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When Stars are Hidden  by farslimah
When Stars are Hidden by Farakhan A. Rashid
COMPLETED ✔️✔️ Excerpt. *** "I won't bite. . .yet. . .I promise" He said with a teasing smirk. Walking in the rain didn't sound like a bad idea. Naima didn't...
Earth, After ✔️ by talia-v
Earth, After ✔️by T
Some fates are worse than death--survival is one of them. In the two hundred years since humanity left the Earth's surface to live in the sky, life on the ground faded...
Deathless (Editing) by DastardlyDash
Deathless (Editing)by DastardlyDash
Riverly trains as an apprentice healer. Every day, she works tirelessly to mend the broken and bloodied Imperial soldiers who protect the Empire from the vicious forces...
Life Of Afreen by Fweedarh
Life Of Afreenby Fareedah Farouq
Love is a strong feeling of affection, idolization, adulation, endearment and adoration. Love is happiness and love is delight. As a young Muslimah, she always imagined...
My Boyfriend The Bully || KTH ff {COMPLETED} by NerdyPerdyPink
My Boyfriend The Bully || KTH ff { Savannah ✨
He grabbed my shirt, pushing me up against the wall. "You'll go out with me, or else..." His eyes narrowed threateningly. ... Hazel's school year changes when...
I Never Imagined ✔️ by SVTSwrites
I Never Imagined ✔️by Shree
(This is the sequel of The Badass Diaries. It can be read as a stand alone) "Imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we wou...
The Collected ~ Completed ~ Published  by Megs_204
The Collected ~ Completed ~ Megan
NOW PUBLISHED!! This is the unedited version of The Collected. You can now get the completed version with the link In my bio! The story of a lost boy, a fisherman's daug...
Element Animals: Legends Rising by silverstorm1053
Element Animals: Legends Risingby petrichor
In a world where the animal kingdom rules, Avalanche, a young Great Grey Owl, must fight for her own life when her parents die tragically (after all, we must orphan the...
MIND SHIFTER by enthralledreader
MIND SHIFTERby musingandrealizing
Everything was good for Aria who had an amazing life.Then,things start changing when she takes her Initiation test. But why was everything changing suddenly? She intends...
Finding paradise  by SarahTaylor469
Finding paradise by Sarah Taylor
"You didn't come last night," I heard his voice, as it brought goosebumps to my skin, "I know you were with him." I squeezed my eyes shut, as I felt...
Suspense: cooped in the dark.  by xaranana
Suspense: cooped in the dark. by Fatima Idris
"Because life is a school and experience as a teacher taught me various lessons".I say. "And one of those is?"he asks. My face automatically twists w...
The Tridents Awards by TheTridents
The Tridents Awardsby The Tridents Community
The Tridents work when necessary to spotlight as many authors as possible and we are glad by doing that by hosting this award. New or old, famous or hidden, pro or learn...
One Cannot Defy Fate by MistressKasumi
One Cannot Defy Fateby Mistress Kasumi
A retired MON black ops agent tries to adjust to life as a normal citizen but this all changes when he encounters a mamano in peril. Will he return to his training and c...
Twenty Seven Tasks (On Hold) by Emz1155
Twenty Seven Tasks (On Hold)by © E M I L Y ©
Alice Carter: Is a young girl with a passion for surfing, but a near death experience puts her brave energy in the dust. A year in the hospital is enough for Alice to re...
Slumber by Bluescape
Slumberby 𝑩𝒍𝒖𝒆
Final Round Winner - The Tridents Awards Wordsmith - The Pheonix Wars Wave 2 1st Place in Adventure - The Pheonix Wars Wave 2 Wattpad Featured Reading List - High Fantas...
The Lost Mansion by fixaidea
The Lost Mansionby fixaidea
The year is 1841 - Young Monsieur Augustin Perrault receives a distressed letter from his uncle. Something suspicious is going on in his house - now it's up to Augustin...
the promise (1st book in "past" series) by geetanjalidhoke
the promise (1st book in "past" gorgeous_geetanjali
After reading diary of advait, after knowing how much he loves her and won't leave her. Geetanjali finds herself in situation of understanding where she has to share he...