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Thasmin Week by denpine
Thasmin Weekby DENPINE
First ever Thasmin week and I am so very late, but I wanted to take my time with these. Hope you guys enjoy them
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Infinite Potential | Doctor Who by ninjahood
Infinite Potential | Doctor Whoby NH
Doctor Who Oneshots!
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  • thirteenthdoctor
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A Different Type of Reunion | 13 x River by Smileycat1
A Different Type of Reunion | 13 Rollin Jay
After the recent death of her companion, the Doctor goes to a bar and runs into a familiar face.
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  • doctorxriversong
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13th Doctor x Reader One Shots by JustKeeley
13th Doctor x Reader One Shotsby Keeley
#1 IN THIRTEENTH DOCTOR CATAGORY. my 13th doctor/reader prompts, drabbles and one shots from my tumblr, justkeeley most of these are pretty much self-indulgent. but i me...
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The Best Thing in the Universe by RamblingStark
The Best Thing in the Universeby RamblingStark
The Doctor, a 3000 year old time traveling alien and Yasmin Khan, a 24 year old officer from Sheffield, definitely a odd couple of people to become friends as close as t...
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Keep running Your life... by VanessaSchrderEmmy
Keep running Your EmVa
Keep reading maybe it'll change ur life! :)
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The Thirteenth Returns by weebeasties
The Thirteenth Returnsby Alex
After the Doctor's regeneration, the TARDIS crashes in 18th century Scotland. The Doctor's former companion, Jamie McCrimmon, and his granddaughter Chastity come upon he...
  • fanfiction
  • doctorwho
  • jamiemccrimmon
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I Never Said It Was Your Mistake by hawthornn
I Never Said It Was Your Mistakeby Mia Hawthorn
Number 1 under #whouffaldi! A collection of one-shots related to Whouffle, or the pairing of Clara and the Doctor. All stories included were written by me. Please commen...
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Sick Of Losing Soulmates: 13th Doctor x River Song by typhoon56
Sick Of Losing Soulmates: 13th Typhoon 🐢
How the Doctor really felt after 'It Takes You Away'
  • doctorwho
  • jodiewhittaker
  • spacewives
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Sister Planet ~ Doctor Who by doctor13who
Sister Planet ~ Doctor Whoby Sophie Nice
After receiving a strange signal the Doctor is anxious to find out who or what managed to contact the TARDIS, and why they needed help. Adventure based story with many T...
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  • thasmin
  • 13thdoctor
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Forty Nights by RavenWolf48
Forty Nightsby ABANDONED
The Doctors did not expect to meet together. They don't know who brought them all together. They know they need to find out They also know that they're about to learn...
  • doctorwho
  • bill
  • rosetyler
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Crisis in the Storm by PrydonianAlchemist
Crisis in the Stormby Time Warrior
The newly regenerated Thirteenth Doctor returns to TimeClan, only to find that his old enemies Pandora and Fyre are there.
  • timeclan
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  • ruby
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Episode 2 Comment Challenge by BBCDoctorWho
Episode 2 Comment Challengeby Doctor Who Official
Feeling inspired by the second episode of the new series of Doctor Who? We have another challenge for you! Imagine you were invited into the TARDIS by the Thirteenth Doc...
  • ryan
  • fantasy
  • ryansinclair
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Not From Here by TheCanadianGeekette
Not From Hereby Something Blue
Emma O'Malley was a normal, completely insignificant teenage girl, with the most exciting thing in her life being her move from Canada to England. At least that's what s...
  • donnanoble
  • grahamobrien
  • rorywilliams
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Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor by singercnm
Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctorby Claire Mitchell
The Doctor says goodbye to an old face and hello to a new, and still not ginger, one. He's alone and has been alone for too long. And maybe, with a new face, maybe it's...
  • silence
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Episode 3 Comment Challenge by BBCDoctorWho
Episode 3 Comment Challengeby Doctor Who Official
It's time for our episode 3 challenge! If you're feeling inspired by the third episode of the new series of Doctor Who, answer us this: If you could travel in the TARDIS...
  • thirteenthdoctor
  • rosaparks
  • bradleywalsh
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Episode 1 Comment Challenge by BBCDoctorWho
Episode 1 Comment Challengeby Doctor Who Official
Feeling inspired by the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who? We have a challenge for you! If you were one of the Doctor's new friends, how would you want your...
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  • ryansinclair
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the nausea song - [ D.W. ] by newtcubed
the nausea song - [ D.W. ]by newt
- a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past. | ✨ | yas...
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  • aliens
  • thirteenxyasmin
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- • will you be my new best friends? • - by shesthedoctor
- • will you be my new best the doctor
The short memoir of the first female Doctor.
  • billpotts
  • doctorwho
  • grahamobrian
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New Traditions by Angel_Made_Of_Scars
New Traditionsby Oliver🚺
She slipped up really. She hadn't meant for it to go like this, but here they were. Although, she wasn't about to stop it. Unless Yaz wanted it stopped too, that is.
  • newyears
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