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bluh by buckyisawesome
bluhby buckyisawesome
☢☣*wont make sense if you dont read entire description* I wrote this cuz I was reading a shawn mendes fanfic, or was it a brendon urie, and my sister asked me to reader...
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내 나비(my butterfly) Kim chungha fan fic by heckingbibi
내 나비(my butterfly) Kim chungha fan...by crush on bibi
what happens when you get pregnant by kim chungha biggest playgirl in school??
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BROKEN by heyitsuknowanonymous
BROKENby heyitsuknowanonymous
Isabella Sounds so innocent but yet she is broken on the inside and outside. She doesn't act innocent anymore, not after them. He left her alone and so broken. She hide...
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My dumb life choices  by Cvhztree
My dumb life choices by Ford is a princess
Stuff I do when I'm alone or anywhere, video, photos, and many more. Like fire in my oven, overflowing of washing machine, and stuff
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For BrokenProphet  by stxneandglxss
For BrokenProphet by Xx_fuckmylife_xX
Music. Memes. Inside Jokes. Stay out if you ain't Devon.
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Anonymous Diary by _Wildfire_Puppeteer_
Anonymous Diaryby MyLuciferIsLønely ✧
This is me (author-chan)'s daily thoughts and what happens to me. I have a lot of shit happen to me, it's just the way I am. I don't do anything. It's like I attract bul...
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The Good, The Bad, and The Broken by leoorourke
The Good, The Bad, and The Brokenby leoorourke
I am not some amazing hidden poet. My pieces don't have these amazing hidden messages. This is just what runs through my head 24/7. Just something I wanted to share as...
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Reviewing my awful female fan fiction OCs by Swaggypugdemonchild
Reviewing my awful female fan fict...by Smexy_pineapple
I'll be reviewing some of the OCs I've created. They are all bad characters.
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Randomness book ٩( ᐛ )و by MarieDaCorgi
Randomness book ٩( ᐛ )وby the water turned the frogs gay
I update this like once or twice a day or sometimes not for three days but eh.. go read my fanfics plz >///> I draw @Rose_Fictions and @VincentTheOwl too much an...
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The Girl Who Thought She Had Best Friends. by BlackAriesxx
The Girl Who Thought She Had Best...by Umaira M.Shabbir
Leena Ross, a girl who thought she had best friends. Written by Umaira M.Shabbir. ---------------------------- Leena, is a simple girl but with a comp...
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It cant become more random by Liluna6533
It cant become more randomby Lina
i just had the idea from a lot people but also wanted to share some things
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Hello, Love  by Bookgirl206
Hello, Love by Bookgirl206
Mackenzie Slater Class A nerd, straight A student, and madly in love with Caleb Harris. Caleb Harris Class A popular, three time baseball champ for West Beaumont High, a...
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N. L. F. I.  (completed)  by JanaMiraculous
N. L. F. I. (completed) by Jana Ahmed
Mari woke up in a hospital. She doesn't remember how she got here or why she can't talk. She doesn't remember anything about her past. How will this turn out(please don'...
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Depressing Poems From Your Friendly Trans Boi by Smiling_At_Satan
Depressing Poems From Your Friendl...by Kaiden
Poems about the struggles of your friendly neighbourhood trans boi
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Danganronpa shit by want_sum_ranch
Danganronpa shitby ƦØ₦₡Ҥ
this is where it's at boys
Flowers~ (style fanfic Stan X Kyle) by Eeeeeeee_I_need_help
Flowers~ (style fanfic Stan X Kyle)by I_nEeD_mEnTaL_hElP
Kyle keeps waking up to flowers and blood coming out of his throat, he always hid his face (like Kenny) so no one could notice this but at that time he had a huge crush...
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A bunch of my fake friend stories by Stylish_Loser
A bunch of my fake friend storiesby h e h e
This is just me simply telling you guys about all my clingy friends, fake friends and horrible people in my life
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You don't know me by wissy924
You don't know meby wissy924
Everyone may think they know me but they don't. They think I am a petite fragile blonde who likes to paint but that's only one side to me. After the accident I moved to...
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f e e l l i n g s... ExE  by bugmilk
f e e l l i n g s... ExE by green tea
fun fact: i get scared easily