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Chasing the Storm by DayDreamRomantic
Chasing the Stormby DayDreamRomantic
One minute he made her rage like thunder during a storm and the next he sent lightning through her at his touch. One thing was for certain, she had no idea what she was...
Cutie Pie x KinnPorsche (AU) by VirgoGoddess88
Cutie Pie x KinnPorsche (AU)by Jean Kirstein Supremacy
What if the KinnPorsche mafia meets up with Cutie Pie's smart thinking-on-their feet businessmen? When a promising phone call to review a profitable clubbing district...
A pluck of your guitar string by DayDreamRomantic
A pluck of your guitar stringby DayDreamRomantic
A pluck of your guitar string was all it took for me to fall in love with you. A photo of you was all it took to break my heart. - A KinnPorsche The Series, Kim-focused...
Love Line by writterblinkarmy723
Love Lineby 🦋🦋🦋
F4 : Thailand MJ x Jennie (oc) 8 lives. 4 fates. 4 destiny. Will they have a easy life or a lot of twist and turns are waiting for them? After 8 years Jennie Paramaan...
Playing For Keeps by AnaisNaiim
Playing For Keepsby Anais Na'im
When a misunderstood encounter causes Ming and Kit to get entered into a couples contest, they end up winning before they can put a stop to all the false rumors. They ag...
Gin & Oranges [MileApo] by lionheartedletters
Gin & Oranges [MileApo]by Marlow
Apo's working as a bartender in New York when an expensive-looking customer decides to grace his barstool-but it's more than just a drink he's interested in. (MileApo AU)
Finding true love  by SamCathrand
Finding true love by SamCathrand
A village girl left her home town to persuade her dreams but the was one boy who wouldn't let it happen.what is the story between them?
POLARM\JobBas - the story of two partner by anshuparna1234
POLARM\JobBas - the story of two ChO_kawAAI
two bodyguard of tankhun fall in love. but there is twist and turns just like a fiction story. let us know how they meet and how they deal with everything jobbas in offs...
You Are Different by Morpheus9999
You Are Differentby Morpheus9999
Multi couples .Focused on PeteKao mostly
TimeTay ff by Jintaclaus
TimeTay ffby Jintaclaus
No I don't fukin' know why I'm writing this but damnn༎ຶ‿༎ຶ I love Us and JJ so muchಥ‿ಥ I wanted timetay stuff okay and I found none , here on Wattpad... Like I found Ve...
Vegas Pete - Stuck in time by AuroratheNightingale
Vegas Pete - Stuck in timeby AuroratheNightingale
We know 'EVERYDAY MEANS EVERYDAY'(only Wangxians will understand 😜). What if for a person same day is like everyday with twist and turns. Vegas gets stuck in a time lo...
My Dear Loser: Insun Shipping by PrinceAyutthaya
My Dear Loser: Insun Shippingby Prince Ayutthaya
My Dear Loser - Edge of 17 had been fully completed, then, followed by its short drama "Ourskyy" for In and Sun relationship. Based on "Ourskyy", 4 y...
2~Wish [MeanPlan] by Bluehearte
2~Wish [MeanPlan]by Blu£
Two returns from London after five years. He is now an actor and singer. He lost contact with his first love. How will he find him in Thailand? He gets a contract to fe...
Not Wanting to Fall but Falling AnyWay ( #WattPride ) by bbywin13
Not Wanting to Fall but Falling Winter
⚠️Warnings: self harm, depression, suicide/murder are mentioned, mpreg, poly-relationship (3 people dating/married) "I shouldn't be feeling like this, it's wrong, w...
Tour Daze [MileApo] by lionheartedletters
Tour Daze [MileApo]by Marlow
During the KinnPorsche World Tour, pent-up feelings and a shared hotel room lead Mile and Apo to question the nature of their relationship. (MileApo AU, angst)
Honeypuppy: Pick/Rome[Offgun] Pink Lips, Sweet Face + Oneshots by TheAceAroWolf
Honeypuppy: Pick/Rome[Offgun] ♠️Rhiannon
so I've been OBSESSED with this couple recently. This is a Thai drama. I suggest watching the drama first before reading! enjoy! This is mostly in picks POV. I'll try t...
Vegaspete - People don't change overnight [3x Oneshot] by NightCoffeeDrinker
Vegaspete - People don't change Coffee lover
It is 04.40 in the morning, and I've been reading an exhausting amount of fanfictions the whole night where Vegas starts as an asshole, Pete smiles at him and Vegas inst...
kinnporsche by FahmidaKarim2
kinnporscheby namjoonie
kinnporsche novel(unofficial)
Teach Me - a PangWave fanfiction by larann5
Teach Me - a PangWave fanfictionby lara
Pang needs help with his homework. Wave is recruited to help.
Vacation from He** by jrmishue
Vacation from He**by jrmishue
"Let's go to the beach," Korn said. It seemed like a simple plan. Take a few days off, enjoy the beach and spend some quality alone time together. But it woul...