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Saved by the Bird by idkatthispointsoya
Saved by the Birdby idkatthispointsoya
Danny Phantom, a young superhero, was captured, tortured, and a year later, rescued by a teenage superhero called Robin. The superhero world was under a lot of stress, m...
  • dannyphantom
  • superhero
  • fanfic
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I Kidnapped One Direction by Aperson5432
I Kidnapped One Directionby Aperson5432
What happens when trained kidnappers mission is to kidnap One Direction. All she wants is money. If she gets the money will she actually release them or will she keep th...
  • money
  • torture
  • suffering
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Taken by YYasheo
Takenby 🌿Caleigh🌿
warning! nsfw and violence
  • kidnap
  • pedo
  • kidnapped
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Alpha's Claim by RiRyyy
Alpha's Claimby RiRyyy
"You are mine. Mine to hold. Mine to kiss. Mine to kill." He was so close. He was breathing fast against my cheek. He was angry. "Then kill me already.&qu...
  • torture
  • claim
  • mate
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no control ✖✖ klaus hargreeves by underscoreryann
no control ✖✖ klaus hargreevesby 💫 lost boy 💫
"its like having a voice, with no chance to speak, its something that you hold, and hold to keep." (or imma write klaus's kidnap/torture scenes except diego's...
  • numberfive
  • kidnapping
  • diegohargreeves
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Marco and Tom Bdsm by svtfoe_fanfictioner
Marco and Tom Bdsmby pedro francisco
After Tom kidnapped Marco, Tom had some "fun" with his new sex slave. Marco completely tied up and gagged could do nothing but to hope his master would go easy...
  • wattys2018
  • bondage
  • tom
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Obsession | ✔ by Tabitha_Blackwell
Obsession | ✔by Tabitha Blackwell
He watched her wordlessly. She was beautiful in his eyes. She wasn't like the others he had previously killed for joy, for satisfaction. She was without a doubt made for...
  • murder
  • brainwashed
  • gore
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In The Arms Of The Beast//One Direction Fanfiction #Wattys2016 ☑ by _Gypsy_Girl_
In The Arms Of The Beast//One A.Dee
Do you how it feels like when you are thrown in the mud while the insects feed upon your flesh? that's what they did to her. They made her weak and feed on her body, the...
  • liampayne
  • adult
  • love
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The Rejection (Completed and Editing) by UltimateFangirlOtaku
The Rejection (Completed and Anime trash
Alex always wanted a mate, to save her from all the pain and abuse from her pack. When she finds him, Alex becomes a rejected mate. Without her, Mason falls apart. Alex...
  • mate
  • alpha
  • torture
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Broken by Perseus99
Brokenby Perseus99
Percy returns home after a traumatizing experience. Before he goes off to war again he is spending some time in the mortal world. What will happen when his memories of t...
  • love
  • nightmares
  • war
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Shatter Pieces by Aubreydemoux
Shatter Piecesby Dawnosaur
Elvira has her life living in a concrete cell. Kept enslaved as a pet to her Master Elvira has never known anything besides pain and suffering. Brainwashed into thinking...
  • help
  • anxiety
  • scared
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The difference between you and me by ErinBratovic
The difference between you and meby ErinBratovic
I screamed. He threw a plate at my face and blood trickled down my chest. I ran into the kitchen, trying to escape. He grabbed me and slung me into the wall. I hit my he...
  • grier
  • light
  • pain
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Devil in Disguise by IrenaaZar
Devil in Disguiseby Irenaa Zar
Andrea Stevens is forced to marry Dante Darke. DD. Disguised Devil The most feared and ruthless Mafia leader of all time. Fights, jealousy, hatred, death and and an u...
  • sexy
  • guns
  • curvy
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Goodnight by Hannannah__
Goodnightby ☮
When a young girl, Caitlyn, is abducted by a strange man from a street corner, What will happen to her, and will she make it out alive?! (again... So bad summaries haha)...
  • kidnapped
  • abduction
  • kidnapping
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Slave to him by dr-eamer-
Slave to himby dr-eamer-
Vampires covered most of the world, the land, seas, mountains and some humans are in control of Demetri, the ruler of vampires. No human is allowed to step in their land...
  • slave
  • tears
  • slavery
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A Monster Of Childhood by StrengthIsKey
A Monster Of Childhoodby
My childhood was different to others... I feel trapped and alone. Where are my friends? Where am I? I feel pain. I feel stiff. A childhood is meant to be fun and joyful...
  • abusiverelationship
  • inequality
  • love
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Save me by wonderland_smile
Save meby easyeaser
(BOOK ONE) Every year he streaks, taking innocent teens their leaves. It started thirty ago. When I was a little girl my dad would talk about it every year because he w...
  • torture
  • selena
  • murder
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Death at your door by honeybooboris
Death at your doorby honeybooboris
{This story is copyright and the ideas belong to myself and my co-writer.} I drove my elbow back and it came in contact with something hard. "Fuck!" I heard s...
  • violence
  • torture
  • money
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Ketsueki Rush by DemonsInMyHead36663
Ketsueki Rushby I don't think you need to know
This is a fanfic about a boy who is been stalked by an unknown person and is known as the teenager massacre of ketsueki tengoku (blood heaven) secondary by the police,no...
  • murder
  • depression
  • yandere
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Homage to London 1914 to 1918 by Marabese
Homage to London 1914 to 1918by Marabese
1915 - This true continuing story is based on the men of London, who wanted to do their bit during World War 1 as well as how their choice to serve affects their familie...
  • lieutenant
  • soldiers
  • 1917
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