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Their Story ❤💚💖 by Lila_Lupus
Their Story ❤💚💖by Lilac Wolf
Love for my editors Vibe and Moon :) Bored AF, so making this book. Nobody said anything for or against it and I think it's cute so! Here we are. Greamno! Grian x Dream...
The Life Series Oneshots by cxxyz_c0r3
The Life Series Oneshotsby ✰lumi/cxxyz✰
Welcome to a series of Life Series Oneshots! Started - 02/11/24 Ended - I only ship the Minecraft personas. Not their real life selves. I do NOT write smut. There will...
|~|Yandere High School|~| [Hermitcraft] *AU* by agrace932YT
|~|Yandere High School|~| [ agrace932YT
|~After successfully running away from home, Grian was taken in by and saved by Xisuma and Impulse, taking Grian to his new home; Hermitcraft~| |~Some time, Grian is con...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Xanthicat
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Xanthicat
Ships: Grian/Mumbo, Bdubs/Doc, Beef/Etho, Ren/Iskall, Cub/Scar Just a collection of hermitcraft oneshots and stories set at various different times in season seven and e...
The Void's Song.- Desert Duo. (slow updates) by C0mm0n_P1ace_
The Void's Song.- Desert Duo. ( Common Place
They sat atop the hill, close, but not quite touching. His voice rang out loud and clear, like a lightning strike on a clear day. "Grian, everywhere the light touch...
Dream Smp And Hermitcraft Crossover (READ DESC!) by XelquaEvo
Dream Smp And Hermitcraft XelquaEvo
A Dsmp×Hermitcraft Fanfic where Dream and Grian are siblings There is galactic in this story (which is quite normal when Grian is one of the main characters ) and the tr...
Lies, Deceit, and Secrets by Starberry170
Lies, Deceit, and Secretsby
A long time ago Grian was an admin of an amazing server, but he was kidnapped from it, never to see his friends again. Then, he escaped, but everyone was gone. Now he's...
Possessed By Xelqua (on hold for the moment) by Master-225
Possessed By Xelqua (on hold for Master221
Eternal was on a mission. His mission: Blow up Watcher HQ While escaping he has to go through the dungeons. In there is someone he never thought he would see again. Som...
Grian Angst |~One Shots~| by AlyssumMaguire
Grian Angst |~One Shots~|by Alyssum Maguire
I live for Grian Angst Btw pls read the first chapter called: >please read first ~~ It has some information and all that stuff
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abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua ( Quill
MaGiC sUcKs ~Yes, this is another Watcher/Hermitcraft story. ~No, there is no shipping. Set during Season 6 because this story came out two days after Season 7. -I only...
Never Really Gone by starlit_voids
Never Really Goneby Xan
Those born on the first day of the first month are said to be cursed. Most are chosen to be powerful Admins, ones who will lead servers and inspire others. Every parent...
~The First Step~ a Hermitcraft AU by EteTheWildsoul
~The First Step~ a Hermitcraft AUby Ete
Grian has found refuge and safety in Hermitcraft. However, his past is quickly catching up to him, and with it comes the pain that he's been trying so desperately to hid...
The Endless War  by The_Smiling_Paradox
The Endless War by Shado
The admins and The Watchers have been fighting a creature called "Error" for a while. Once again Error has been defeated temporarily. A young Watcher called Xe...
Gods Of Fun ||TOH|| The Collector X Reader  by That_one_weeb_near_u
Gods Of Fun ||TOH|| The Collector
Two Gods, Two children, One trapped, The other cursed. This is a story of a young child. A child that has no memory of who they were. This child shall start a new life w...
Grian Oneshots!! by ELemonsssss
Grian Oneshots!!by GrainOfBread
This is a set of oneshots written by me! They may not all be Grian-centric, but most will be. As of now, I will take requests (I write angst, fluff, hurt, comfort, etc...
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian AU story by XeraTheWatcher
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian Xera
He thought it'd be easy, just go into a server and keep a eye out for glitches... Spoiler alert: It was not. He didn't factor in lying to the whole server, hiding his ma...
DOLC DIBOES II: New Generation by SuitorofHell
DOLC DIBOES II: New Generationby Selene Judy Volkswitch
A city filled with terrors A city where all thugs and manslayers were born. A city who recognizes no mercy, no love, neither kindness... The only thing that matters îs b...
Missing? W@tcher Grian AU by Hanna7379
Missing? W@tcher Grian AUby Hanna7379
When Grians powers act up he is forced into watcher form and can't get out. He has to go into hiding to protect his secret. What will happen if the other Hermits get sus...
Repaired by V10l3t_wr1t3s
Repairedby V10l3t_wr1t3s
SBI gets transported to HermitCraft where they fix the broken bonds with the help of the hermits, but Dream has other plans. Dream plots to destroy Hermitcraft to ensure...