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Adopted by a dark family by momo_monkey565
Adopted by a dark familyby Momo_monkey
A girl named Raven is adopted by her idols alter egos. Is in the process of being written and edited.
  • anitsepticeye
  • darkiplier
  • demons
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Choices // Egos Ft. Sanders Sides  by ItsSepticeyeSam
Choices // Egos Ft. Sanders Sides by ItsSepticeyeSam
-- Then the closet slowly opened. He sat there, whimpering and paralysed. Fear consumed Mark and he tried to move, but found that he literally couldn't. He literally co...
  • sandersides
  • blankgameplays
  • virgilsanders
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Carlisle's Past, Pain, And True Mate by Sgb1011-QOD
Carlisle's Past, Pain, And True Sgb1011-QOD
Disclaimer= Carlisle's painful past returns, Esme creates trouble ending up with his Alter Ego's reawakening after a long slumber. Can all threats get set right. With t...
  • jasper
  • rosalie
  • family
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Jacksepticegos preferences by Ghost_Of_a_sinner
Jacksepticegos preferencesby Ghost
I didn't see many ego preference I made my own! This one includes: -Antisepticeye -Dr. Schneeplestein -Chase Brody -"Dapper Jack" (Jameson) -Marvin...
  • jacksepticegos
  • jackieboyman
  • alteregos
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Pieces//DARKSTACHE   by ItsSepticeyeSam
Pieces//DARKSTACHE by ItsSepticeyeSam
---- I tried to shake him from his dazed state. He seemed to be staring right through me. He was off in his own little world as he hummed gently to himself. My patience...
  • whokilledmarkiplier
  • celinetheseer
  • alteregos
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Markiplier and JackSepticEye One Shots by TheAlaskanWolfie
Markiplier and JackSepticEye One That One Thing
'Is this what you were searching for?' #2 in Edgy, #4 in WilfordWarfstache, #7 in Chase Brody. [All of August 9, 2018] #59 in Markiplier, #7 in WilfordWarfstache, #6 in...
  • xreader
  • openrequests
  • edgy
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Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Ego One Shots by _SunnyWritesThings_
Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Ego One Sunny E.
Here's a compilation of oneshots based off your favorite egos #4 in #Markiplieregos 6/05/19 #6 in #Alteregos 6/05/19 #3 in Jacksepticeyeegos 6/05/19
  • oneshotcollection
  • jacksepticeye
  • wilfordwarfstache
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Iplier and Septiceye One-Shots and Imagines - Book 2 by bubble-tea-junkie
Iplier and Septiceye One-Shots ocean eyes
* CLOSING REQUESTS/SUGGESTIONS DUE TO OTHER PLANS * This is a continuation of the first book, named aptly (minus "Book 2"). Some one-shots will be part two's...
  • ipliers
  • darkiplier
  • jacksepticeye
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Markiplier Egos. by spoopyslut
Markiplier ◇ Killer Queen ◇
so for people wanting to know...THIS is what its like living with Markiplier and his egos....or well not all of them favorite ones, and the most known ones. ALS...
  • antisepticeye
  • wilfordwarfstache
  • darkiplier
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Markiplier Imagines by GucciLarry2817
Markiplier Imaginesby (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
I love Mark, do you? Open for suggestions all the time! This is my very first story so please be nice and understanding if it turns out shit! 😆
  • silversheperd
  • bimtrimmer
  • driplier
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Hectic House (Baby Jacksepticeye Egos) by LunasBored
Hectic House (Baby Jacksepticeye Luna
Jack is used to dealing with his normal alter egos but what happens when they all become toddlers and Jack has to try and watch over them until they turn back
  • magic
  • toddlers
  • dr
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Ms. Maid by Fiction_Central
Ms. Maidby Fictional_Central
Y/n thought her life wouldn't get any worse. At age 23 she isn't allowed to leave her wicked mother's home because Y/n is forced to be the maid. She along with her mothe...
  • driplier
  • egos
  • iplier
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What Lies in the Dark {Jacksepticeye & Markiplier x child reader} by AntiKaseyWolf
What Lies in the Dark { AntiKaseyWolf
(Y/N) was a normal girl until one night when her dream was so vivid, she felt something was changing. when (Y/N) falls into the world of her "dream" she finds...
  • magic
  • jacksepticeye
  • youtube
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My Final Destination Is You by TheRobbyExchange
My Final Destination Is Youby RebbysVodka
Because Wattpad and other sites severely lack in any Kris Lemche books. This is a Hayley Fuentes fanfic
  • finaldestination
  • lemche
  • fd3
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Youtubers Zodiacs ♦ Eng (CLOSED ) by Mistril
Youtubers Zodiacs ♦ Eng (CLOSED )by Vee
Hello beautiful people of the internet! My name is Angelica and welcome to my (first english) book about... (what a suprise!) youtubers. If i said youtubers i mean peopl...
  • markiplier
  • youtubers
  • pewdiepie
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Service Error 《Googleiplier X Reader》 by RoseSTARter
Service Error 《Googleiplier X Oliver
Googleiplier x Reader ---- "Hey, (F/N)." "Yes?" "Can I ask you something?" "Go for it." I waited for him to ask me, and I noticed...
  • fischbach
  • markfischbach
  • markiplier
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T̸h̵e̸ ̷W̸h̸i̷t̸e̴ ̵E̶y̴e̷s̷ by ConfusingChloe25
T̸h̵e̸ ̷W̸h̸i̷t̸e̴ ̵E̶y̴e̷s̷by Chloe Diamond
When Lewis Dawkins, a YouTuber who solely does content-based on̷F̴i̴v̵e̴ ̷N̷i̵g̷h̸t̵s̸ ̸A̷t̴ ̸F̷r̸e̴d̴d̵y̴'̸s̸ ̴ goes to hang out with his best friends, something unexpe...
  • dawko
  • horror
  • youtubers
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Don't Chase Your Nightmares (FIMN SEQUEL)  by ItsSepticeyeSam
Don't Chase Your Nightmares ( ItsSepticeyeSam
SQEUEL TO "FOREVER IN MY NIGHTMARES (DARKIPLIER") It's been a few months since Marks exorcism and life has ultimately been going great. It's actually normal. H...
  • wilfordwarfstache
  • markedwardfischbach
  • darkiplier
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An Eye For An Eye - Antisepticeye x Reader  by TheCinnaMegBun1-0
An Eye For An Eye - :^)
[E/C] eyes filled with fear and disbelief as they stared ahead at the demonic being that had once been her best friend. She took a small step back, then another before t...
  • markiplier
  • romance
  • xreaderfanfiction
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Random Incorrect Quotes by SpacedOutStar
Random Incorrect Quotesby Happy B-Day to me!
Includes: -Markiplier Alter egos -Jacksepticeye Alter egos -Sanders Sides -Who Killed Markiplier? -The Circus In The Sky Soon maybe: -Be More Chill -Dream Dadd...
  • robloxmyths
  • thomassanders
  • thecircusinthesky
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