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Medical Forth & Engineering Beam by jungjoonyoung5555
Medical Forth & Engineering Beamby NotJJY
Then Beam turned his attention at Forth. "Unbelievable." He leaned forward, annoyed. "Owh, Beam.... you're so cute right now." Forth said as leaned f...
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Two Weeks by jungjoonyoung5555
Two Weeksby NotJJY
Beam paused. "It's okay for you not to fuck anyone for two weeks, right?" Forth blinks. "Huh? What do you mean?" "During the time you be my boyf...
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Happily Ever After || ForthBeam by Lukey03
Happily Ever After || ForthBeamby Luke Luzar
It's been two year since Forth got on the plane and left. Two years since he and Beam went their separate ways Now, Forth is home for Christmas, with a little surprise...
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Beam J by jungjoonyoung5555
Beam Jby NotJJY
P'Forth has boyfriend. No one know about him. Just a text from Beam J saying, "Love you too." blinks at their beloved Head Hazer's phone screen, enough to br...
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Just By Chance (ForthBeam) by AnaisNaiim
Just By Chance (ForthBeam)by Anais Na'im
Beam has had a crush on Forth since their freshman year when they met during the Moon and Star pageant, but stern and stoic Forth has never noticed. Now sophomores, thin...
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Forth Beam one shots  by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam one shots by Forth Beam lover
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot. Awesome new cover by @meha_k
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Kiss Me Papa by bunnygirl9791
Kiss Me Papaby Bunny Girl
Guys, it's little bit complicated story. It is my another work of TaeTee with different scenario. It has a huge age difference also. I hope you guys love it. Forbidden...
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Attention  by jungjoonyoung5555
Attention by NotJJY
Phana and Kit dont give Beam any time moreover a little attention at all since Wayo and Ming happened. What will makes Phana worried until he has to get himself to prot...
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Mr. Head Hazer's Boyfriend  by jungjoonyoung5555
Mr. Head Hazer's Boyfriend by NotJJY
The first years keep being sick and all when he is on duty. Forth had enough. He took a deep breath and yells in one breath, "Stop trying to get my boyfriend's atte...
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My Angel by Peridot888
My Angelby Peridot888
"This is the last room." Forth heaved a sigh of frustration as he led his men. Where are you? Forth opened the door and was surprised with the view in front of...
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Drunk by jungjoonyoung5555
Drunkby NotJJY
"Cute boys are no fun...." Beam mumbled as he press hard on between his eyes on his nose bridge. Forth laughed. "Yeah, Kit and Wayo could just enjoy the s...
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[English] Beautiful Gift - ForthBeam [Completed] by Rin_CM2T
[English] Beautiful Gift - Red_Autumn
Title : Beautiful Gift Author: Rin_Lsy Cast: Forth Beam Genre: Boyslove, mpreg, medical. My friends asking me to re-publish this FF, so here i am to re-publish my ff...
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I am not a Cinderella by Jacqueline916738
I am not a Cinderellaby JJ6738
Just ForthBeam Story of ForthBeam. TaeTee as ForthBeam Video, Pics and Arts Full credit to the owners.
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A Forth Beam story by Aru126
A Forth Beam storyby NaruHina
Forth x Beam now does this couple needs a summary but oh well Forth and beam have fallen for each other and even after hearing a confession from forth, beam is st...
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In your Arms by PrimKayeCaete
In your Armsby Prim Kaye Cañete
Our resident playboy's game hasn't been on point, sure he has the looks, rich and popular with the ladies.. but there is something simply missing. Can our cool bad boy b...
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Do Me by jungjoonyoung5555
Do Meby NotJJY
Beam is missing. No one knows where he is after the final night of Campus Moon & Star Competition. ***
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Beam and forth, the love story by Aru126
Beam and forth, the love storyby NaruHina
beam has gone weird lately making his friends worried about him. They are not sure what has gotten into him so they try to help him.
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Taming My KitKat (Phakit) (Mingkit) (Forthbeam) (Mingyo) by jeonwonuwu96
Taming My KitKat (Phakit) ( JUNGSHOOK
"This is my 1st warning to you shorty~ Try not to get past the third *smirk* " - Pha "Senior or Junior i'll never respect a jerk like you" - Kit What...
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Our Secret (ForthBeam) COMPLETED ✔ by Houzini
Our Secret (ForthBeam) COMPLETED ✔by Phubeth.T ♡
"I want to keep this marriage a secret. DO NOT and NEVER tell anyone about it no matter how close you are to your friends. And act like we don't know each...
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FOREVER YOU [ C ] by writerblock_Lz
FOREVER YOU [ C ]by lim
An angst story for forthbeam. How the past hurt Beam and reborn the new him. will he forgive his past?
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