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The Protector by Varshu29
The Protectorby Varshu29😍
*💗COMPLETE💗* Story of Beam and Forth coming with two different backgrounds. "Choose Forth..Either me or Beam"... Said Mr.David Jaturapoom angrily.
And you ! by binitheshipper
And you !by whizbee
"cause , I don't want back my life . I hate my eariler life . I like it now . It's good . I love it with him . I love him and ....... " Beam stops in the midd...
Twisted Love The Series (Forth Beam) by kottran
Twisted Love The Series (Forth kottran
"You are marrying me Beam whether you like it or not" "what makes you think that I will ever marry you, you ruthless muderer" "do you want me...
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [Completed] by caseylove01
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [ caseylove01
he was standing beside his husband, in the altar. Trying best to contain his tears as guest were congratulating him and his now husband, about their marriage. He didn't...
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Unexpected Life by keeval
Unexpected Lifeby kee
Beam was a normal college student, but one day everything in his life changed. Beam has a nice car, a room, and a dream to be a neurosurgeon, but the next movement eve...
The Bet by forthbeamlover
The Betby Neysh
Forth and his gang are drinking and joking. Then they make a bet to Forth that he can't make Beam fall in love with him in a month. Forth accepts and even adds that he c...
MAFIA'S PRINCE by Varshu29
MAFIA'S PRINCEby Varshu29😍
♥️(Complete)♥️ Forth David Jaturapoom, a well known Mafia of Solar Gang. Ruthless, Cold, Cruel and Scary at the same time, find his interest in one orphan guy named Be...
I am not a Cinderella by UntamedTrailblazer91
I am not a Cinderellaby Untamed_Trailblazer's
Just ForthBeam Story of ForthBeam. TaeTee as ForthBeam Video, Pics and Arts Full credit to the owners.
When Cupid's Arrow Hits You by barry_bty
When Cupid's Arrow Hits Youby barry_bty
What will you do? If you found yourself suddenly falling for someone, you shouldn't fall for, after getting your senses back from staying unconscious for whole night. An...
The Ugly Duckling Boy  by Nishthn
The Ugly Duckling Boy by Nishthn
A short Forth Beam story
Silence  by George_1984
Silence by George_1984
One night, Forth got into accident and met Dr. Beam Baramee. Dr. Beam who is the most famous cardiothoratic surgeon in the country. Met the most disturbing person in his...
Fair Galaxy by binitheshipper
Fair Galaxyby whizbee
"so .. was it all lie ? look at me Beam . all lie ? didn't you feel bad for one time ? at least once ?" Forth says in a sad voice instead of a angry voice . ...
Addicted to doctor forth ✔ by Luckyhari_9294
Addicted to doctor forth ✔by Luckyhari
forth loves beam at young age but he got rejected once, now he is a cardiac surgeon where he meets beam as an intern again.
It Started With The Hickeys by rcbrie15
It Started With The Hickeysby rcbrie15
He wanted to have a one night stand, but all he did is give him hickeys. Enjoy reading. Love lots! *rcbrie15* Credits to the rightful owners of all the characters and...
DATING the cold HEAD HAZER by Varshu29
DATING the cold HEAD HAZERby Varshu29😍
💛COMPLETE 💛 Forth Jaturapoom is a cold Head Hazer rules whole engineering under his finger. People call him cold prince. But that doesn't mean he don't have admirers b...
I'll Never by MomoiroYuki24
I'll Neverby Momoiro Yuki
What happens when Forth let's go of Beam...
Love is Pain (Forth&Beam) by Music-Eater
Love is Pain (Forth&Beam)by Music Eater
This is a heavy angst story. the story focussed on struggle of Beam to save himself from his obsessive, abusive boyfriend Forth. To the outside world Forth was suave and...
Forth's Beam by Forthbeamforever
Forth's Beamby Forthbeamforever
Forth is searching for his girlfriend Bee,who left him after spending a week with him. Beam started to act weird after coming back to his friends from a small trip. Will...
My Angel by Peridot888
My Angelby Peridot888
"This is the last room." Forth heaved a sigh of frustration as he led his men. Where are you? Forth opened the door and was surprised with the view in front of...
The Unloved | BeamForth by CrackerWrites
The Unloved | BeamForthby sunel
Being unloved for the whole life, Beam finds peace in his husband Forth... But what happen when he feel the betrayal.. "I was just using you" Forth "But...