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just a few words | two-sentence story by elina_ailiniel
just a few words | two-sentence Eliná Ailíniel
"breathe, speak, and die." just a few words | two-sentence story • collection of microtales • lowercase intended • filipino/english/taglish date started: octob...
Poem: Thoughs that can't be revealed in real life  by ParkBhemin_95
Poem: Thoughs that can't be Bea Christine Gumin
Feelings that need to be released Thoughs that might need to be shared Judgement will always be part of it Just a heavy sigh will always help to take it I just want to...
serendipity by arctaerus
serendipityby ♡
ranked #1 in poetry - july 3rd 2018 somewhat mix of poetry about self love, depression, real beauty, happiness, true love, past mistakes and much more. no it does not rh...
Hues of Sky [A Poetry Collection] by Aaishannie
Hues of Sky [A Poetry Collection]by Johanisah Abdullah
Like a river which can't be cross twice, no days have the same hues of sky.
Quotes and Some of my thoughts :) by ratings
Quotes and Some of my thoughts :)by ratings
Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman. I will update this book everyday.. Feel free to give suggestions...
Under The Stars  by Nxtiezz
Under The Stars by Sora
This is me, with my weird thoughs, poems and songs. Good luck :)
Poems of the soul  by Kimmy_4567
Poems of the soul by Kimmy_4567
thoughts ,voices ,feelings that come to ones mind are from ones soul an mind that not many know of but few do feel an understand what others have within the core of ther...
The New Breakfast Club by captain_cloud
The New Breakfast Clubby captain_cloud
"I want the two kids with the headphones in to come with me, it's for destructive artful purposes."
Whatever by Raphaelsblood
Whateverby Raphaelsblood
Just some things and thoughts I have to do something with
HIDOS MIND by parkhadjer01
it's just some of my deep thoughts
An Ocean of Lies in this Perfect World by SilentNekxo
An Ocean of Lies in this Perfect Nekxo Xalfek
Multiple little snippets of just small shower thoughts and general knowledge of passing thoughts.
*•.Notebook.•* by Stressed_Roses
*•.Notebook.•*by V.
This is just a place where I can write down things to remember in the future. Like a diary sort of but mostly for Roleplay ideas and oc stuff.
Why?  by Fangirl1Matti
Why? by Fangirl1Matti
This is my first public story, I plan it to be my thoughts. They are sad just so you know And some of them are probably triggering, so sorry for that
about love ✨ by cinnimii
about love ✨by cinnimii
It's about the good and bad times of a relationship... 🤍 (Deutsch & englisch)