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The 7th Gokaiger (SLOW UPDATE) by HTDcheck
The 7th Gokaiger (SLOW UPDATE)by HTD
What if Gokaiger were 6 before Gai? What will Y/n encounter in his journey along with his crewmates for the Galaxy's Greatest Treasure? Let's find out. I don't own Gokai...
Yep another one you know the deal i do not own any thing
Heroes of Sentai by Shadowdragon157
Heroes of Sentaiby Rider dragons
Many year after the notorious pirates called Gokaiger searches for the legendary treasure, they search to gain this treasure by obtaining the power of the past super sen...
Jaune, Forever Red by Darkdecade97
Jaune, Forever Redby Ross Pabalate
Jaune received a gift from his Grandfather. The moment he opens it, he will be bestowed with great power to become a Hero. He will be the Leagacy of the Red Rangers
RWBY Alter (DonBrothers x RWBY) by Mr_264_The_Boi
RWBY Alter (DonBrothers x RWBY)by Mr_264 The_Boi
atlast, the new lord of remnant is going to be chosen, but at the ceremony, demons attacked, the world has something new to fear, but this unlikely sentai will be the on...
✔️| It Starts with You and Me by sentaicouples05
✔️| It Starts with You and Meby sentaicouples05
You just moved to Japan, and had heard about the famous Lupin Thieves. Like everyone, you are curious to figure out the thieves' identity. Started: Aug 12 2018 Finished:...
Space Sentai Kyuranger x Male OC by andiegcarpio216
Space Sentai Kyuranger x Male OCby Andrea Carpio
Tenshi is a Cyborg who was found by Kyuranger and he is trying to find his identity.
BanG Dream Girls Band Party Garupa Pico x Male Reader x Crossover by KhairulHafiz2
BanG Dream Girls Band Party Khairul Hafiz
Your favorite BanG Dream Chibi anime is now have it's own fanfiction version! But this time, there will be anime crossover with only certain character and many more. Dis...
Union's Double Nightmare by PatrickEstvo
Union's Double Nightmareby Patrick Estêvão
A young boy named Kenji Lee was neglected by his parents and bullied by the Union students. His uncle took him in and trained him to become a vigilante who kills both vi...
I Swear On My Blades by HolyFalcon
I Swear On My Bladesby Divine
(Kimetsu no Yaiba x Male Reader) 9th Story Idea.
UA's GOKAIGERby 1436a6y
34 teams defended earth from the space empire, Zangyack, first fleet. Unfortunately, they had to sacrifice their power for fighting and protecting the people in order to...
Dark Howl to The Cold Moon by HolyFalcon
Dark Howl to The Cold Moonby Divine
(Bleach x Male Reader) 10th Story Idea.
the tribe of knights (ryusoulger x rwby) by Mr_264_The_Boi
the tribe of knights (ryusoulger Mr_264 The_Boi
remember that rysoulger chapter i made in my book of stuff, forget that, this is a new story, mech battles and everything all properties used are owned by their respect...
Random News (News,Meme,otc) by PradhaStudio19
Random News (News,Meme,otc)by PradhaStudio19
this book I Made just for fun,chat, News about Tokusatsu and Random things I found
Vault of Story Ideas (X-Overs & Originals) by AndyExtremer96
Vault of Story Ideas (X-Overs & Andy Prayitno
This is the vault that contains the story ideas that I've made in my mind. Note: I did not own any series because they've officially belonged to the various owners. I've...
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (Takeru x Mako) Từ tên khó ưa trở thành người yêu by minaminosakura012
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger ( Shiba_Sakura
Câu chuyện tình yêu của lão Takeru và tỷ Mako đó mà... Không biết nên nói sao... Chỉ biết lão fic này rất thích đùa....
Heisei Kamen Rider X Crossover  by Sergil1612
Heisei Kamen Rider X Crossover by Heisei Animeverse
The S.U.F/S.H.F fought the enemy to save the children and they did, but the three children have the power that the S.U.F/S.H.F never saw before. The three children have...
[English fanfic] Rangers and Riders' Little Romance Wonder World (yaoi) by Lambthange33
[English fanfic] Rangers and Lâm Thắng
A brand-new BL retake on Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Series, updated with more couples and more villains. A/N: The image(s) for this story does not belong to me. It bel...
Super Hero Alliance X PBS All-Stars X Little Einsteins: Firebird Rescue by attackergodaquarion
Super Hero Alliance X PBS RocketLuizX
During their adventures, the Super Hero Alliance are now relaxing and Robert wanted to meet his childhood friends, the Little Einsteins who were having a reading party...