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Glowing Eyes  by mkat201
Glowing Eyes by Mary Bunner
Ivy is a woman with glowing Amber eyes that is traveling to new mecca on the Hunter Gratzner where see meets a convict with shining eyes I don't own this all rights go...
The Darkness Within Us by DemonPredaqueen
The Darkness Within Usby DemonPredaqueen
We all have some form of darkness within us. Whether it's from some kind of traumatic event in the past, or the deaths you've caused, it's still a form of darkness. You...
nudes (book 1) ✨ freshlee by pobreputa
nudes (book 1) ✨ freshleeby mom
a gc wit all ya faves!!!1!
Y/n Mikaelson by Theoriginals_4lifers
Y/n Mikaelsonby Melyn Nelsene Japhan
Y/n is a Scarlett Tribrid and her mother is Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlett Witch and she doesnt really know her dad but what if they come across each other will Y/n acc...
freak - a daniel johns story by usedonceanddestroyed
freak - a daniel johns storyby 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙡𝙮𝙣𝙣𝙣
Where two stubborn souls help each other find themselves 1995-?
Secrets and Lies [Boss Johns] by momoftheweens
Secrets and Lies [Boss Johns]by Morgan
It was going to be a simple trip to see family, but it ended up with more than anyone ever bargained for. Many people died, including the son of her fiancée. He had wrap...
Carmen Sandiego by afreenceba
Carmen Sandiegoby Casey Jackson
After a threat sent to Carmen to capture Ivy , Zack and expose Player by V.I.L.E . Carmen runs away to protect the only family she has , leaving the red team in debris...
The Doctor vs Artemis Fowl by Dannyboy859
The Doctor vs Artemis Fowlby Dannyboy
Just after going deeper than our reptile friends, the doctor finds Fairies. LEPrecon is put to the job of finding out who he is. When the doctor speaks Gnommish, they ca...
St.John's Life  by xoCandyCanexo
St.John's Life by ❥ Thereasa ❥
Life in St. John's is crazy! Always accidents or lots of traffic, this is gonna be about it! I'll also be making books of my favourite fandoms! Most of them are lame so...
Three O' Clock Cocktail, (In The A.M.): A Literary Compilation By Joleen Ray by joleenray
Three O' Clock Cocktail, (In The Joleen Ray
Three short stories. Just three. Written by me, Joleen Ray. The compilation is like a 3 a.m. cocktail. It could be the freshly poured liquor that you keep in the cabinet...
Speaker (Inspired by Silverchair and Daniel Johns) by superfastjellyfish
Speaker (Inspired by Silverchair superfastjellyfish
A short, random thing that I wrote on a whim after being sick of speech writing. It's how I felt at that moment about Daniel Johns of Silverchair....... Oh well, read an...
Marcus johns by catvalentine2345679
Marcus johnsby catvalentine2345679
Hey I'm Marcus johns I make vines I'm so awesome
Duet // Sammy Wilk by soulsearched
Duet // Sammy Wilkby free spirit
Sage Dixon thought she had everything, the fans to support her no matter what, the music she made, her family that were so supportive of her achievements, the TV shows a...
Unordinary (What if John was overpowered) by kudoesta2090
Unordinary (What if John was kudoesta2090
This story is about how john is op obviuously John x serpahina ship too but what if one day a "half demon/half angel" decides to give his powers to john becaus...