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The Cheerleaders Thoughts by marahwantsfood
The Cheerleaders Thoughtsby marahwantsfood
Jasmine has always been bullied by Claire but Jasmine was never phased by it. Why? Well because Jasmine knew exactly what Claire was thinking whenever she walked up to h...
Silent Listener (Complete) by etsilvers07
Silent Listener (Complete)by Erin Freeman
She's mute. She has never spoken a word in her life. She has spent her life signing and using a white board to communicate to the world. Awkward situations and teasing/b...
Family Once More by LYKiruna
Family Once Moreby KY
*New cover (15/5/21) *Not a cliché overprotective-brothers-in-mafia book. It's not even tagged "mafia", but there's some similar "brother" elements...
Read His Mind  | ✓ by Sunlene
Read His Mind | ✓by Sunlene
What if the people around you- from your classmates to your best friend- were hiding their true feelings behind their smiles? And you found out? Abbie Lee used to think...
Faceless lover by lovelyliz1013
Faceless loverby Elizabeth
Um I really don't have a description for this story because I'm like that sure where I'm ending up with it. Lol so yeah keep reading lol xoxo liz
telepathy by Isabeeeee
telepathyby Iz
You've had the ability to read minds ever since you were the age of 6. It's always been a dark secret of yours and you've kept it from everyone but your parents. One day...
I don't want your love by KKMJPKJL
I don't want your loveby Emily💜
အျခားကမာၻကေန systemတစ္ခုနဲ႔ ခ်ိ္တ္မိၿပီး ေရာက္လာတဲ့သူမ၊ အျခားသူေတြအေပၚ ႐ိုင္း႐ိုင္းစိုင္းစိုင္းျပဳမူဆက္ဆံတဲ့ ဗီလိန္႐ုပ္႐ွင္မင္းသမီး စုခ်င္းရီကိုယ္ထဲေရာက္လာေသာအခါ..... အခ...
Heaven in your eyes (Completed) by Rebel_Jung11
Heaven in your eyes (Completed)by Rebel_Jung11
BL / Fanfiction ခင္ဗ်ားက အျဖဴနဲ႔အမည္းလို တစ္ခိ်န္တည္းမွာပဲ သိပ္ကို ကြာျခားေနတတ္တယ္။ မင္းငါ့ကို ခြဲျခားနိုင္ခိ်န္တိုင္းမွာေတာ့ အျဖဴေရာင္ေလးပဲ ျဖစ္ခ်င္တယ္။ တျခား ဘာအေရာင္မ...
Galaxy Eyes (Killua x Oc) by NeveahAngel13
Galaxy Eyes (Killua x Oc)by Angel
A girl with galaxy eyes named Selina was taken as a little girl and was put through experiments that gave her inhuman abilities. She was saved at the age of nine by a wh...
Blue Fire & Emotions (Wild CardxOC)              [Discontinued] by Blood_Bloss
Blue Fire & Emotions (Wild CardxOC...by Scarlett Blossom
Hailey, daughter of mr minds and mrs Flames has been worried for years after the incident with her father. She was worried that she'd hurt another person so she never us...
His Dark Side (Edited Version) by FallDown5
His Dark Side (Edited Version)by Autumn Renee
Percy Jackson has had a hard life, and no one denies that. They think they know everything there is about their hero, but Annabeth has her doubts. In Tartarus, she got a...
Telepathic [✓] by bjorghalla
Telepathic [✓]by Bjorg Halla
[COMPLETED] A girl gifted with the ability to read minds, yet comes with a cost. She's unable to speak. A girl like that is believed to be mentally ill and her own paren...
Echolocation (Enoch O'Connor / mphfpc fanfic) by illiterateiguana
Echolocation (Enoch O'Connor / mph...by illiterateiguana
After escaping her Hollowgast infested loop, Rosemary Davenport finds herself in the loop of Alma Peregrine. Once there, The young peculiar is quick to make friends with...
The call || Harry Potter || by rivkael
The call || Harry Potter ||by T H E Y / T H E M
She hasn't stammered since she was seven, but this Merlin, this god amongst wizards, is hers.
Day by Day ↠ Charles Xavier by live_fully
Day by Day ↠ Charles Xavierby Nez Cho ⁷
ETHEREAL » extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world. ||| That full afternoon with Willow, can be summed up in about three sentences. A b...
The Girl In The Black Hoodie (Bts Ot7 x supernatural reader) by Tani2605
The Girl In The Black Hoodie (Bts...by Tanishtha
A girl, in the black hoodie, does everything to save the people in need. And her kind nature brought her in front of her idols who is the one and only BTS. After meeting...
Mind And Heart by Iris_ris
Mind And Heartby NiKiii
Alex is a typical badboy who has a secret to keep, but he keeps getting closer to Kate and Falls for her. He wants to protect her, and keep her by his side forever. Kate...
Strings of Wrath by Kite_Bradawl
Strings of Wrathby Kite
Case's brother dies in police custody after he is falsely accused of a mass murder. Case is angry and bereft, knowing all too well there is nothing he can do to get just...
My mysterious boy (Jimin x reader) by ari160807
My mysterious boy (Jimin x reader)by BEASTMODE
" Don't open the door" y/n, a strong, independent and fun girl crosses paths with a guy named Jimin , who is labeled as a heartless, psychopathic , mind readin...
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Secrets by sofareader23
Secretsby sofareader23
Y/n Lupin is one of the best students at Hogwarts, even better than Hermione Granger. She's friendly and never stops laughing. She got nice and loyal friends like Lu, En...