Lisa Ships by alliah_gracia
What if Lisa and _____ are together? Read this book to find out, babe! Oneshot compilations of Lisa Ships!
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  • taelice
  • blackpink
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Kurapika x Reader one shot compilation by YoruichiKurta
Kurapika x Reader one shot YK
This is one shot compilation. I will take requests for these. It is possible you might see these or something very similar to these in my actual full stories. WARNING so...
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  • manga
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Lyrics (English and Tagalog, Korean and Japanese) by LastGirlInThisWorld
Lyrics (English and Tagalog, LastGirlInThisWorld
Lyrics only
  • japanese
  • korean
  • filipino
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100 Good Wattpad Books by CinderellasShoe
100 Good Wattpad Booksby Faith
Those are the descriptions of books that I've read on Wattpad, as well as a small rating and personal comments. I made this book to help readers in their search of good...
  • random
  • abused
  • vampire
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Kpop Imagines ~ by jian_wintersjh
Kpop Imagines ~by Jian Winters
| Different stories about beautiful angels | |By Jian Winters | DECEMBER EDITION ~ It's only uploaded in this platform for copyright reasons.
  • imagines
  • kpop
  • lovelife
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Killua x reader One-shot compilation by YoruichiKurta
Killua x reader One-shot YK
Same rules as my Kurapika compilation. Some of these may be smutty (Lemons/Hentais). Some of these may even be gory. I also take requests.
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  • hunterxhunter
  • hentai
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BEST WATTPAD STORIES by ms_sagittarius
My own compilation of best wattpad stories.
  • compilation
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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YoonMin Oneshots by pumpkinofmyeye
YoonMin Oneshotsby JINius I Am
If you're bored and out of inspiration, what do you do? Of course, read YM oneshots! This book is just a bunch of fluff Yoonmin oneshots, mostly long ones. There would a...
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  • bts
  • minyoongi
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Manga & Webtoon Recommendations by kawaiiRai
Manga & Webtoon Recommendationsby kawaiiRai
These are the list of some of the Manga and webtoon that I really enjoy reading. I hope you will like it. °❁ཻུ۪۪⸙͎ Thank you to @HOPEBISCUIT for my book cover. (。'▽'。)♡
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Bed Time Stories For Kids (COMPLETED) by illicit_rylty
Bed Time Stories For Kids ( lady in distress
Bedtime stories for kids that will keep their edge of imagination limitless with added morals. Most Impressive Ranking # 2 in bedtime out of 44 stories
  • kids
  • bedtime
  • morals
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CODES & CIPHERS by stuck_n_silence
CODES & CIPHERSby stuck_n_silence
Compilation of codes, ciphers & some abbreviations to shorten the message before encrypting them. Learn the easiest way to remember Morse Code too.
  • tapcode
  • decodingtechniques
  • codeabbreviations
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Big Book Of Boku No One-Shots by Cjethan21
Big Book Of Boku No One-Shotsby C O N S U M E
Yes! I'm writing this book as a dump for all of my dumb Ideas and plots that may never be written for a full fledged series. But never say never.
  • pointlessfluff
  • compilations
  • bnha
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Romantic One Shots & Imagines by leapastel
Romantic One Shots & Imaginesby Ambria D.
A compilation of over 50 different short stories of the romantic genre ranging in setting, time, characters and point of views. They mostly feature fluff, angst and the...
  • relationships
  • compilation
  • shortstory
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Best Werewolf Stories by _scamander
Best Werewolf Storiesby dan ♡
'Best Werewolf Stories' is a gathering of awesome werewolf stories posted here on Wattpad. This is not a review book, but simply just suggestions of good werewolf storie...
  • alpha
  • werewolf
  • compilation
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Dancer Short Stories by StarAce11
Dancer Short Storiesby Star
Just a bunch of short stories I wrote in one book
  • gabedeguzman
  • willsimmons
  • worldofdance
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Compilation Of Short Stories by Alexandrite2001
Compilation Of Short Storiesby Scarlet
Read the title, reader! #27 in Compilation [13.12.18] #30 in compilation [11.12.18]
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  • townclown
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Would You Be My Lady (Jackson Imagines) by lqzfiona
Would You Be My Lady (Jackson Mikorin
"Cause I'm all ready, would you be my lady." Just a bunch of Jackson one shot. All for my baby bias. It is a combination of scenarios that I imagined together...
  • imagines
  • compilation
  • jackson
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Scary Stories by cesgonzales01
Scary Storiesby cesgonzales01
Hi! This book is a compilation of our story in our facebook page. We have tagalog and english story here.
  • compilation
  • truestory
  • scarystories
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Assemblage by nightsky3427
Assemblageby rista
A collection of randomness that will try to leave an everlasting impression on your soul.
  • nightsky3427
  • fairytales
  • meshfeathers
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