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⚔️Assassin's Creed Texts⚔️ [Finished] by SwiftyangX12
⚔️Assassin's Creed Texts⚔️ [Finish...by 🔵⬛️指揮官•司令⬛️🔴
Hello Assassins and Novices. Here's a book of what the Assassins, Templars,and side characters talked over by texting each other. Also I'll put myself and my boyfriend G...
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Assassin's Creed One Shots [DISCONTINUED/CLOSED] by MTemplar120
Assassin's Creed One Shots [DISCON...by the Missus
Hey welcome to this collection of cringy one shots that I'm too lazy to edit. These are all one shots of your favorite peeps from the AC series. Characters belong to U...
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Assassin's Creed III: All Is Fair In Love And War by TheGalacticPanda
Assassin's Creed III: All Is Fair...by TheGalacticPanda
[Assassin's Creed Connor X OC] Highest Ranks: #1 in #assassinscreed #1 in #connorkenway #25 in #america ...
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Yandere Assassin's Creed x Reader  by KitsuneQueenClare
Yandere Assassin's Creed x Reader by KitsuneQueenClare
Well let's see who we got here for now There is : -Desmond Miles -Shaun Hastings -Clay Kaczmarek -Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad -Ezio Auditore da Firenze -Connor (Ratonhnhaké:to...
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Assassin's Creed Imagines by jacobstophat
Assassin's Creed Imaginesby endgame: sadness
[ SLOW-ISH UPDATES ] Welcome to my book of Imagines! These chapters will consist of: •Altaïr •Ezio •Edward •Haytham •Connor •Shay •Arno •Jacob •Desmond •Bayek •Alexios ...
  • assassin
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  • jacobfrye
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The Daughter of the Assassin and the Huntress by ghostofPercyJackson
The Daughter of the Assassin and t...by Joshua Son of Pluto
Annabeth breaks up with Percy and he gets wasted that same night. 9 months later he gets a little surprise.
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Assassins Creed Modern Preferences by MrsKenway25
Assassins Creed Modern Preferencesby Salma
another book of mine!! This one will include all the assassins except bayek cause I haven't played origins yet :( anyway I hope ya like it sorry for any mistakes!!
  • shaycormac
  • assassins
  • eziodelafirenze
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Assassin's Creed One Shots by TemplarRogue1942
Assassin's Creed One Shotsby TemplarRogue
Any and all Assassins or Templars of the Assassin's Creed Franchise. *I only do SFW sorry guys* Requests are open and strongly encouraged
  • shay
  • assassins
  • edward
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Assassin's Creed Imagines by ambervice
Assassin's Creed Imaginesby Impendingambervice
Highest rank: #45 in fan fiction! A collection of Assassin's Creed imagines! Requests are welcome :) I do not own Assassin's Creed! All are original and written by yours...
  • shay
  • kenway
  • jacobfrye
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Nobodies Assassin (I) by AssassinoKenway14
Nobodies Assassin (I)by Anna
Description on the inside. This is a Percy Jackson and Assassin's Creed fan fiction.
  • chaos
  • altair
  • edwardkenway
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the mage and the templar (dragon age fanfic) by honnleath
the mage and the templar (dragon a...by Kay
"The world's a mess, someone has to fix it and maybe that someone is me." Gwen Trevelyan never asked to be a hero, but when she wakes up with a strange green...
  • varric
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  • cullenrutherfordxinquistor
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A Rookie's Flight |Assassin's Creed Fanfiction| by PineWatch
A Rookie's Flight |Assassin's Cree...by Venn
I just couldn't hold this in any longer. This is my book with Rook as the main character. Hope you all enjoy! (This is loosely based on Assassin's Creed) ____ A fifteen...
  • training
  • creed
  • assassins
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Assassin's Creed One Shots by Fryedays
Assassin's Creed One Shotsby FrenchFryes
A collection of One-Shots on the most famous ASS-SASS-SIN of the entire history! The requests,are OPEN,so feel free to write me and to request! (Would include: Altaïr Ib...
  • kadaralsayf
  • xreader
  • ezioauditoredafirenze
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Assassin's Creed: A Long Life by A-Drunk-Qrow-Branwen
Assassin's Creed: A Long Lifeby Qrow
Welcome to the short compilation of Victor Anubi's life. A man who has lived since the time of the Isu, a race of people who came before mankind as we know them today...
  • assassins
  • ezio
  • templars
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Hurt || Ezio Auditore da Firenze x Reader (Complete) by MortosxXXBlack
Hurt || Ezio Auditore da Firenze x...by °MorrocanWriter°
from when you were a little child and still now you were always told not to come near the Auditore's. Even though you never understood why. You always heard your older b...
  • hate
  • assassinnscreed2
  • romance
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The Secret Assassin-Jacob Frye X OC (Assassin's Creed Syndicate) by sammex10
The Secret Assassin-Jacob Frye X O...by Sam-L-B
This is a story about a young woman called Rosanna Starrick, she's the daughter of the Templar Grand Master, Crawford Starrick. She is, in fact, the next to become Grand...
  • assassin
  • jacobfrye
  • evie
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[Ezio x Reader Fanfic] May the father of understanding guide us by GotThatEzioCharisma
[Ezio x Reader Fanfic] May the fat...by StraightAsAParabola
You are the daughter of a Templar and have vowed to put and end to the Assassin order, no matter what. Upon meeting Ezio, you realize how hard that will be. As you get t...
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Dawn Will Come by Persephone_Siren
Dawn Will Comeby Persephone Clearwater
Dragon Age Inquisition fanfic She fell from a rift with little memory of what had happened or where she had come from. Child of the Rift, she was called for a long time...
  • age
  • solas
  • morrigan
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Duty and Will [Haytham Kenway Love Story] by TaurelinStar
Duty and Will [Haytham Kenway Love...by Taurelin
You hated your father in silence. You added brick upon brick to the walls of a dark prison you were building for him in your heart. Every brick a reason to die... ...&q...
  • ac3
  • romance
  • assassin
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Assassin's Creed: Future's Past (Various!Assassin's Creed x reader) by UltraAloha
Assassin's Creed: Future's Past (V...by Aloha_Writes
(On Hold. Rewritting. Won't make any new chapters until rewritting is complete. Might take a while.) What were to happen if all the Assassin Creed timelines merge into o...
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