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The Bride of a Viking by fish_out_of_water19
The Bride of a Vikingby Onyx Farrow
TW Sexual assault Domestic violence Highest Ranking: #4 in Betrothed. #7 in Viking "I told you not to move," the brute said as he turned back to her. H...
The Enchantress by RealmsBeyondReality
The Enchantressby Alex
*MATURE/UPDATED VERSION ON AO3* *Amora is not an OC* (This story needs to be revised and edited!) Amora followed the Einherjar with her eyes each time they passed by her...
That Look (Hiccup x Reader) by Orange6670
That Look (Hiccup x Reader)by Shiryō
Hi, I'm (Y/n)! This is my story; well, my version of it. This is the story of how I met my best friends, my absolute best friend (my dragon) and became an ultimate drago...
Hiccup x Elsa : The Queen by OkayTee_Mez
Hiccup x Elsa : The Queenby OkayTee_Mez
As an alliance between the kingdom of Arendelle and Berk failed due to the untimely death of the king and queen of Arendelle, two childhood friends from each nation mak...
Avenge Our Past  by FreddieGee1972
Avenge Our Past by FreddieGee1972
This is the sequel to Born In The Abyss. After The Raven and Viking escaped purgatory, they found themselves in the center of their past. Constantly dreaming in a cave a...
My Best Ennemy / A Formula One story by LeDYak
My Best Ennemy / A Formula One Dan YAK
On a side there is Shannon Martin. Australian. Third season in F1. Quick and talented as he's charming. On the other, we have Chris Botel. A rookie from Denmark (and h...
BBC GHOSTS & MY ONE-SHOTS by fishc_the_skully
Some one-shots that I came up with when I was supposed to be sleeping. ENJOY Pls vote & comment thanx!! :)
Dragons: A New Girl On Berk (ON HOLD) by RosselaThorn
Dragons: A New Girl On Berk (ON Rossela
Heather and her parents moved to another tribe in hopes to protect their family from the attacks of the Outcasts.For the first time in years she felt safe in this tribe...
Izuku The Viking by Frederickistheshii
Izuku The Vikingby Frederico
This story shows how, our protagonist Izuku Yagi, gets in the viking world of Valheim, and how It changes him, as he needs to survive in this new enviroment and maybe ge...
The Zegra | ONC2024 by CyndaGallagher
The Zegra | ONC2024by Cynda Gallagher
In a world where violence defines power, Zee stands alone, refusing to shed blood for sport. Fleeing his tribe, he becomes the target of the vengeful horde. As alliances...
Dragon Shifter  by FeatheredDemon
Dragon Shifter by FeatheredDemon
Destiny is a 14 year old girl who lives in the village of Mistdell with her younger sister Autumn. After a tragic event Destiny is never the same. She discovers that she...
Reine des Anglais by anirtakeiram84
Reine des Anglaisby Tri
Isabeau of Normandy, Dowager Countess of Luxembourg, the youngest child of the late Richard of Normandy and half sister to Emma, Queen of England has been widowed for ov...
The Lost Dragon Sister || How to Train Your Dragon   by ATfanficsstoriez
The Lost Dragon Sister || How to ATfanficsstoriez
Hiccup Haddock wasn't always an only child, what if he had a sister who died at aged 9 in a fire accident. But happens if she didn't die, but was sent to live as a drag...
The Norse God at Hogwarts by WolfHowlStudios
The Norse God at Hogwartsby WolfHowleStudios
An old Nordic god is reincarnated into a young Norse Child Who is unaware of who she is. Eivor is a normal Norse child, until one night everything changes for her. Her...
MOVE ON | IVAR THE BONELESS X OC |by The famous y/n
Modern vikings "I don't regret anything, and I would approach and talk to you in that bar again without a doubt, because you made me really happy for years" Th...
Wonderwall by sirendema
Wonderwallby fg
She used to work in the harem for the king, she was his favorite seeing that she's the youngest of them all and the most innocent. After invading her country and taking...
Circumspect [SnotLegs - HTTYD] by heartof-paper
Circumspect [SnotLegs - HTTYD]by Oneshot Writer
Snotlout was always wary of risks that needed to be taken. So now he forever regrets the time he didn't hesitate to confess his love to his friend. This happened to caus...
The Rainbow Razorwhip by FeatheredDemon
The Rainbow Razorwhipby FeatheredDemon
RainbowFlash is a rainbow Razorwhip dragon who is raised by a Death Song dragon. Once old enough, she sets out on her own to see the world and meet her dragon species...
How To Train Your Viking by Moonstone360
How To Train Your Vikingby Sienna
Everyone knows the story of Hiccup and how he trained a dragon. Ever know how the dragon trained him? Ever wonder the Night furies past? Well, that's my story. I never u...
Stranger To Me by AnonymouslyAussie
Stranger To Meby AnonymouslyAussie
Imagine being traded to a man who has been said to ruin a women so much in one night that she could never have another. Freya didn't have to imagine She had been. I DO...