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𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐈𝐒 𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘𝐃...by [Inactive....on a break]
Zhanyi short story[No Mpreg] Top: Xiao Zhan Bottom: Wang Yibo ⚠️Just an everyday life 😉 ⚠️ Contents Smut/mature/adult screen🔞[only last chapter] ⚠️The story does not r...
Enters Naive CEO by LAmerica06
Enters Naive CEOby LAmerica
Adelio was a reader who transmigrated as Main antagonist. As a kind person, he wishes to save the main cannon fodder and make sure he was never hurt as he was before but...
Destructive is  the most tempting allure  by SuvR62
Destructive is the most tempting...by Suv R
Most impressive Rank #1Daily life out of 1.67k stories. #7 Daytoday A series of combats with the known. Yet questioning myself do I know?? Life is full of bitches and b...
The Youngest Of Five (COMPLETED)  by LightOfYourLife_
The Youngest Of Five (COMPLETED) by LightOfYourLife_
Highest ranking - #1 in siblinglove Being the youngest of five isn't always easy, especially when you're the only girl, outnumbered by four brothers. When your mother...
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with Elementals) by solarhood
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with Eleme...by solarhood
The fight with Retakka leads boboiboy into a serious injuries but with a little help from his elements and spending some time with them will also lead to problems or cha...
A Sonadow Story "mpreg" by vanessasonica
A Sonadow Story "mpreg"by vanessasonica
Sonic and Shadow are a couple like no other, only with the surprise that Sonic is pregnant with is impossible. Now Shadow have to take responsabilities and take care of...
IBTIDAA ابتدا by Shiba_Sakeen
IBTIDAA ابتداby Shiba_Sakeen
The Alif Series #1 IBTIDAA- ابتدا Noun, Feminine beginning, commencement It is never too late for a new beginning of life. The story of Bakhtaawar Zayd and Gulaisha Bakh...
Amnesiac Tyrant's White Moonlight  by NekoCatleya
Amnesiac Tyrant's White Moonlight by Catleya Dessa
Yun Pianpian transmigrated into a novel and became a little palace maid on the background board. The system want her to become the tyrant's white moonlight. This tyrant...
Offspring Warriors 🍼 YunGi [▶] by ichinisan1-3
Offspring Warriors 🍼 YunGi [▶]by Chef Anna 🍳
Baby makes three! Jung Yunho and Song Mingi are expecting Song Junghwan MPREG ©2020, ichinisan1-3
My only cure {Soukoku} by soukoku_arts
My only cure {Soukoku}by soukoku_arts
Completed! Finally- Writing story, imagining characters, daydreaming in leisure time. It's all I can do. At least I won't need to deal with people. People were just.. co...
Getting Closer To My Mate by fspinkey
Getting Closer To My Mateby fspinkey
Zach, the alpha werewolf, finds out that his mate is a human and she is far away from his beautiful imagination. Fima, the nothing special human girl, is unaware of mate...
Psycho// Mitsuya Takashi X Male Y/N//TR by _S0ULL_
Psycho// Mitsuya Takashi X Male Y...by SOUL
❗Messy Grammar ❗English isn't my mother language Y/N has a big crush on Mitsuya Takashi. But the boy seems to never notice... And Y/N doesn't have the courage to confe...
My Therian Diary by -Crystalsnowleopard-
My Therian Diaryby Crystal
My book about going through life as a snow leopard therian!
Random thing/know the Author by Rosie_Kiara
Random thing/know the Authorby Kiara♡
Just a book filled with random things. My dad often jokes about me being a free entertainment for him and that he doesn't need the tv anymore. Apparently if my daily da...
Kimetsu No Yaiba AU - Butterfly Of Change by Yang_Kun
Kimetsu No Yaiba AU - Butterfly Of...by Ara Ara Cultist
This is an alternative universe and sequel of my other book "Kimetsu no Yaiba - Twin Butterfly" in Kimetsu town, taken from Naoto (OC) point of view. Telling a...
Life by _FaizesSol_
Lifeby Faize
Stuff from my life and things that happen in my life
Eight Letters. Three Words. by folkpoem
Eight Letters. Three Words.by folk poem
"I don't feel anything towards Dylan Miller." Leela nodded, combing through the messy knots in my hair. "Whatever you say." "I'm serious!"...
Totally Dramatic High by OijTehDuck
Totally Dramatic Highby Duck
After everything the newest cast of Total Drama has been through, they're ready to leave behind the spotlight and go back to having a regular life. But with crazy fans...
Gaming For Loots in Ancient Era by LAmerica06
Gaming For Loots in Ancient Eraby LAmerica
A cliche story of transmigration in the body of a farmer. To be able to pursue love and stability, he has to rely on his Mini Game System. Daily life of chasing a husba...