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Red Card. ||F4 Thailand|| Thyme || by Jinaerl
Red Card. ||F4 Thailand|| Thyme ||by 른재닌♡
The story of an impulsive heir to the Parama Group, and a freshman at Köcher high school. Big and small changes are made. And unexpected situations occur. And what abou...
Deja vu <3  F4 Thailand by Ummyeahwhat19
Deja vu <3 F4 Thailandby Ummyeahwhat19
Lillie Chang apart of one of the riches lawyers in Thialand. Lilie was once friends with the F4. It all change when she turned 12 and her dad found a better job in Hong...
F4 |English| by 08chelseah
F4 |English|by chelsea
A group of boys, Kavin, Ren, MJ and Thyme, (F4) all come from separate rich families in Thailand. Their wealth also comes with a great power upon the poor. Nobody steps...
I knew it! by Silpisikha221b
I knew it!by Silpisikha221b
Ending of the story of Red Card Writing Contest
My 44-year Best friend by nibandscrib
My 44-year Best friendby nibandscib
Mother daughter relationships have now lost the essence that it used to have back in the days. One of the reason behind it is the growing influence and impact of social...
The Persevering Kind (Red Card Contest Entry) by _xxIDKanymorexx_
The Persevering Kind (Red Card Prawns&Cons
This is my idea of how the Red card excerpt should end. There's really nothing else to say, is there?
Rishabh & Love (Red card story) by pranshu24
Rishabh & Love (Red card story)by Pranshu Shukla
This is my imagination how the Red Card story should have ended
End of the World. by MayuriPatil2
End of the Mayuri Patil
This is a follow-up story to an excerpt from the book, Red Card by Kautuk Srivastava for the Red Card Writing Contest. The story starts when Rishabh who is in tenth cla...
Red Card-Ending by SirPalash
Red Card-Endingby Palash Chaturvedi
This is the ending of the story of the Red card.#Redcard
El Chico de Bonito  Perfil by janerain23
El Chico de Bonito Perfilby janerain23
Siempre lo miro cada que viene al bar... se queda mirando a la cantante. ¿Quién eres? y ¿Por qué no puedo sacarte de mi cabeza? ¡Oh, Chico de bonito perfil!
Crumpled Paper by zoyashahwar
Crumpled Paperby Zoya Shahwar
This story is written for red card writing contest.
red Card contest entry 2 Love Cannot Be Forced by RehanaSiraj
red Card contest entry 2 Love Reena
rishab studying in oswal having a crush over his classmate thamanna who is beauty with brain of course . but being a shy and reserved type he couldn't gather much courag...
Irrevocably by kitty_xmen
Irrevocablyby kitty_xmen
Rishabh never believed that there is only one person with destined for another. He never believed in the concept of soul mates. And the concept of love at first sight? N...
red card writing contest Hallucination by RehanaSiraj
red card writing contest Reena
rishab studying in oswal having a crush over his classmate thamanna who is beauty with brain of course . but being a shy and reserved type he couldn't gather much courag...
Red Card by MeghaRai8
Red Cardby Megha Rai
A continuation of a story for a contest.
RedCover Contest entry by polymath_land
RedCover Contest entryby polymath_land
Rishab is a Shy and private guy who stays silent all the time. Tamanna is bold and beauty with brains. Rishab who is Shy and isn't interested in studies has a Crush on t...
Boys over flower (A4 boys) by xxxseskixx
Boys over flower (A4 boys)by xxxseskixx
first woman who given a red card and getting bullied because of the A4 boys.
K-Pop Idol in Thailand | Kavin and MJ Fanfiction by watppadstorieshehe
K-Pop Idol in Thailand | Kavin crystal chen
"hey! give that back!" "not a chance chipmunk" MJ just sighed an rolled his eyes read to find out more