny. Well not all...
  • fantasy
  • gorgeous
  • fashion
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Sprites by syhraus
Spritesby syhraus
I recently began making undertale sprites, if you want your own sprite you can ask. I have base sprites for : Asriel, Asgore, Toriel, Chara, Frisk, Alphys, Undyne, Sans...
  • sprite
  • asriel
  • frisk
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Danganronpa Edits by Misherii
Danganronpa Editsby Mishie
I can do edits on any sprite from the series of Danganronpa.
  • edits
  • monokuma
  • sprite
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Art & Other Stuff. by ThunderWolfs
Art & Other Stuff.by Thunder
I made this just so I can make the 'Writing random things..' book a bit more organized. God damn it, I have to dedicate the chapters again. Sorry :C I drew the cover, th...
  • sprites
  • art
  • undertale
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Saving Shimmer ((Open Novella Contest)) by LaynieWrites
Saving Shimmer ((Open Novella Cont...by Laynie Bynum
((ONC Round Two Qualifier)) Ten years ago a troublesome pixie tricked Annalise and Asher into getting lost in the woods. At least, that's what Asher remembers. Annalise...
  • faries
  • youngadult
  • sprites
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Fox O' Nine Tales: Larissa Of Foxwood by Foxtribune
Fox O' Nine Tales: Larissa Of Foxw...by Foxtribune
Lose yourself in Foxwood, an enchanted Dream Kingdom in which gifted young women awake to find themselves visitors amongst a citizenry of Wolves who are brave knights, o...
  • magicalcreatures
  • faeries
  • sprites
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Art/Sprite Book by PsychoticIntrovert
Art/Sprite Bookby Toko Fukawa
A book for some the art/sprites I make in my spare time
  • undertale
  • sprites
  • weird
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The Little People by ErikaMeehan
The Little Peopleby Erika
You might not see them, but they are always there. The Little People are not fairies, but more like sprites. They don't have wings or sparkles, but they have nature powe...
  • fairies
  • ingrid
  • lost
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Matchsticks and Colored Chalk by MitchGreen
Matchsticks and Colored Chalkby Mitch Green
  • kitchen
  • shedemon
  • full
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Puppet Games by Elenya_Rose
Puppet Gamesby Elenya
***Note: This story is PG-13 due to violence, language and mild sexual context.*** Zandra's a vampire slayer with an unusual heritage, she's half fae & half vampire. Sh...
  • fantasy
  • faeries
  • slayers
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The Unnaturals by IneffableBibliophile
The Unnaturalsby Katelynn
In medieval Europe, a small kingdom exists, ruled by a King who despises anything out of the ordinary. This is an kingdom lost in time, removed from the history books. F...
  • imps
  • elves
  • mythical
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Fortunately Unlucky by MelodyPond8
Fortunately Unluckyby MelodyPond8
Caramel is a perfectly ordinary girl. Besides her name. And the fact that she has rare, violet eyes. And her cognitive insensitivity to pain. The most remarkable is the...
  • purple
  • sprites
Everybody Wants Lucy by supernaturalmom
Everybody Wants Lucyby Supernaturalmom
Lucy is a quiet girl with an abusive step mother. Who's just trying to make it thru the day. Her life changes when she is thrown into the supernatural world. And making...
  • dragons
  • fairies
  • dragon
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Army of Sorrow (Donegal Sidhe #1) by GailWagner
Army of Sorrow (Donegal Sidhe #1)by Gail Wagner
Being a leprechaun was so boring! Though Brea had a loving family and an amazing best friend, she was a trian—the third child in a leprechaun family. Leprechauns usually...
  • fey
  • ireland
  • druid
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Wild Jewel [Enter a world of Faerie Romance] by RosemarieHathaway
Wild Jewel [Enter a world of Faeri...by RosemarieHathaway
Her spirit belongs to the Forest, but her heart belongs to him. Daniella Charusheela is the daughter of a Duke, and at a young age finds herself betrothed to a prince sh...
  • king
  • mermaid
  • kingdom
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Portadas originales y convertidas(tomando pedidos!) by linescool124
Portadas originales y convertidas(...by ryuko satski
solo es para convertir sus imagenes o dibujos en portadas simples y lindas de ya sea cualquier cosa/rema.tambien imagenes pixeleadas/sprites a dibujos normales .
  • sprites
  • imagenes
  • cute
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Sprites ¢ Dragons (Au) by Novarider_07
Sprites ¢ Dragons (Au)by Novarider_07
This universe is a medevial times Except everyone there can use magic and its based on elementals Elements: Fire Water Earth Ice Soul Dark Starlight The social hieracy...
  • swiftcab
  • anotheruniverse
  • magic
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