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elysian. timothee chalamet. by chalabitches
elysian. timothee ri 🤨
In which, Lia, the headstrong student with her whole life ahead of her, lands her first job in the industry. And a powerful bond sparks between her and a certain curly h...
imagines about the french masterpiece that is lil timmy tim ----- COMPLETED
My Possessive Sensei by breataeking
My Possessive Senseiby ★
taehyung and jeongguk are a newly-wed couple and have always been a lovey-dovey one. but what will happen when jeongguk is sent to work on the school taehyung is teachin...
"some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow..." ~ Louisa May •JJxOc Outer Banks Fanfic all rights go to Jonas Pate. I only claim my OC's story...
After Effects [oumasai] by xxo_shu_oxx
After Effects [oumasai]by shuu 📞🤪
The killing game finally ended.... The kill g game turned out to be a VR, meaning everyone was was okay. Well not including the world famous antagonist, Kokichi ouma. Sa...
Just a Maid 18+ Markson Smut by LilttlePlum
Just a Maid 18+ Markson Smutby ••~MARKIEBOO~••
Yes... I'm a maid, I work for a rich family we call the Wangs. Usually my chores are washing clothes, cleaning rooms, washing dishes.... But Mr.Wang's son has been givin...
The Third Brother  by tvdnicole
The Third Brother by Nicole x x
What if Damon and Stefan had a younger brother?... Meet the brother who has a charm and attitude like his older brother Damon , but the courage of his other older brothe...
Hold on a little longer (Draco fan fic) by xxmmsx
Hold on a little longer (Draco xxmmsx
Mature Content Trigger warning, this story may contain, depression, anxiety and abuse. Jasmine Smith moves to Hogwarts after her abusive father moves her from Beauxbaxt...
Straykids Reactions🍵 by kpopanimemanga
Straykids Reactions🍵by kpopanimemanga
Short stories of you and Straykids! Angst, fluff, and smut
call me back?  •billie eilish book• by stealy0ursoul
call me back? •billie eilish book•by stealy0ursoul
Something so small, wether it be a person or a new relationship, can flip your whole life. A basic everyday routine, now has a whole new meaning because of one girl. (t...
Being a Mafia's Second Choice  by shahshines
Being a Mafia's Second Choice by Aysha
Riddhima loves Vansh more than herself but Vansh loves Ragini and he is obsessed with her..... A lil glimpse... V:Miss Riddhima I married you cause of my dadi and mom bu...
My Queen and I by paradiseskey
My Queen and Iby aria <3
Hello, Authors note. I've even editing this a bunch. If it says newly opened whatever. I'm editing. It's a short story. I will be making more soon.
Love In Paradise | William Franklyn Miller x Reader by slyviemywife
Love In Paradise | William valerielaufeydottir
y/n is a young actress. she just started acting. she was struggling to get a job until she audition for a movie. and her live changed forever • william franklyn miller x...
Free With You by JoanHermogeno1
Free With Youby Joan Hermogeno
Tharn Thara Kirigun,30 years old business tycoon,one of young billionaire of his generation.He's not just popular to young ladies but also to young gentleman because he'...
iwaizumi: yoga by morningoaktree
iwaizumi: yogaby morningoaktree
"does it hurt here"? "uhh- sort of". "what about if i press here"? "..that feels good actually". "i see".
Johnny Depp Smut ;)  by urhotretrogf
Johnny Depp Smut ;) by sophie ♡︎
Here is some dirty smut stories about Johnny Depp. Enjoy my lovelies ;)) wink wink
Anidita : forever  by Nairashaikh2006
Anidita : forever by Naira Khan
This is a story total different from the show "BARRISTER BABU" It's a love story of a barrister and doctor who wants to change the meaningless rituals. Who wa...
Harry Holland Imagines by PositiveKatie
Harry Holland Imaginesby PositiveKatie
Harry Holland Imagines as seen on @Harrysradioactivespider.x insta All imagines are Harry X Reader
Kareena: An Unbreakable Bond ❤ by SaanviSharma018
Kareena: An Unbreakable Bond ❤by Saanvi Sharma
This story is all about our Kareena and their love. They both are totally different from each other. One is North then another is south. Karishma Singh Sub inspector a...
The Monster's Love by RiAnsh_forlife
The Monster's Loveby RiAnsh For Life
He loved her so much, much more than he had loved anyone in his life. He was ready to do anything for her, change himself.. but she betrayed him, cheated with his feelin...