How To Drown Colin McKinin | rewritten | wattys2018 by Chatachino
How To Drown Colin McKinin | Mignon French
Colin McKinin; soccer star and playboy to whom's lucky-go nature and charming smile grew his popularity. But, even as Colin was surrounded by people there was the chilli...
  • teenager
  • chatachino
  • stopslutshaming
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It Starts With A Enemy | ✔️ #Wattys2018 by cursinglove
It Starts With A Enemy | ✔️ c e l i n e
|| Winner Of Unknown Author Awards 2017 || [COMPLETED] #80 youngadult ■■■■■ "Falling for the enemy is ...
  • stalker
  • badboy
  • jealousy
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It Starts With Jealousy |✔️  by cursinglove
It Starts With Jealousy |✔️ by c e l i n e
[ COMPLETED: UNDER EDITING ] " The best things happen when you least expect it. " ♡♡♡ Sierra Williams thought that moving i...
  • yarcomplete2017
  • drama
  • heartmelting
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Alone Together Prompts by promptingskenekidz
Alone Together Promptsby Jen
  • boyxboy
  • prompts
  • lgbt
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♥Alone Together♥-Vkook/ Taekook by JungKookie1414
♥Alone Together♥-Vkook/ Taekookby JungKookie14
For Taehyung life wasn't always easy , actually it was a living hell. He was alone. He always was and will always be. **** Jungkook thought his life was perfect in it's...
  • taehyung
  • toptae
  • jungkook
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Untitled by NeiceofHades
Untitledby NeiceofHades
When werewolf pack is attacked by rouges and the only two werewolves to escape are a young girl and her older brother, what will happen when they are on the run and only...
  • ontherun
  • siblings
  • alonetogether
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All She Wants For Now ✔ (#WATTYS2018) by harrysfamilyshows
All She Wants For Now ✔ ( ☀Brisa☀
A girl falls hard for a boy that likes to make her laugh. But she doesn't have the confidence to do anything else but giggle.
  • shygirl
  • completed
  • love
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Wishes Upon A Flower  by EmmaHughes359
Wishes Upon A Flower by Nightmares
Echo is just a matter of a Echo in her world, things change have her Echo becomes a screeching range of voices.
  • exiled
  • runawayprincess
  • love
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House Of Darkness by amandaw206
House Of Darknessby amanda Marie
It was unexplainable at first. The eeriness of the house, the creepy noises, the horrid smells, and especially, what was happening to my mother. There was no way of expl...
  • fear
  • mccall
  • terror
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12 Trials  by -bookshelf-
12 Trials by -bookshelf-
She ran and tried to hide but he always seemed to find her. She screamed cried and thought they lied when they said they were there to save her. She tried to escape all...
  • gangs
  • death
  • kidnap
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Thinking Thoughts Through by Saim9928
Thinking Thoughts Throughby Rave
Ones life is unique...different with different purposes.....or is it the think.
  • randomthoughts
  • bts
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Strings ⏃ by AmazingLexi678
Strings ⏃by AmazingLexi678
First OFFICIAL book. Based on true story, except it has various changes. ****** I sit in the farthest corner of my new class, why did I agree on this??? Uhhhh. I start s...
  • sad
  • parabatai
  • bestfriend
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Alone Together [Minecraft: Story Mode] by BlueGirlStarlette
Alone Together [Minecraft: Story The Magnugaard Princess
(NOTE: Just don't mind what happen to Xara when you see on this cover. You'll definitely know why) This story happens after the events of the events of MCSM Season 2 Rom...
  • minecraftstorymode
  • xameo
  • romeoxxara
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Please Reconsider [ Phan ] by Hala_Boo
Please Reconsider [ Phan ]by Lovely
Dan and Phil are roommates They start to encounter problems within their friendship Things start to go downhill faster than not paying attention when you're melting choc...
  • amazingphil
  • danhowell
  • phandom
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Alone, Together by Junaxy
Alone, Togetherby Junaxy
After a while of welcomes and questions, a sorrowful silence came upon the group. No one spoke for a few moments. Everything just seemed so... Chaotic, despite the silen...
  • romance
  • action
  • alonetogether
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Heaven has no Angels by panda710
Heaven has no Angelsby jojo
A 15 year old, over weight, black girl has to deal with not only learning to love others but to learn to love herself. Olivia thinks shes unlovable and everyone treats h...
  • selflove
  • selfdiscovery
  • hope
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Gone by 144Galaxy
Goneby Universal
Cassidy was a normal girl, then one day she discovered that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. This is the story of a girl going through a rough time.
  • tragic
  • neverforever
  • allbymyself
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Alone by Clockwork_Juniper
Aloneby Clockwork_Juniper
Alone is something we know. Alone is what we've always been. Alone hides you. Alone guides you. Alone hurts. Alone cries. When we are sent, to do our best; Contact is n...
  • antarctica
  • secret
  • secretidentity
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exulansis by senshi-
exulansisby senshi-
  • abyss
  • bitterness
  • hate
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