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A Genius, Mafia Heiress Reincarnated in Another World by YoLoPeep
A Genius, Mafia Heiress Reincarnat...by YoLoPeep
The story of a girl who remembered her previous life as a "genius", who died and was reincarnated by the God of Knowledge (Eruditio) to another world as a pers...
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The Dragon's Hoard (Dragon!Kirishima x Reader) by JN3XUS
The Dragon's Hoard (Dragon!Kirishi...by JN3XUS
You have an ability so unique that you catch the eye of the bloodline obsessed tyrant king. He wants you to marry his son, but weeks before the wedding you are kidnapped...
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🌙🌙Onward🌙🌙 ( barley X reader lemons and one shots )  by mrofenderman
🌙🌙Onward🌙🌙 ( barley X reader l...by 💙💘ℬᎾℳℬSᎾℕℳᎾℕⅅᎯᎽ
Ok for disclosure I don't own any of the art or characters THIS IS A LEMON MEANING SEXUAL CONTENT IF YOU ARE A SOFT BOI PLZ DONT READ
ROGUE ─ madwheeler by anaIysis
ROGUE ─ madwheelerby laura
paper-cut stings from our paper-thin plans. stranger things. slow burn retcon. ongoing. 128,835 words. 2020 © anaIysis.
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sweet wrongs  by burncrash
sweet wrongs by laur
two boys, mike wheeler and will byers, reconnect after being separated for a year. when they meet again, things aren't the same as they used to be. what happens when a s...
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Daddy's Kitten by IceFey
Daddy's Kittenby Amber
Maxwell is a little, and has been in love with his best friend Wyatt for years, but while they were in highschool he missed his chance to date him. Now they're just frie...
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Sons of Liberty University | Hamilton College AU by Ashburn1198
Sons of Liberty University | Hamil...by The Feelz Lord
COMPLETED! (I guess the cover became permanent after all.) A story about College, teen angst, alcohol, and a lot of gay people. You have been warned. (Adult language wa...
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Charisma (An SPN/DCA story) by jackir30
Charisma (An SPN/DCA story)by Jackie
When a D&D session goes terribly wrong, The Winchester brothers go in to investigate to see if they can find the source. Was it just a coincidence, or was it something m...
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Ranger Rising by FieryArtemis
Ranger Risingby Francesca Moody
Everyone has their place in the world. Fate is inescapable so it does little good to fight it. Lena Rivers has been told this her entire life. She's a farmer's daughter...
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EDITING! The Prince(ss) & The Pauper (AOT/SNK/EreMin) by caprilo
EDITING! The Prince(ss) & The Paup...by caprilo
Highest Rank: #6 in arminxeren Krista had it all, while her best friend, Armin couldn't afford her luxurious lifestyle. One day, when Krista's family wants her to meet t...
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The Elf and the Kobold by GumSmuggler14
The Elf and the Koboldby GumSmuggler14
Welcome to the realm of Verrun, where kings can be children, immortal creatures can make a deal in exchange for your soul, and creatures from all around band together to...
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Sadistic by gigglegirl113
Sadisticby Chaotic
He is sadistic, psycho, mental, cold heart, unforgiving. How can anyone love something so unlovable like that? "Because in a every human, there is a heart. And ev...
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Bestiário by Anjo13da13Morte
Bestiárioby Anjo da Morte
Este é o livro das espécies ainda não comprovadas do nosso planeta.
Into the Chaos by Tractorgirl01
Into the Chaosby Pakhet
Throw from her own world and into Thedas with the help of some divine intervention, Thalia finds herself in the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition as the Inquisitor and a...
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The Outlanders by KianMojica
The Outlandersby Kian Mojica
There's Earth, and then there's Laethora; A world full of magic, and wonder, far beyond that of any earth-born human's comprehension. But what happens when the fate of...
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Rejected  Heart (Boyxboy) by gigglegirl113
Rejected Heart (Boyxboy)by Chaotic
Rejected Heart : Gabbriella Novarro Eric Werik has been in and out of homes and horrible places. The young boy has no where to go after a horrid incident. Being thrown a...
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Hyper Heroes Trilogy by Dayah120
Hyper Heroes Trilogyby Dayah120
The year is 2099, and it's been almost four years since I died. Its been almost five years since I was Abigail Jones, the rising young pro-hero, known as Angel. The yea...
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Dungeons & Disasters: Ridiculous, Funny and Favourite D&D Moments  by Midnight-M00n
Dungeons & Disasters: Ridiculous...by Midnight-M00n
This is a collection of my favourite moments from my time playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends (yes I have friends shut up).
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