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Kyo - Just an OC. by KiraReno
Kyo - Just an OC.by ღKatakuri's eyes.ღ
So, I have been working on her for some time now, of course nobody needs to pay any mind to this. I'm just putting this here so that whenever I need to access informatio...
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others) by simswimsbob
One-Shots! (One Piece & Others)by Dre
One Shots from One Piece! You can request some if you'd like!
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Cold Heart & Cold Eyes (MihawkxOC) by Iloepurple
Cold Heart & Cold Eyes (MihawkxOC)by Iloepurple
She has seen and experienced battle, taken lives now she wanted to save them. Dr Lillian Cortez has had a tough life, raised by a single mother on the rougher side of t...
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Say You Won't Let Go (Dracule Mihawk x OC x Shanks) by fsyuuske
Say You Won't Let Go (Dracule Miha...by Ciel
This book is a prequel. "Say you won't let go." "I won't."
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A New World by karensama13
A New Worldby karensama13
Y/n, just a girl coming home from summer camp. Suddenly finds herself stranded on what seems to be a deserted island only to find that it was the home of Dracule Mihawk...
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Mihawk x reader AU! Hot teachers by FangLephei
Mihawk x reader AU! Hot teachersby FangLephei
Ms. (L/n) (F/n) is a new teacher of Literature on the New World school. Here she will meet a lot of fellow teachers and the most of them are hot. In that school a lot of...
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Kid X Reader ** Discontinued by 6Redheart
Kid X Reader ** Discontinuedby 6Redheart
Discontinued. Chapters are being currently worked on for any mistakes. Known nothing more as a legend you were the Pirate of all Seas the Captain of the Black Honey ship...
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Monitor [Book I]: One Piece AU [EDITING] by shibalove
Monitor [Book I]: One Piece AU [ED...by Yama chan
|| Book I of the Monitor series || "It's working, ladies and gentlemen. It has worked for last year's batch, and the year before that, too. And mark my words, it w...
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A Letter From Me To You (Trafalgar Law x OC x Eustass Kid) by fsyuuske
A Letter From Me To You (Trafalgar...by Ciel
The prequel to this book is called Say You Won't Let Go, find it on my profile before reading this.
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The Perfect You Marco x OC & Mihawk x OC AU! by FangLephei
The Perfect You Marco x OC & Mihaw...by FangLephei
A modern version of a fanfiction and romance story. Madalynne was a famous artist but she had some social problems. Her big sister was preparing for her wedding and Mada...
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Phantom Blades by simswimsbob
Phantom Bladesby Dre
At thirteen years old, your dream job shouldn't be to assassinate people for money. And it wasn't. But, with no where to go and somewhere to hide, Blade does just that...
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ReaderxZoroxPerona For Zoro's Heart by FangLephei
ReaderxZoroxPerona For Zoro's Heartby FangLephei
This story was taking place in Mihawk's mansion when Zoro was in training. In that mansion were leaving all together for two years. Dracule Hawkeyes Mihawk, Roronoa Zoro...
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Mihawk x Reader The Blacksmith by EdelfeltLuvia
Mihawk x Reader The Blacksmithby VelvetHakuno
Next to Mihawk's island there is a small island known for its market. There is leaving and running her store a blacksmith, even if she is a woman she is tought and also...
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Mihawk x reader : Midnight by eve-is-me
Mihawk x reader : Midnightby eve-is-me
Poor excuse of a Fanfic involving Mihawk and a female reader. Feedback would be really appreciated! Picture is not mine and belongs to the rightful owner. Mihawk is prop...
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Mihawk x reader Amnesia by FangLephei
Mihawk x reader Amnesiaby FangLephei
Mihawk just had propose you and you happily accept. But after of a little accident his memories will stuck and he will think Zoro and Perona is still here after Kuma sen...
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This is for my friend. by crawlout
This is for my friend.by ðåððý šhåñkš
I have no idea how to write on here so it's going to be bad but I am doing this for my friend: @kirareno. She was nice enough to allow me to use her OC and answer dozens...
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Inquisition [Book II]:  One Piece AU [EDITING] by shibalove
Inquisition [Book II]: One Piece...by Yama chan
|| Book II of Monitor series || "Do you hate me? Yes? I supposed so - after all, that's just about the only thing monsters are capable of." A deep-laid, fo...
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What Do You Seek Beyond The Edge Of Strength by AnimeGirlAHC13
What Do You Seek Beyond The Edge O...by AnimeGirlAHC13
Zoro is stranded on Gloom Island. Perona is with him, and Mihawk. Zoro tries to get of the island. But when he fails, what will Mihawk do. The Shichibukai has decided to...
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El final by tainastark
El finalby Taina Stark
Un lobo y un murciélago jamas deben estar juntos... One shot de Mihawk y Shanks. Es una pareja masculina si no te interesa no deberías leerlo.
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