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Percy Jackson: Scarred by Lollypoptree123
Percy Jackson: Scarredby The lollypoptree
After the Giant war, my life was great. I had a girlfriend, awesome friends and a family. By shortly after that, it all went downhill. I was betrayed by the one I most...
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The Devil's Daughter by EllieDonnelly
The Devil's Daughterby Ellie Donnelly
Betrayal follows her, the Angels are against her, and the Devil is on her tail. As Lucifer's Daughter Abbegael must hide her identity from both Heaven and Hell if she is...
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Safe Place (Harry Styles fanfic) by Chiney1Der
Safe Place (Harry Styles fanfic)by Cheyenne
Young Caroline finds herself lost in a world she knows far to well, but when Harry the new boy in town comes along she finds herself on a wild roller-coaster of love and...
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Forbidden (Mature 18+ Only) by oOMsGothicXmasOo
Forbidden (Mature 18+ Only)by Amy
When Harlow Banks is close to spiraling into depression, due to her abusive boyfriend, Dez Coventry comes crashing into her life. His ruggedly handsome appearance and ma...
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Ashamed of Humanity by She_Writes
Ashamed of Humanityby Sheen Spender
Poems about how humans in their greed of quenching their insatiable thirst have destroyed all. Death you have brought upon yourself By your sinful ways, nothing shall c...
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Satan's Assistant by Katpiez
Satan's Assistantby Katpiez
They thought she was a shy, innocent little girl but as the years pass her parents start to notice something different in her. Not a good difference. They take her far a...
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Love has no definition.... by drugged_up_stork
Love has no Meg
Megan Clarke never had much of a family. When her mum and her brother died, her dad became an abusive alcoholic and she often felt she had no where to turn to. But what...
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The Game. by Kai-Jecht
The Michael
dark gritty world, set in te future where people can buy parts of others that they want, like bodies or minds and even whole lives. the world is ruled by a underworld dr...
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Alex Rider: Training by dpw750
Alex Rider: Trainingby dpw750
Alex is back at BB and now he has to go through a lot. In the end he goes to Hawaii. This is the before he meet five-0.
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Silent Sky {boyxboy} by LoveVanessa
Silent Sky {boyxboy}by Vanessa Love
Skylar is mute. He wasn't born mute but due to a dark past, he's been that way since the age of 5...
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Just Kill Me. (An Undertale Fanfiction)... by bleedingoceans
Just Kill Me. (An Undertale milk
Mettaton went missing but nobody seem to notice or care but that's when Sans found a bunch of videos in Papyrus room related to Mettaton. Sans will do anything to help t...
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Demolition lovers by killjoypeasants
Demolition loversby Frerard <3
"I love you to death..." In all honesty I'm writing this story as an idea. If I like it I'll put more effort into it but right now it's a rough draft. I'm not...
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Shattered and Broken || Kaneki Ken x Reader by Sincerely_Courage
Shattered and Broken || Kaneki 『Trash』
"When pain brings you down, don't be silly, don't close your eyes and cry, you just might be in the best position to see the sun shine..."
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The Alpha: Pt 1 Of The Freelancer Saga (complete) by Admiral_Omega
The Alpha: Pt 1 Of The Maksim Trusso
The Alpha's origin. Find out the pain and the experience that The Alpha AI went through when he was working with the Director. Discover why he made the fragments and wha...
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Torture (girl x girl) by BeastCD
Torture (girl x girl)by BeastChasingDreams
Mature! "Your a sadistic piece of shit, you know that?" (y/n) said as blood trickled from her mouth ------- smirked and kissed her once again with more bruisin...
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Tortured Mate by aranote
Tortured Mateby Ara Ara
My name is Aaliyah Angel, I am 17 years old I've been treated like shit by my father, Axel. When Aaliyah comes home what will she do when she sees him abusing her sister...
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He Made Even Pain Contagious by apples-strawberry
He Made Even Pain Contagiousby apples-strawberry
An average person's reaction to someone who causes harm towards them is to run. Get as far away from that person as possible, to scream, to shout for help and if all els...
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Friends Protect People (Johnlock) by night_vixen2012
Friends Protect People (Johnlock)by night_vixen2012
It's been 2 years since the Reichenbach fall, and John is a mess. Recent events have motivated Sherlock to reunite with his doctor, but things don't go as he planned whe...
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In The Dark [Book Four] by InternetJunkie
In The Dark [Book Four]by iJay
Amaryllis Potter returns to Hogwarts for her seventh year at the encouragement of both Ginny and Hermione; under the promise that Neville Longbottom her sort-of boyfrien...
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Putting up with Pain by sunshine4181
Putting up with Painby sunshine4181
What would you do to keep your family safe? Would you put up with weeks upon weeks of torture? Are they really worth it? Yes. And that's why I, Kamy Lynn Couchman, let m...
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