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•[Scissor vs Sword]• by Common-Sense101
•[Scissor vs Sword]•by Aesthetic Faggot
"Hey, I love you more than anything! Ever! You hear me!" "My dearest one, your value exceeds that of currency and riches. You are truly exquisite, my quee...
  • killlakill
  • genderbend
  • harem
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𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘺𝘱𝘢 𝘸𝘢𝘺.
  • zionkuwonu
  • prettymuch
  • romance
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The Tutor || A Shawn Mendes Fanfiction by shawnsilluminater
The Tutor || A Shawn Mendes Ya Girl™
Book #1 in "The Tutor" trilogy. - "Helaina, you're failing physics." Mrs. Hernandez says to me. Suddenly, the whole world starts spinning. I grab ont...
  • romance
  • fanclub
  • recommendations
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John Laurens FanClub by Purple_Ghost_1782
John Laurens FanClubby 🇵🇷
Because John Laurens deserves all the love in the world! (Even if he died like 236 years ago). So this is exactly what the tittle said! Yes, a fanclub for John Laurens...
  • fanclub
  • broadway
  • reckless
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Haunted by flowersweetheart123
Hauntedby flowersweetheart123
Anastasia is walking her way home from work, but then a car park in front of her. She tells him to drive her home, but they end up in his office. What she doesn't know...
  • misssteele
  • childhood
  • anastasiasteele
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The Frat Boy || Sequel to "The Tutor" by shawnsilluminater
The Frat Boy || Sequel to "The Ya Girl™
Book #2 in "The Tutor" trilogy. - "What are you doing here?" I gasp, my body going numb and my face expressionless. I may appear unaffected and unbot...
  • fiction
  • lovestory
  • sequel
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wish you were gay; billie eilish by avocadies
wish you were gay; billie eilishby avocadies
golden rule; don't fall for the straight girl. it's a one way ticket to a broken heart. *a story in which billie eilish falls for someone who prefers someone of a diffe...
  • eilish
  • sweet
  • romance
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Across The Street // Colby Brock BOOK ONE || Wattys 2019 by candystiles
Across The Street // Colby Brock Stiles Stilinski
BOOK ONE OF THE COLBY BROCK SERIES "Meeting you... has been the best thing that have happened to me and I can't believe I threw it away." • Copyright © @CandyS...
  • fanfic
  • fiction
  • elton
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His Obsession //Colby Brock smut// by leahmarieys
His Obsession //Colby Brock smut//by leah marie
His obsession with me is getting out of hand... what am I going to do?? He's all I ever wanted though, and his sex is so good.. fuck.. this is a mess. What am I doing wi...
  • lovetriangle
  • smutmaybe
  • smutish
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This House Is Full Of Sin~ by inkbrros
This House Is Full Of Sin~by Inky Roses
What am I doing with my life (。﹏。*)
  • funniest
  • funtime
  • lmao
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Instagram; hg by awrites-
Instagram; hgby yours truly
@hayesgrier unfollowed @ellebieber @Ellebieber posted a pic with the caption "backstabbers" @Hayesgrier posted a pic with the caption "You're stupid to t...
  • maddieziegler
  • hayesgrierfanfiction
  • fanclub
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Sasaeng Galaxy  by Rosies_rose
Sasaeng Galaxy by Rosies_rose
Кпоп болон поп алдартнуудын хувийн болоод бүхий л мэдээллүүд
  • sasaeng
  • mongolia
  • mongol
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ᎪᎡᎡᎪNᏩᎬᎠ ᎢᎾ ᏴᎬ ᏔᏆᎢᎻ YᎾᏌ ❚Kyoya Ootori❚ by Neptune_8
[SLOW UPDATES] Emiko Uehara the diamond of her family, the perfect little princess, and every perfect little highness needs a prince. Last born in the Ootori fa...
  • hittachin
  • marriage-of-convenience
  • ootori
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Next Door // Colby Brock BOOK TWO by candystiles
Next Door // Colby Brock BOOK TWOby Stiles Stilinski
Book two of the Colby Brock series! "I didn't think I would ever get the chance to look at you, touch you or even... kiss you again." • I suggest you read the...
  • finished
  • jake
  • samgolbach
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The Angel Of Destruction 1 ~A WWE Fanfiction~ by KaitlinJarvis
The Angel Of Destruction 1 ~A Käįtłīñ Jårvîš
~BOOK 1~ Arabella Skye Parker has been out of in ring action for over a year. She is making her return soon and nothing will stop her from regaining her Women's Champion...
  • heartbreak
  • fanclub
  • shanemcmahon
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Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios by BabeBrynne
Naruto Boyfriend Scenariosby Brynne c:
Requests are closed for now~ Characters Included so far~ Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Neji, Iruka, Kiba, Garra, Genma, Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, Orochimaru...
  • hidden
  • akatsuki
  • itachi
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Tony, Tony by wackyraces99
Tony, Tonyby Bruno Miercoles
The struggles and setbacks of a guy named Tony Stark. Heard of him?
  • pepperpotts
  • drama
  • fan-fiction
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Tutoring (G.B.D) by dolxnswHore
Tutoring (G.B.D)by Daddy_dolanss
"No! Luna you're MINE." He grabs my waist. "Grayson please." I close my eyes and tears where coming down my red cheeks. Wanna read more ? Then all yo...
  • smutwarning
  • ethandolan
  • fuckboy
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Roommates | Mark X Reader| NCT FanFic | COMPLETELED by cheonsa_k
Roommates | Mark X Reader| NCT Lee Cheonsa
When you got forcefully married to Lucas, you were happy that at least you got to get away from your oppressive family. But, things take a turn for the worse when you f...
  • nctlucas
  • smtown
  • markleeff
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Ban's Bitch. *SEVEN DEADLY SINS* by shyfriendofauthor
Ban's Bitch. *SEVEN DEADLY SINS*by ✞𝙳𝚢𝚗𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚢✞
Seven Deadly Sins Fanfic *My first ever one!* "Ban?" You smiled, carefully twisting an interesting flower you had picked up earlier. "What?" The man...
  • fangirl
  • meliodas
  • sadquotes
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