The Fight for Creed [Fan-Fiction] by SmileeLuv
The Fight for Creed [Fan-Fiction]by Adrianna
Sequel to: Taken By Creed You can find the story description in the first chapter and you must be follower to view it - I didn't want to put any spoilers out for someone...
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Male assassin reader x Highschool Dxd by AnthonyBeal
Male assassin reader x AnthonyBeal
Ubisoft owns Assassins creed I don't
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The High School Revolutionary(male rebel reader X high school harem) by Grimcreeper58
The High School Revolutionary( Austin
Y/N L/N and his sister,Akame were born in a world where the people blindly follow the government,however Y/N was also one of those blind people,until he opened his eyes...
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Jersey 2 by yazzygrayy
Jersey 2by Rizz🥀
2 years into marriage with a beautiful family. Everything was finally put together..
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X-Men Preferences/Scenarios by XXanimeseeker22XX
X-Men Preferences/Scenariosby XXanimeseekerXX
(Young)Charles Xavier(Professor X), (Young)Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto), (Young)Hank McCoy (Beast), Pietro "Peter" Maximoff(AoU, Quicksilver), James "Logan&qu...
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Evie Frye x Male Reader by jetrayf
Evie Frye x Male Readerby The Writer
A short story about our favorite female assassin and a lovable male assassin (You) Assassins Creed is owned by Ubisoft See an adventure that tests the boundaries of the...
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Assassin's Creed ~ One Shots by FeedMeFryes
Assassin's Creed ~ One Shotsby Mrs Frye
-- Some of the most original & well received AC one shots on Wattpad -- One shots involving cute, fluffy (potentially heated) moments with your favorite Assassin's Cree...
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His Weakness, Her Liberation  by ogre2009
His Weakness, Her Liberation by Miss Pretty Thick
When Michael and Janeé meet, neither of them could have anticipated the power each of them would have over the other. Janeé just turned 30, but hasn't been romantically...
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Her Dilemma, Her Decision by ogre2009
Her Dilemma, Her Decisionby Miss Pretty Thick
Janeé moves on with her life after Michael and finds herself drawn to a man that she never thought she could be. But is she really over Michael? Or will she find herself...
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Blinding (Assassin's Creed Syndicate) by FrostyChess
Blinding (Assassin's Creed Chess
[Cover by the wonderful @edens-] {Jacob Frye x OC} Charlotte Crawley is an Assassin living in London with her father. She doesn't pay the Assassin-Templar War much atten...
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Life Under the Shadows (Abused, Neglected Male Reader x RWBY) by Rugged_Noodle
Life Under the Shadows (Abused, RuggeDelirious
After what the family did to you, you became an assassin. You trained and took care of yourself until you became famous in Remnant. I do not own RWBY or Assassin's Cree...
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Assassin's Creed One Shots [DISCONTINUED] by MissTemplar
Assassin's Creed One Shots [ the Missus
(You/Reader x Various Assassins or Templars) Dare to fall in love with an Assassin or Templar? These are all one shots of your favorite peeps from the AC series, with YO...
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Assassin's creed story's and other stuff by brokenwonderland101
Assassin's Creed X RWBY  Malereader by DrexhunterCross
Assassin's Creed X RWBY Malereaderby Drexhunter
(Y/N) = Your Name (L/N) = Last Name Your 17 years old , trained and raised by Ezio Auditore you are about to have your initiation and become a full-fledged member of the...
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The Idiot Assassin - Jacob Frye by selinakyle1999
The Idiot Assassin - Jacob Fryeby HangoverTaco
(JACOB x OC) As Jacob Frye gather his rooks to fight the Templars, and Evie Frye looking for the piece of eden. Henry Green mails his dear friend Anastasia Cobain and h...
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Altair x Reader by SniperHuntrezz
Altair x Readerby Blaze Rivaille
Altair takes a journey into an unexpected adventure with his 'new partner'. As a relationship blossoms between the two, Altair must decide to save his creed or his love...
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Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman imagines  by alicebeckham
Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Alice Beckham
Requests are open and I will accept messages from you
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assassin's creed preferences & imagines by kenweigh
assassin's creed preferences & natalie.
//modern au// includes: • altaïr • ezio • connor • edward • haytham • desmond • arno • jacob • more will be added upon request :)
  • assassin
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Various X Reader (REQUESTS OPEN) by the_lightning_bolt_8
Various X Reader (REQUESTS OPEN)by the_lightning_bolt_8
Are you ready to jump into your favourite fictional worlds with all different kinds of characters, ranging from Baker Street, London to New York City, USA. I'll try to m...
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Guardian by ElRealta
Guardianby The insane
Dawn was a girl who had joined an order after her parents were brutally murdered and her home was burned down. One day she was on a mission and right after saw some guar...
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