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Secrets (wolfstar) by stories4usnow
Secrets (wolfstar)by stories4usnow
I don't hate you Padfoot I really don't hate you Moony
Wolf Moon (a Drarry fanfiction) by weasleyred
Wolf Moon (a Drarry fanfiction)by .
When Draco Malfoy gets bitten by Fenrir Greyback on Lord Voldemorts order, Narcissa realises that the life as a desth eater isn't safe enough for her beloved son. Desper...
Smut shots/ one shots by remusgannon
Smut shots/ one shotsby R Gannon
Wolf star oneshots
Wolfstar || Everything but straight by GrandmasterDisaster
Wolfstar || Everything but straightby GrandmasterDisaster
Dick jokes, his girlfriend and Quidditch was what Sirius appreciated and what he knew Remus didn't. He also prided himself in appearing quite straight - dumb humour, gi...
Pinky Promise || Wolfstar by defective-talos
Pinky Promise || Wolfstarby defective-talos
[Written with @Huffinglepuff! (check out her instagram!)] Remus Lupin was an observant professor. He knew how it felt to be ignored, so he gave special care to pay atten...
The Potter's Mistake by CrystalThePotterWing
The Potter's Mistakeby Crystal77
Female!Harry Grey!Harry || Your typical WBWL story, with Dumbledore/James/Lily bashing Everyone knows that Sebastian Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived. That's why he grew up w...
☾ Wolfstar Oneshots by IkeaMann
☾ Wolfstar Oneshotsby ☾ Remus Hoopin'
Just some oneshots, Requests are welcomed :]
bookworm // wolfstar au by shutuptozier
bookworm // wolfstar auby xander
"but, james...prongs, come on, you've seen him, yeah? he's so fucking cute, prongs...please, you've gotta come with me and say hi, please." "padfoot, you'...
The 16 Step Plan To Become Sirius Lupin by ouchronthatwasmyFoOt
The 16 Step Plan To Become Maya
"Just because he fancies blokes doesn't mean he fancies this bloke!" ~~✩☽~~ wolfstar with a sprinkle of jily ~~✩☽~~ disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own th...
Loverboys || Wolfstar Raising Harry Au by heirofgryffindorblog
Loverboys || Wolfstar Raising heirofgryffindorblog
Remus Lupin had been left alone with a baby Harry wrapped in a blanket in his arms. Sirius Black was facing the wall of his cell struggling to keep the dementors away. H...
|| Love story of the Grim || ∆ || Wolfstar || by MrNevilleLongbottom
|| Love story of the Grim || ∆ || Mr Neville Longbottom
[I did not make the cover, yet I do not know who it was made by] •Remus x Sirius Black. {Wolfstar} •Mentions of James x Lily {Jily} This story follows the Marauders and...
Wolfstar oneshots by deatmat
Wolfstar oneshotsby Alex
Just some Wolfstar stuff I write when I'm bored because I love the ship. Updates are random. Some mentions of abused, depression, minor swearing and intense grammar mist...
Those who returned by FreshouttaAzkaban
Those who returnedby FreshouttaAzkaban
While Sirius escapes from Azkaban, James and Lily Potter brush the dust off their bodies after getting out of their graves. What will happen when Harry and his younger...
boyfriends by madeyenat
boyfriendsby Natali
wolfstarbucks (James/Sirius/Remus ) headcanons
Meant To Be by I-need-mentalHelp
Meant To Beby I-need-mentalHelp
Mostly Wolfstar, some Jily and Marcissa And yes, I do suck at naming chapters, what about it? And also, psa, I may be making Regulus a lot nicer than he actually was, b...
Marauders Oneshots (some golden trio era) by siriuslylupinout
Marauders Oneshots (some golden camlupin
oneshots book with the marauder and some golden trio hope you enjoy even tho i put zero effort into this and it's kinda shit but like lmao oh well
Carve Me Open / r.l. + s.b. / by professortoebeans
Carve Me Open / r.l. + s.b. /by Nic.
Lyall Lupin had once told his son this: Love's not all that complicated. It tells you who it's after and it either gets what it wants or destroys you. And he had never t...
Paralyzed: A Wolfstar Story by flaunt_the_weird717
Paralyzed: A Wolfstar Storyby flaunt_the_weird
Hi, I am Sirius. When I was 16 I got in an accident and my legs were paralyzed. I haven't quite gotten used to it over the past two years. I am 18 now and me and my frie...
Remus x Sirius by the-Ghost-of-Me
Remus x Siriusby Ghosty
Smut and fluff for my wolfstar shippers ;) Also available on inkitt(dot)com/The_ghost_of_Me Art credit goes to Merildae on Pinterest
KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU ⇒ jegulus one shots by styIinson-potters
One shots following James Potter and Regulus Black through many pregnancy endeavors!