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Shea Butter Baby by amorawrites18
Shea Butter Babyby Miss Amour
After a one night stand with Adonis Creed, a 25 year old woman named Bria Stevens finds herself trying to find her baby's father after an intimate night left her pregna...
  • michaelbjordan
  • rocky
  • poc
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APESHIT| Erik Killmonger Story by trillest_lvhh
APESHIT| Erik Killmonger Storyby .🖤
"What do you want?" I asked finally looking back at him. "A proposal" he simply said as I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms so I can create some typ...
  • urban
  • michealbjordan
  • boxing
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Taken By Creed ✔[Fan-Fiction] #Wattys2018 by SmileeLuv
Taken By Creed ✔[Fan-Fiction] Adrianna
[COMPLETE] Eddie & Le have been friends for well over a decade. Best friends, in fact. However, like all things, feelings change and Eddie's feelings have bubbled over f...
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • mbj
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Assassin's Creed III- Ever Burning by Muffinz4Me123
Assassin's Creed III- Ever Burningby Jo
ReaderxConnor You are a seamstress that has somehow found yourself tangled in a tussle with some red coats that seemed to revolve around one, strange, hooded man. With t...
  • creed
  • burning
  • assassin
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Adventures of Faith the Slayer by Leen_PhoenixRae
Adventures of Faith the Slayerby LeenPhoenixRae
A series of crossover one-shots featuring my favourite bad girl slayer, Faith, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. I started this one-shot series a couple of years ba...
  • coffee
  • annja
  • thugs
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Assassin's Creed Independence (an alternate universe OC story thing) by glitchedsans
Assassin's Creed Independence ( Jerry
Anna amabilia Rosario is an assassin born into a templar family 25 years before the start of the revolutionary war. after meeting her future mentor she runs away from ho...
  • assassinscreed3
  • assassinscreedoc
  • assassins
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The Target of His Heart (An Assassin's Creed Fanfic) by SRN713
The Target of His Heart (An Julie Trinidad
[Book I of the "Millennia of Fate" Fanfic Series] Born and raised as a Templar, Cynthia Richard was forced into an arranged marriage to a young English noble n...
  • assassins
  • action
  • creed
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!~WorldMovie$[HD] Watch! Creed II  2018 Movie Online For Free ~~!~~ by JeanRSinclair
!~WorldMovie$[HD] Watch! Creed JeanRSinclair
WaTch Full MoVie Creed II (2018) Online HD Free waTch Creed II (2018) Full Hd watch Creed II (2018) movie online free 2018 HD 1080p Creed II (2018) watch online free 108...
  • free
  • 2018
  • hd
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Krwawe róże by corndogjeremy69
Krwawe różeby JeremyIsGood
Dziewiętnastowieczny Londyn. Historia opowiada o losach młodego mężczyzny, który po latach rutyny, oraz beztroski staje w obliczu nowego wyzwania, które będzie wymagał...
  • nie
  • romans
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Left4ProtoCreed by RarestheFire
Left4ProtoCreedby RarestheFire
The Assassin Crew was not expecting this. A sudden Zombie Apocalpse, with terrifying zombies that no one has ever seen before. They also never expected to see, a virus...
  • team
  • lucy
  • prototype
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Assassins End : part one (not cannon) by AltairEzioConnorArno
Assassins End : part one (not AltairEzioConnorArno
In part one of Assassins End learn the untold stories of Altair an Assassin born in 1165. This is the story about how he fought a Templar the was from the future.
  • action
  • creed
  • assassins
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The Assassin's of Arendelle by Eaglescout174
The Assassin's of Arendelleby Josh J
A lone man stands on the bow of a ship. "Land Ho!" the watchman shouts. The Captain looks out at the green blur in the distance. "You're expanding the Bro...
  • frozenfanfiction
  • assassin
  • elsa
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Assassin's Creed: Legacy by itspearce
Assassin's Creed: Legacyby Kid Shawarma
Short Stories of Assassin's Creed
  • fanfiction
  • historicalfiction
  • gaming
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Living In The Shadows by megan-m
Living In The Shadowsby Megan McKissick
Jamie Hopkins looks like a normal girl, but something is drastically different about her. She is a member of the Assassin Order, the youngest ever. Follow the story of t...
  • ezio
  • theo
  • firenze
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Clash of Ages by NeelParekh21
Clash of Agesby NeelParekh21
This is an Assassin's Creed and Percy Jackson crossover.
  • connor
  • edward
  • jackson
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