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Erkenci Kus, The Continuing Story by DebScott3
Erkenci Kus, The Continuing Storyby Deb Scott
Erkenci Kus has proven to be an epic love story. It is a Turkish Dizi that has a phenomenal worldwide audience that is fiercely loyal. Can is a character associated with...
Can Divit : "Erkenci Kus"/Early Bird by FanFictionByDR
Can Divit : "Erkenci Kus"/Early FanFictionByDR
Erkenci Kuş is a rom-com-drama from Turkey. It surely packs a punch with the main leads & supporting cast, music & literature references, eccentric characters & great pl...
Finding Our Way Back Home Can/Sanem by 3read003
Finding Our Way Back Home Can/Sanemby 3read003
Book 2 Continuation of 'Heartbreak'.....After leaving Istanbul. Sanem's life takes a dramatic change...success comes in her writing and her perfume and cream business. H...
A man's sorrow cuts deeper by JoannaKurczak
A man's sorrow cuts deeperby JoannaKurczak
I invite You to the world of Can Divit and his beloved Sanem Aydin. This tale is a work of fiction, inspired by their everlasting and transcending love of episodes 40 th...
Caught Up In You by TAS_130
Caught Up In Youby TAS_130
Can and Sanem are crazy about each other. Sanem's lies catch up to her. Can disappears. Sanem is heartbroken. Will these two be able to trust again? Will their love be e...
In Love With My Boss by silenthoney906
In Love With My Bossby Silent Honey.
COMPLETED❤💞🎊 A Can Yaman Fan Fiction. #4 in Can Yaman. (28 August). #46 in Can Divit. (29july.) #14 in istanbul. #63 in Erkenci kuş. #2 in Kara Sevda. ...
Set You Free (CANEM) by ebeohpebeohp
Set You Free (CANEM)by Feb
"Let me explain it like this. She has this never ending passion. I mean, it's the kind of passion I've never seen in my life, not only in a woman, but in anybody at...
Erkenci Kus Episode Recaps 1-51 by ChayaLevy
Erkenci Kus Episode Recaps 1-51by Chaya Levy
The series has ended. Every week we would come together chat watching the episodes, theorize, and obsess over this amazing love story. After watching Erkenci Kus over a...
Moonstone by Pajarito1978
Moonstoneby Pajarito1978
An Erkenci Kuş /Hades & Persephone alternative retelling with wolves 🐺. AU, PNR
This is a different type of Erkenci Kus story. The characters are familiar, but their interaction has changed from the series, and quirky funny things happen. I have r...
Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride  by Pajarito1978
Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride by Pajarito1978
A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.
It's all because of you by mardi89
It's all because of youby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
"But I would rather feel the sting Than never to have felt a thing I'll always know you were the one To rip me from the ground"
Erkenci Kus - Not just your average love story ❤️❤️Canem Forever ❤️❤️ by katerinapapas
Erkenci Kus - Not just your katerinapapas
The Real Story: Episode analysis, commentaries and point-of-view scene narratives for Erkenci Kus romantics. Dive into this critically acclaimed modern-day fairytale lov...
Anywhere Can Be Our Galapagos by Veli1917
Anywhere Can Be Our Galapagosby Veli1917
Can Divit is a freelance journalist, who has established a name for himself by reporting from hotspots of humanitarian crisis around the world. His family owns a New Yor...
A leap of the early bird... by JoannaKurczak
A leap of the early JoannaKurczak
I invite You to the world of Can Divit and his beloved Sanem Aydin. This tale is a work of fiction, inspired by their everlasting and transcending love of episodes 1 thr...
Erkenci Kus- Remember Love by MOKenyan
Erkenci Kus- Remember Loveby Marita Paulina
Following a terrible accident, Can Divit loses his memory. He wakes up and there is a stranger besides his bed, Sanem, her eyes full of love and hope. Hope that he crush...
The consequences of falling by TaleNeverTold1
The consequences of fallingby Ksana
Let's assume Can did leave for Balkans... and then came back. How much growing one needs to do to get to their happy ending? But then there is Emre also... And how much...
Petal by Nani_iana
Petalby Nani
After the whole birthday mess, Sanem and Can are trying to figure out how to not hurt each other all the time. Slightly AU - Can leaves the party before Sanem can talk...