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What If ✔ by clace_hinny777
What If ✔by 💫
What if James and Lily Potter came back alive? What if Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Fred Weasley returned? What if there was a prophecy made that if Harry Potter defeat...
Impulse~Split Fanfiction by vevvol
Impulse~Split Fanfictionby vevoll
You didn't know that playing around with other people's feelings could result in you messing with your own. What started out as a way to gain trust to escape ended up no...
Moonlight Happiness by BlazingFoxDragon
Moonlight Happinessby BlazingFoxDragon
Abigail Morgana Potter grew up not knowing love but hatred, yet everything changed in a blink of an eye. With the help from her bloodline, she was rescued and given a ch...
Harry Potter and the Slytherin Truth: Year One by FreerSpirit
Harry Potter and the Slytherin Tru...by Spirit
Due to his childhood, Harry was left with the idea that he was a freak and unloved. After receiving a mysterious letter, Harry saw this as a chance to escape the abuse a...
Harry Potter goes to Merlin's academy  by JamesHall137
Harry Potter goes to Merlin's acad...by James Hall
Harry Potter a month after his second year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry has had some thoughts about a good few things but nothing really happened til he...
Trapped with the Dursleys by Peachyanimelover
Trapped with the Dursleysby PeachyAnimeLover
Takes place during the begining of the second book - 'Chamber of Secrets'. What if Ron and his brothers were caught trying to sneak away to find Harry, and never showed...
Harry Potter One-Shots and Preferences  by nadinebrooksxoxo
Harry Potter One-Shots and Prefere...by Nadine Brooks
Currently taking request, however request are a little slow. But please enjoy! - Emmalyn
The Weasley's First Daughter ✔️ ||HermioneGrangerXOC Harry Potter by emilys_chapters
The Weasley's First Daughter ✔️ ||...by Emily Weasley
"Got yourself a boyfriend have you Weasley" "He's not my type, don't flatter him" Molly Weasley is always kind, caring and always has that special Mo...
CrossFire (Split Fanfiction) by UnicowCipher
CrossFire (Split Fanfiction)by l ﻮ๏l๔єภ ๔๏שє l
You were kidnapped by a man with two other girls from your choir class, Samantha and Wendy. Not dare making the same mistake as before, he keeps you all separate, but yo...
Melancholy || Harry Potter's twin brother by DixonsPoncho
Melancholy || Harry Potter's twin...by King Boo
{Completed} sadness is a kind of feeling that needs no explanation, but also warrants the most questions, no one inquires as to why one is happy, but if one is sad they...
Lunatics (Split and Glass FanFiction) by Nydharani
Lunatics (Split and Glass FanFicti...by Nydharani
When Claire invited the whole art class to her birthday party, Mabel found herself persuaded by Casey, her best friend, to go with her. However, as the day came to an en...
Something I Would Have Never Seen by Avec_DS
Something I Would Have Never Seenby Avec_DS
If one thing was true for all comic books, it was this; the unnatural happenings that shape the character's origin story cannot be ignored. Doesn't stop Lucy from trying...
A Midsummer Hunt   by The__Collector
A Midsummer Hunt by Maia
In which, We follow the Heir of the Hunt into the Summer and meeting a family that he never knew he had. Sequel to "Under the Hunters Moon"
The Centaur Clan by Magisky
The Centaur Clanby Magisky
Harry and Ron both proposed to their girlfriends on the same night, and fortunately, they both said yes. Harry was to marry Ginny, and Ron was to marry Hermione, both on...
Harry Potter x Hermione Granger Prompts/Ideas  by dawnlabrstory
Harry Potter x Hermione Granger Pr...by dawnlabrstory
Harry X Hermione ship Prompts/Ideas. Please keep as close to the original idea as possible. Please message or tag me so I can read what you make. Don't Need Credit Best...
Timing For Love and Revenge by Grimtales234
Timing For Love and Revengeby Grimtales234
"Tom, Look! He's standing! Come to Mama, Hadrian!" A tall man with long black hair said, as he kneeled down with his arms out. "No, Hadrian. Come to Papa...
One, Two, Three, and Four by Avec_DS
One, Two, Three, and Fourby Avec_DS
Lucy Collins had one friend in the world. Then she had two. Then three. Then four. And they all lived in the same body.
𝖳he Horde (On Hold...) by Sjncka
𝖳he Horde (On Hold...)by 𝕾𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖐𝖆
🅖🅛🅐🅢🅢 🅢🅟🅞🅘🅛🅔🅡 After the Raven Hill Memorial incident, Casey, Joseph and Elijah's mother witnessed the revelation of the brand new universe. The videos of The...
NPC at Hogwarts by thislyraa
NPC at Hogwartsby call me njaa !
"Eh?? Tidak semua Slytherin jahat kok." Kisah pemain pendukung yang sangat mencintai Hogwarts yang siapa sangka, ia bisa menjalin hubungan yang baik dengan pem...
(Dramione) Mudblood and a Malfoy by Wallflowers_Fading
(Dramione) Mudblood and a Malfoyby Wallflowers_Fading
Completed story. Darkness always called to the bookworm Hermione Granger. But was Draco entirely darkness, or was it a mask to what was reall...