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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves by BFerg122
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Th...by BFerg122
A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers embark on an epic quest to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong peo...
The Two Spawns. | Durgestarion Fanfic | Baldur's Gate 3 Fanfiction  by FRHangsleben
The Two Spawns. | Durgestarion Fan...by FRHangsleben
A spawn meets another, the two survive in Faerun together
Tales of Arlo by rebelraikou
Tales of Arloby Becca Q
Arlo was once the Viscount of Nohr, a military town plagued by absence of war. Like many of the townsfolk, Arlo left Nohr in hopes of freedom from her father and duties...
The Tiefling's Lie by Incogzombie
The Tiefling's Lieby Incogzombie
The Ragnarok Dynasty reigned over the Kingdom of Rhule for five hundred years, until an army of devils claimed the souls of all within the castle walls. Legends claim t...
ONE (Book 1 in the Amnesia Archives) by NadineMcgee
ONE (Book 1 in the Amnesia Archive...by NadineMcgee
Nobody really knows how Acer and their two siblings were born, but their startling blue skin colour and devil-like features made it clear they weren't like anyone else i...
mostrum stories by aarchaean
mostrum storiesby fishy
tales from the mostrum family kin is my character, koa is my friends character, they are twins and the main characters in the storyline the rest of the characters I've m...
Rotting Flowers // Haikaveh/Kavetham  by kit_writer
Rotting Flowers // Haikaveh/Kaveth...by Kit<3
Collei has been gifted a deadly gift, a ring that has survived years a violence and bloodshed. The ring of power, in the hands of a sixteen year old girl. But why would...
Dragon of the North by XxthateditboyxX
Dragon of the Northby XxthateditboyxX
After the royal wedding corporal Armus Aimery of the royal guards gets a letter from his mother telling him that his father and siblings have been brought back to the No...
from the afterlife (critical role Molly x highschool dxd) by TheGastlyGarden
from the afterlife (critical role...by TheGastlyGarden
after lernso killed molly, molly finds himself waking up in the forest near a town full of devils with no idea where he is.
Cloaks by PaigeKeeper
Cloaksby PaigeKeeper
A halfling, a tiefling, and two dragonborn walk into a tavern... the rest, as they say, is history. Looking for a rip-roaring adventure story starring brilliant and capa...
Dungeons, Dragons, Duels, and DJs (D4-DND) by Irhaboggle
Dungeons, Dragons, Duels, and DJs...by Irhaboggle
I had 3 OCs I realized shared personalities and relationships exactly like Tsubaki, Rika, and Saori, so I wrote a few random, unconnected, unrelated DND scenes with the...
A Heroic Christmas  by Blasttttt77
A Heroic Christmas by JMP Reads
Go across The SuperVerse for a 5 day special where each character shows off their Christmas Joy in different ways!
The Encounter Table Oneshots by RomeoBleeds
The Encounter Table Oneshotsby Romeo
Throw on a blanket and get comfy because it's time for The Encounter Table Oneshots. -- You got a ship and scenario about four podcast characters? And their God Marvin...
Broken Mirrors by GoodKingDeejay
Broken Mirrorsby GoodKingDeejay
A fire genasi tries to make coin in town with her fathers, in the hopes of buying a new cart, lest they be left behind, but she gets much more than she bargains for. A s...
Shanty and the Sea by rosegoldpretzels
The sea calls Shanty's bones, and so does the mystery of who her mother is.
D&D short stories by boxocatsss
D&D short storiesby boxocatsss
Just a bunch of short stories based on the adventures of the games I DM
D&D club by fluttershygirl2005
D&D clubby Ravenclaw Writer
A group of nerds join a Dungeons and Dragons club at school but end up in the game. They must complete a quest to escape. So, the adventure begins.
DND shit my friends characters and mine  by MyGrEenLifU
DND shit my friends characters and...by My green life
Amber, Dwarf, 127, they/them Donaar, Dragonborn, 33, he/him Nethala, Tiefling, 29, she/her Jill, Gnome, ?, she/Her
Lady Veratt Cassalanter- A Brief History of a Short Life by The-Horny-Tiefling
Lady Veratt Cassalanter- A Brief H...by The-Horny-Tiefling
This book is a short look into the life of Lady Veratt Cassalanter, dated the 28th of February 2020, a mental account of her life and achievements before she met her end...
Inphis's Story (Discontinued) by _MidnightRxse_
Inphis's Story (Discontinued)by Jinx
Discontinued Based in the same world as High Rollers that is streamed by the yogscast. This is about my character, a tiefling fighter, Iniphis Afki. The world that this...