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Kimetsu No Yaiba AU - Butterfly Of Change by Yang_Kun
Kimetsu No Yaiba AU - Butterfly Of...by Ara Ara Cultist
This is an alternative universe and sequel of my other book "Kimetsu no Yaiba - Twin Butterfly" in Kimetsu town, taken from Naoto (OC) point of view. Telling a...
Stumbling Over Love by Mistyped_
Stumbling Over Loveby 𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐲
Reina Kikuchi only has one wish: to live a normal life. Unfortunately for her, the high school she attends, Akelius Academy, is far from the word. With a seventy-one per...
Getting Closer To My Mate by fspinkey
Getting Closer To My Mateby fspinkey
Zach, the alpha werewolf, finds out that his mate is a human and she is far away from his beautiful imagination. Fima, the nothing special human girl, is unaware of mate...
Geo Archon and I || Zhongli by Fuukami
Geo Archon and I || Zhongliby Fuu
99% nonsense 1% plot.
Among Us Logic: The Daily Life of Player. by RhondaVarley
Among Us Logic: The Daily Life of...by xxslythefeistyfoxxx
characters: Gametoons! Some shipping, full respects if you don't ship some please don't hate on me if you hate these ships tho-
Daddy Deku (BNHA One-Shot) by Niera-kaichou
Daddy Deku (BNHA One-Shot)by wah
Class 2-A comes to a realization and a half about their resident cinnamon roll.
LEO by ekasang
LEOby ekasang
"I have good idea. I'm so hype," - Leo Ada berbagai latar belakang, karakter, profesi, dan juga masalah hidup yang bisa ditemukan di setiap chapter. Semua tent...
Eight Letters. Three Words. by AlaskaGold
Eight Letters. Three Words.by Alaska Gold
"I don't feel anything towards Dylan Miller." Leela nodded, combing through the messy knots in my hair. "Whatever you say." "I'm serious!"...
In which you find yourself going trough a very hard moment, you feel like dying and are lost in this huge world. What's what you need to be happy? You are almost an adul...
My only cure {Soukoku} by soukoku_arts
My only cure {Soukoku}by soukoku_arts
Writing story, imagining characters, daydreaming in leisure time. It's all I can do. At least I won't need to deal with people. People were just.. complicated or I can s...
SECRET ↝ My Thoughts by Axkofandom
SECRET ↝ My Thoughtsby •A x k o•
❝ You know you don't have to act surprised ❞ ❝ Surprised about what? ❞ ❝ That I have an online diary for people to read ❞ ...
My Journey With BTS  by min1melodies
My Journey With BTS by yza
We all know that there's always new & worse challenges in life - wether it's hard or easy, you need to go pass through it. But passing through it is not the only option...
Kahani Indians ki....(A meme book) by Music_lover_12
Kahani Indians ki....(A meme book)by Music_lover_12
Some memes on our daily lives that Indians could relate. . . Toh chaliye shuru karte hai...
The author's daily life in Azur Lane. by ThoughtfulForest
The author's daily life in Azur La...by Thoughtful Forest
follow the author as he deals wiyh the shenanigans of his daily life as the new commander of azur lane.
The Warriors of Hope: Daily Life of Misfits  by LovelexED
The Warriors of Hope: Daily Life o...by Lovelex
Just a compilation of skits based on the life of the warriors prior to meeting Komaru and Toko. I take suggestions! Let me know what kind of skits you'd like to see. I a...
A Sonadow Story "mpreg" by vanessasonica
A Sonadow Story "mpreg"by vanessasonica
Sonic and Shadow are a couple like no other, only with the surprise that Sonic is pregnant with is impossible. Now Shadow have to take responsabilities and take care of...
The Daily Life Of The Curtis Sister - The Outsiders by ngurney
The Daily Life Of The Curtis Siste...by Natalie Curtis - Iannon
This book is a lot about what happens in the daily life of the Curtis sister.Natalie, Ponyboy's twin, is 14 years old.She loves writing, reading, painting, and movies.Na...
Apartment 101 by pinkiestuffy
Apartment 101by Pinkie
Kun and Yuxin are two young adults who decide to move into a loft apartment in the outskirt of town with the same goal: to start a new life --but for different reasons...
Found You! (Kita Shinsuke x Reader) by YukataYuuki
Found You! (Kita Shinsuke x Reader)by Yukata Yuuki
You're just a normal girl who moved to Japan because of a family problem (You supposed to). And you moved to Hyogo, your mom's home city. There, you found him. --+--+--+...
dear daddy by pumpkintrash
dear daddyby hiatus.
⌑˚␥ daily life of jung family ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ft. jung jaehyun, park chaeyoung, lee jeno
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