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Hiccup the USELESS by spiderwebbb
Hiccup the USELESSby Spiderwebbb
Hiccup hadn't shot that dragon down, he had never won the dragon training, he never lost a leg and he had never made a single friend. His father's disappointment led Sto...
taylor lee x test tube | EMOTIONAL love story. by taylorleelover
taylor lee x test tube | tyalor lee lover
taylor lee still loves test tube long after their divorce. see how this romantic love story unfolds. or whatever
~~Le RenTRe dEdAnS De mUrrIt~~ {Dismurrit] by 0ct0pie
~~Le RenTRe dEdAnS De mUrrIt~~ { ꧁╭⊱̨𝔗̨̹𝔥̹͙𝔢͙̟ ̟̟𝔍̟̟𝔢̟̟𝔰...
[Ceci est une fanfiction Dismas X Murrit , ils ne m'appartiennent pas , ce sont des personnages de Vast Error . Il est probable que je ne les fasses pas correctement et...
Switzerland by Real_mystrique
Switzerlandby Real_mystrique
Just two weeks. That's all they got. Every year. It had been going on for 2 years now. But something is about to change...
I Can't Exist Without You by Jalex_Kellic_life
I Can't Exist Without Youby SUCK MEH BALLS
A story in which the writer falls in love with the reader. . . "Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to exist on my own. To walk on a solid ground. To feel some...
Terminally Emotional by AleThePoet
Terminally Emotionalby AleThePoet
A mixture of emotion and experience, a look into my head.
World of Mado : The World Beyond the Skies by Nusja_
World of Mado : The World Beyond Nicolas CATALDO
In the enchanting World of Mado, ancient portals are more than just myths-they're the keys to untold mysteries. Nihls, a scholar who once sought their secrets, finds his...
Heroic Villains: Super Normal by TheSkyeWolf
Heroic Villains: Super Normalby Skye Nall
"Bailey," The soothingly alluring voice called to him, whispering in his ear, like a crying violin. Bailey's blood ran cold and goose bumps ran across his skin...
The Scale of Love by StephreakHolamyar
The Scale of Loveby StephreakHolamyar
Discussion of the scale of the universe and our place in it
Just "internet best friends" by phoebebellxox
Just "internet best friends"by phoebebellxox
Olivia was just messing around on a game when she meets Bella. They become really good friends until Bella moves to the same country as Olivia. What will happen when the...
Adventures on the edge (Hiatus) by FANwrite4ever
Adventures on the edge (Hiatus)by WixenLuv99
What if the Race to the edge series continued ? What if they didn't leave for berk ? chapter 1, 2 and 3 :- Heather comes home. it all starts out good, But bad luck catc...
Vast error dismas x reader one shots by Slinky-robot
Vast error dismas x reader one ISABELLE VALENZUELA
We need vast error fan fic ( also first fan fic )
Short Calming Stories  by DovahMark
Short Calming Stories by Ragnar of the Bridge
Short stories to warm your hearth if you ever feel down.
Quotes And Nothings by MarieDeSurfer
Quotes And Nothingsby MarieDeSurfer
A bunch of things I find unhelpful.