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WinTeam - oneshots by kentokai
WinTeam - oneshotsby augustus_black
Just oneshots of WinTeam. Its purely fiction.
Even If U Don't Love Me [Completed] by Jjacky97
Even If U Don't Love Me [Completed]by Jacky
Team is a young boy that always admire his best friend since childhood and who is also his senior by 3 years apart, Boun. No, he's actually in love with him but of cours...
WinTeam's Story by Qutie96
WinTeam's Storyby Qutie96
This is a BL story based off the novel Hemp Rope. This is not a translation of the #HempRope novel. However, I did read @giapohontaji English translation on Wattpad, htt...
WinTeam Week 2020 & 2021 - Short stories (WinTeam - HempRope - BetweenUs) by RoksanaTulip
WinTeam Week 2020 & 2021 - Short RoksanaTulip
WinTeam Week 2021 Fanfic for each day from given topic: ❤ Day 1 - I'm Not Human Enough To Love You - Erased Memories part 3 ❤ Day 2 - My Whole World Falls Apart - Erase...
Mine Series by ang3l_n_d3vil
Mine Seriesby Angel
They both ruled their respective mafia in their countries. The time has come for them to spread their wings and reign supreme with their families by their side.
Win My Heart [BounPrem] by Bluehearte
Win My Heart [BounPrem]by Blu£
Win rescues a boy from drowning. Now he can't stop thinking about him. A Teamwin fan fiction I do not own the characters. Credits to the original writer.
Seven Years by lileripanda
Seven Yearsby eri
"when feelings and reality hit you hard, the knot we tied so tightly, will slowly loosen. " -Team !!! this story is based on one manga I read last year that ma...
Someone Love Me by ang3l_n_d3vil
Someone Love Meby Angel
Team's a detective, putting his life at risk for an undercover mission is nothing new. He has faced so any dangers that comes along with it. Only this time he failed to...
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Between Us  by n0t_ur_babe
Between Us by tay
Taryn Sawyer, an always-late, "I don't care what they think", unknowingly beautiful seventeen-going-on-eighteen year old girl is simply trying to get through h...
Until us by Care_Sereth
Until usby Care Sereth
Win and Team have been friends for a long time now, but Win has feelings for Team. Someday Team's childhood friend Araya comes to town. Araya's been having a crush on Te...
Doctor save Me  by mikaystoriess
Doctor save Me by Mikay
Prem a Doctor that came back from abroad meets Boun a CEO and also business partnet and friend of his older brother Kao Boun was cold, he got into an accident and was sa...
DEVIL'S PROPERTY...BOUNPREM FF by celestial_soul17
HEAVEN and HELL do not go well together. Demons are sinners who belong to the Hell and angels are pure souls who belong to heaven. But what happens when two boys encount...
The Way That I Love You(Book 2) by Raretragedy
The Way That I Love You(Book 2)by Raretragedy
Morgan and Colin have made up a life together that most people would envy. They have a great house, beautiful children, great jobs and a crumpling marriage. At first it'...
There is us THEN there is us 2 by ang3l_n_d3vil
There is us THEN there is us 2by Angel
Alternative universes are just made up aren't they?! Well Win and Team are gonna realize just how wrong they were on that.
Mismatched by ang3l_n_d3vil
Mismatchedby Angel
Team and Dean can only wish them all the happiness with a smile as their heart crumbles to dust. Would they get the happy ending their heart's desire?
Oi, how are you? by retro_mink
Oi, how are you?by Mink
Win has liked Team since the first day and confesses his feelings but Team hasn't answered him yet? Will Win be able to date Team and have his happy forever?
I'm A Good Boy  (FF Naughty Junior - Good Boy Team POV, WinTeam) by RoksanaTulip
I'm A Good Boy (FF Naughty RoksanaTulip
So many of you have wanted to know what Team thinks in those chapters of the Naughty Junior - Good Boy story. I've heard your wishes, and I will publish a special chapte...
I LOVE HIA! by ang3l_n_d3vil
I LOVE HIA!by Angel
Team is dating Win and loves him dearly. However everything comes crashing down due to one tiny lie Pharm said. Will Team be able to handle the consequences that arises...
Willing to take risk [BounPrem Fan Fic] by vixen_micah
Willing to take risk [BounPrem vixen_micah
Prem was always the introvert type of the Chawalitrujiwong family. He was always fond of being alone in his room, reading or listening to music. A freshman in college ta...
Team's Clichéd Love Story by ang3l_n_d3vil
Team's Clichéd Love Storyby Angel
Team never imagined his love story would be one of those clichéd teen drama love triangle.