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Safe With Me ~ Fred Weasley by mahduhlyn
Safe With Me ~ Fred Weasleyby maduhlyn
"Your dad gave you this?" I nodded, still not looking at the necklace. "Your dad did that to your neck." He stated, matter of factly. "Nod. Yes...
Guide me to the Moon - Project #2 (Freen and Becky re-imagined stories) by kaat_haaa
Guide me to the Moon - Project KATHA
This is a stand alone short story that is part of the Project Series. Project #1 tackles about soulmates 🤍 Project #2 is about twin flame ❤️‍🔥
The Rider's Truth. by SaoiMarie
The Rider's SMarie
Book Two in the Riders Series - Behind the magic and splendour of Valaxia, lies a darker world of torture, betrayal and deceit. One that Neely Lynch has become too wel...
Until We Meet🤎 ~ jayules by johanniefandom
Until We Meet🤎 ~ jayulesby jayules
"sometimes you have to breakup to realize what you're missing" - jayden
style (oc x brandt jackson pen15 story) by K1mmiesdiary
style (oc x brandt jackson pen15 kimmie 💋
brandt x oc reader "shes not my chloe" "hes not my brandt" 🫶🏻🤭
Erkenci Kus, The Continuing Story by DebScott3
Erkenci Kus, The Continuing Storyby Deb (Stormy) Scott
Erkenci Kus has proven to be an epic love story. It is a Lovestory that has a phenomenal worldwide audience that is fiercely loyal. Can is a character associated with an...
The Rejection by akr13480
The Rejectionby Anaya
Mates... Someone who care for you, be with you, cherish you and love you. Someone you can spent your entire life with. Everyone in a supernatural world waited to meet th...
twin flame ; dreamwastaken  by punzotw
twin flame ; dreamwastaken by lana
"you're too good for me, i'm too bad to keep" in which (oc) hazel rose writes a song in the pov of her ex boyfriend, dreamwastaken.
Price Of Fame by BriWords
Price Of Fameby B. Anna
Known for his toxic lyricism & velvet vocals Brent Faiyaz is not only a hit on the chart but also with the ladies. What happens when the r&b crooner meets his match in t...
Lightless Twin Souls | ONC 2023 Shortlister ✔ by starisredy
Lightless Twin Souls | ONC 2023 Staris (half-hiatus)
Vagrant former spy JD had always felt a part of his soul was missing or that there was a vacant seat beside his core. After wandering in search of an answer, he found so...
Twin Flame by Roze32557
Twin Flameby Roze
(Y/n) and Eddie have been best friends since the 4th grade and have been dating since their last year of middle school. When their lives grow hectic after Eddie is accu...
biden x trump  major smut  by siennanoir
biden x trump major smut by sienna
from enemies to lovers in one debate. the magical story of the two presidents who fell in love
Tidal Moon (Renesmee & Jacob) by numbmemories
Tidal Moon (Renesmee & Jacob)by Makayla
The moon shone beautifully on his tan skin as I traced the ridges in his muscles with my fingertips. He sighed once again with his eyes closed. I'd never given much thou...
I'll Always Love You - a Jeid Fanfic by AngelaFTE
I'll Always Love You - a Jeid Angela Lindsey
A Criminal Minds fanfiction starring JJ and Reid. When Reid receives news that his mom is dying, JJ is determined to be there for him. But the more time she spends taki...
blur - trevor zegras by moofeyz
blur - trevor zegrasby jay🫶
nell she always had a lot wrong with her. depression, anxiety, insomnia . it never scared trevor. until one day she doubted it. but two souls never meet by accident. on...
as it was - miles teller by booksbyhann
as it was - miles tellerby hann
in this world... Veda Josephine Morgan could never say she pictured her life quite as beautiful and tragic as it currently was it's just us... Getting the role of a life...
Letters to my Twin Flame by csongorina
Letters to my Twin Flameby Friend of the Universe
A series of letters dedicated to my Twin Flame, with the intention of filling them in on my life, and pouring out my heart to them.
Find me - Akaza x Reader by irl_cinnamonroll
Find me - Akaza x Readerby Axl
Y/n is a university student, who is struggling to keep up with her studies and feels like there is nothing to life besides her degree. One day, someone hands her an anci...
Just Kids by Asiaraycompton
Just Kidsby Asiaraycompton
Sara's life Is forever changed after her boyfriend joins his uncle's gang. After running away from her home, Sara moves in with a ex criminal/ drug kingpin who gives he...