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Silver Lining // Harry/Blaise  by shinnyyyy
Silver Lining // Harry/Blaise by Shin
Harry has a disasterous Summer with the Dursleys and is brought to Hogwarts early. In order to protect him, drastic measurs are taken and Harry finds himself living with...
  • slytherinharry
  • darkharry
  • animagusharry
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Weasley Who? by WordsmithInventor
Weasley Who?by WordsmithInventor
Shamrock Weasley is the less loved twin of Ron Weasley. She is exceptional at most things she tries, though she is overlooked by her twin that is friends with the infamo...
  • voldemort
  • harry
  • billweasley
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The Princes Doll (completed) by Geocookie21
The Princes Doll (completed)by Geocookie21
Selena Potter, Harry Potters younger sister. When their parents were murdered the siblings were separated with Harry sent to muggles and Selena was taken away, by a hood...
  • potter
  • tom
  • harry
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She Saved Me | Tom Riddle by _itssamanthaa
She Saved Me | Tom Riddleby Sam
Everyone knows how the story of Harry Potter ends. He destroyed the horcruxes, won the duel, and Voldemort was nothing more than a body laying on the ground. But nobody...
  • hogwarts
  • wizardingworld
  • originalcharacter
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Hierarchy of Need [t.r] by iimplicitt
Hierarchy of Need [t.r]by witch
In the throes of the second wizarding war, Delilah Meddows is killed by no other than Lord Voldemort. However, instead of dying like she was supposed to, Delilah finds h...
  • ocstory
  • wizard
  • tomriddle
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Until the End of Time [Tomarry] by Vickironica
Until the End of Time [Tomarry]by Tori
Harry Potter is the Master of Death, and thus, immortal. Every couple thousand years, he'll let himself reincarnate into a new dimension. This dimension is quite similar...
  • ốc
  • masterofdeath
  • twins
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Not About Angels (A Tom Riddle Story) by Princesschess
Not About Angels (A Tom Riddle Sto...by Emilia Rosè Lou
She was the secret he would never tell...........Have you wondered why Tom Riddle became Lord Voldemort? She was the beginning, and the end, of everything. Since childho...
  • forbiddenlove
  • hogwarts
  • dramoine
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Veal & Venison {Tomione || 1940s/1990s} by Patagonian
Veal & Venison {Tomione || 1940s/1...by Fletcher
#180 in Fanfiction || In the language of literature, there exists a seemingly-concrete, antonymous relationship between good and evil, light and dark, hero and monst...
  • voldemort
  • timetravel
  • wattys2016
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His (A Tom Riddle Love Story) by honeyasher
His (A Tom Riddle Love Story)by Honey
"Promise me, Cindria! Please!" Tom pleaded, now gripping my arms in a vice-like a grip. "I won't, I won't promise something when I know I'm going to brea...
  • abuse
  • tomriddle
  • possessive
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Through the Dark (Draco Malfoy x OC) by missingn0te
Through the Dark (Draco Malfoy x O...by missingn0te
"Believe me, I don't consider anything about your blood dirty at all," he smirked. I gaped at him. "You are infuriating." "What can I say,"...
  • draco-malfoy
  • dracomalfoyxoc
  • love
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In Nobis by ariaoliviaknight
In Nobisby BadWolfSlytherin
Female Harry Potter fic (Hara Potter) Unexpected and unexplainable magic occurs on the night Voldemort visits the Potter household to kill the child prophesied to have...
  • female
  • voldemort
  • harry
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The boy who was given up by Wasabi0_0Slytherin
The boy who was given upby Slytherin Queen👑🤩❤️
Harry Potter, a young wizard thrust into a world of death, evil and lies. In order to navigate through the fog of war. Harry, with the help of his best friends has to fi...
  • voldemort
  • wattys2019
  • dumbledorbashing
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His and his only||Tom Riddle by squshysuga
His and his only||Tom Riddleby Agust D
Abandoned at the wool's orphanage at the age of 5, Y/n was left in the protection of Tom Riddle. They grew up together, she was the only one he trusted, and the only on...
  • hogwarts
  • triddle
  • power
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Love shines in the Darkness (Tom Riddle) by Devilninja-fanfics
Love shines in the Darkness (Tom R...by Jay
Tom Riddles life was a complicated one, his heart was filled with hatred and anger for the life he had be given. But when Tom meets Laylah Dumbledore, a small light brig...
  • tomriddle
  • love
  • muggle
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Lord Daddy ✅ by L0st_1dentity
Lord Daddy ✅by Curiosity's cat
Unforseen circumstances force Voldemort to bring Harry back to Riddle Manor with him on the night of October 31, 1981, after tying to kill him. How will our favorite Dar...
  • deatheaters
  • voldemort
  • darkharry
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Harry Potter character imagines [requests open] by exhaustedwhovian
Harry Potter character imagines [r...by Annie
Requests are open!
  • oliverwood
  • siriusblack
  • harrypotter
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Sins Of The Father (TRLS) by AlanaRiddle
Sins Of The Father (TRLS)by Alana Darlyn
Complete with sequel published - She was sent from the future to bare the heir, now lets see if she can teach him to care She came bearing a curse, but what his did w...
  • harrypotter
  • tomriddlelovestory
  • romance
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The Dark Lords Daughter (Harry Potter FanFic) by shannonmcxox
The Dark Lords Daughter (Harry Pot...by Shannon X
Has it ever entered your mind if there was an heir to the dark lord? If he done the naughty and created a child of his own to destruct the world? Well, your thoughts may...
  • lovestory
  • life
  • evil
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Twist in Fate || Tom Riddle by foreversmaug
Twist in Fate || Tom Riddleby s m a u g
Tom Riddle as a teenager; handsome, harsh and solitary. Evelyn Gallagher; a quiet Ravenclaw secretly sent back in time by Dumbledore to save Tom, and to prevent him from...
  • wattys2015
  • hogwarts
  • secrets
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{Romione : One Shots} by Spoby_OBrien
{Romione : One Shots}by Spoby O'Brien
A collection of romione one shots. Short stories about the relationship between Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger....
  • dracomalfoy
  • hinny
  • hermionegranger
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