Blue Headphones (BDSM/AGEPLAY) by ViperTori
Blue Headphones (BDSM/AGEPLAY)by
Ollie is a sub, he was sold by his parents, to an auction house when he was 12, a year later he is eligible to be up for sale. Brett is a dom, he particularly like havi...
  • lb
  • bxb
  • fiction
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Harrys slave ~Drarry~ by Rain_Bow_666
Harrys slave ~Drarry~by Rain_Bow_666
Harry wants someone to control and call his own Draco wants to be controlled and have some one call him there's. So they both get what they want out of each other. B...
  • haco
  • dracomalfoy
  • bxblove
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Beyond the Chains by nightandday48
Beyond the Chainsby Katelyn
Alex was used to pain; he had grown up in it. When a stranger named Cortez buys him, he expects nothing new. However, there might be more to his new owner than meets the...
  • fiction
  • boyxboy
  • hurt-comfort
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Locked Away  by RaeWolf2004
Locked Away by
"Your MINE. Lexy. Remember that. All mine." Those were the last words I heard before I felt his lips go to work on my neck. He tied me back down to the bed so...
  • forced
  • kidnapped
  • sex-slave
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Masters Little One by lolliopo564
Masters Little Oneby idk bro
"Little one?" "Yes Master?" she says biting her lip. "Come here." He pats his lap. She crawls over and sits in his lap. He bounces her ligh...
  • daddydaughter
  • neko
  • romance
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Just a bit of Luck by Mystikk
Just a bit of Luckby Mystikk
follow the story of a young boy called number 011 being the 011 slave to be there at the kennel house. this story is bxm so please be warned before reading. If your not...
  • slavery
  • gay
  • masterxslave
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The Rogue Society by ABGrace2
The Rogue Societyby A.B.
Fifty years ago, werewolves made themselves known to the human world. The humans took it surprisingly well, or so we thought. It took them twenty-five years to build an...
  • boyxboy
  • mates
  • werewolves
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Goodnight kitten {P.JM x reader} by Minian-lips
Goodnight kitten {P.JM x reader}by 🖤~미니안~🖤
You were bought like an animal and treated like an animal, now you only have to be an animal. But you're not... "Prrr..." "You don't like the tail? You b...
  • masterxslave
  • sold
  • tae
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His Little Dancer (ManxBoy) by AllumTheArchangel
His Little Dancer (ManxBoy)by Allum
Giovanni Valentino always wanted to be a ballerina as a boy, only to grow up and realize that society would never allow him his dream. In an attempt to survive in Miami...
  • bdsm
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
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Sold (Masterxslave Boyxboy) by YourDaliyWolf
Sold (Masterxslave Boyxboy)by YourDaliyWolf
masterxslave//boyxboy I really got fed up with some of the masterxslave and boyxboy stories so I decided to make one of my own. It will probably take a long time cuz I w...
  • boyxboy
  • masterxslave
  • smutty
Vampires pet by GhostEaterer
Vampires petby GhostEaterer
myra Gidon, a blonde, that was born into the life of a human pet. after her mother died, when being forced to mate with a sex pet, and give birth to Myra, she is left b...
  • vampirespet
  • humor
  • romances
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Being A Vampires Human Pet by Mcat1124
Being A Vampires Human Petby Mcat
its 2980 and vampires rule the earth. humans where always seen as less than by them. most uncaptured humans are dead or in hideing, the others are pets. but being a pet...
  • used
  • punish
  • masterxslave
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The fallen hero  by Beautiful-lunatic
The fallen hero by ﴾☾﴿
" I have to capture the hero alive. I can do whatever I want to him, chain him, hurt him, break his bones-anything I please! But, I cannot kill the little sky chi...
  • legendofzelda
  • skywardsword
  • ghiralink
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School Masters (BTS FF) by prevolsektmrtw
School Masters (BTS FF)by 💜Happiness💜
What happens when you disobey your master? How will he react? Will you ever escape this hell? A normal school, turns into a nightmare. 7 boys buy the school, telling you...
  • btsjin
  • masterxslave
  • btsjimin
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Taken by intoitoverit
Takenby intoitoverit
  • bondage
  • bdsmrelationship
  • bond
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But why Me? ... (markiplier X reader) contains smutt  by markiscarlet2468
But why Me? ... (markiplier X markiscarlet2468
you've always been a fan of marks channel and finally got tickets to see him on tour where you were x you got VIP seats in the front row at the show and was expecting t...
  • smutwarning
  • kidnapped
  • tour
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Made To Order (bxb) ✔️ by KuroHorizon
Made To Order (bxb) ✔️by ❄️Kuro❄️
I'm Joy, a "made-to-order lover". Every inch of my body was made exactly the way my master wanted, and I'll never age, grow, get sick, or die. I was "bor...
  • masterxslave
  • mature
  • boyxman
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My master {COMPLETED}  by FairyTail1312
My master {COMPLETED} by Nalu_fangirl_12
What happens when the master falls in love with the maid!
  • lucy
  • masterxslave
  • fairytail
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How Things Were by holygwarz
How Things Wereby with l⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣
Learning about our ancestry as an African-American can be challenging sometimes. To read about all the injustices during slavery in America, then following the horrible...
  • masterxslave
  • history
  • loveandhaterelationship
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Heaven, Hell, and Back Again. by Ollie_Cakes
Heaven, Hell, and Back Ollie_Cakes
The war between the two had been happening for centuries. Angels and Devil's have been never been a new story, and niether is sin; and when the youngest warrior goes a l...
  • gayromance
  • littleboy
  • bdsm
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