I love him ~~ Tom Riddle  by Nessa030201
I love him ~~ Tom Riddle by Caitlin
"You can love a monster, it can even love you back, but that doesn't change its nature." Tom riddle did love. Only once. Tom and Adelaide were the only ones f...
  • riddle
  • death
  • tom
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My Brother's Best Friend.  by robiaustin1
My Brother's Best Friend. by Robi Austin
I wake up remembering nothing from last night, I rub my eyes and take in my surroundings. 'Where am I? I'm not in my room..' I go to move but there is a arm around me...
  • pregnant
  • babies
  • twists
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Still the One (The Four of Us #2) by eternalfelicity
Still the One (The Four of Us #2)by Scarlett Leigh
⭐️Highest Rank: #233 In Chicklit - 7/13/18⭐️ **ATTENTION! This is a sequel to Not the Only One. Please please don't read any further until you read it! - SPOILERS ahead...
  • relationship
  • multiplepov
  • family
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You Left Your Heart brandon Rogers x reader by rosebabeyy
You Left Your Heart brandon Rogers...by Mrs.winchester
You gave me your heart then left it so i didnt let go and i held on tight.
  • twists
  • turns
  • risky
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Darkness Turns to Light by TheUnknownAuthorY
Darkness Turns to Lightby The Unknown Author
So basically some newer gods have to work together and stop some Dark King and save the world from his tyrannical rule. You get it right? No? Well your gonna get it if y...
  • tonight
  • ends
  • light
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Creepypasta love by Ghost_of_lacy
Creepypasta loveby Ghost_of_lacy
You were a normal girl. Y/N had the prettiest hair and skin. So Y/N is 16 and Y/N is in 10th grade. The school year is almost over, and Y/N just started learning creepyp...
  • love
  • jelousy
  • twist
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An_incident_that changed_our_lives by suvi4488
An_incident_that changed_our_livesby Suvarna
It's a story about our beloved Swasan. The story is about the incidents that changed the life of Swara and sanskar
  • twist
  • masti
  • fun
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Playing with fire by hayleewoods8
Playing with fireby Lee Woods
Merida Rocklands has lived a small quiet life. She is a girl with two proud parents with high expectations, she is a girl thats always secretly loved adventure, but not...
  • chage
  • change
  • hurt
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The Journey of Togetherness - Sequel to  THE FLASHBACK STORY by VHM1123
The Journey of Togetherness - Sequ...by VHM
This story is the sequel to the flashback story as i promised to bring it before you all. This will be a light hearted , intense and with a tinge of mystery. I hope yo...
  • turns
  • friends
  • twists
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Night Changes   // Zayn Malik// Harry Styles FanFic.  (Completed)  by bensjayz
Night Changes // Zayn Malik// Ha...by Jayashree tudu
~~ COMPLETED STORY ~~ Ranked #3 in twists and turns Ranked #8 in triangle love Ranked #213 in one direction Natasha loved Liam by her whole heart. But when she came to...
  • harrystyles
  • liampayne
  • teacherstudent
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My Bad Boy Love by bff4evrr
My Bad Boy Loveby bff4evrr
Bella Murano isnt your average teenager girl. She doesnt sneak out or drink. She's the type of girl who doesn't like to get into drama until she meets a hottie and a tot...
  • bad
  • love
  • boy
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Maybe?? by theyhateonsayy
Maybe??by Sadie😘💖😍
Maybe it was better when we was just bestfriends 💁😥
  • turns
  • queennaija
  • cheat
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Bittersweet Tragedy by styles4smile
Bittersweet Tragedyby Nikewl
Kyla Anadella a 17 year old straight A student of Woodcreek Institute, she was sleeping normally on the night of October 24 when she was brought to White Wings Psychiatr...
  • turns
  • allthingsred
  • murder
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She's So Creepy by wolfblood32
She's So Creepyby ThisQueerHere
It's a hell of a feeling though.. A gathering of the youngest , smartest kids ever seen. They were given chances to go to ivy league schools before even finishing second...
  • gore
  • transgender
  • tweens
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Cold As Ice by EmaleeStories
Cold As Iceby Emalee Rose
Catherine lives life on the edge... literally. The edge of her skate blade which slices through the cold ice but that's nothing compared too her partner's betrayal which...
  • skating
  • stress
  • ice
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my supernaturals by courtneyrush756
my supernaturalsby courtneyrush
this is a book about a teenage girl who though her life was normal...well i guess she was wrong. who knew that those trusted hold the biggest secrets.... ok i hope the b...
  • courtneyrush756
  • thebeautyawards2017
  • theshineawardsvampire
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Into the blues [Wattys2018] by Rosie_80
Into the blues [Wattys2018]by Rosie80
They say time heals every wound. But sometimes the injury done is so deep that can't be repaired. #8th part in the Henderson family series.
  • grief
  • sadness
  • unexpected
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Adventure in Granny Sitting by Kaywinters18
Adventure in Granny Sittingby Kaywinters18
Is Love out there? Is there a kinder world anywhere? Why do we choose who we choose? Is it for love ? Is it for money? Is it out of desperation, low self esteem, or apat...
  • policeofficer
  • countrymusic
  • twist
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Riverton High School by tea_and_writing
Riverton High Schoolby Nataliya Davis
At Riverton High follow the crazy, lit, sad, heart churning, spine tightening tales of teens finding their own - defying their pasts and conquering their present. Reachi...
  • girls
  • joy
  • life
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Don't Be Curious! by aryhill27GWN
Don't Be Curious!by aryhill27GWN
  • twist
  • turns
  • destiny
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