Alone Together Prompts by promptingskenekidz
Alone Together Promptsby Jen
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What Lexi Left Us by XLonelyLightsWritesX
What Lexi Left Usby 🥂ScarletSugarLips🥂
Lexi Revas was a best friend, Lexi Revas was a nightmare, Lexi revas murdered in cold blood. They say they still don't know what happened, that Lexi had no enemies she w...
  • friends
  • mystery
  • chicklit
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It Starts With Jealousy |✔️  by celinesilvaxx
It Starts With Jealousy |✔️ by ć ĕ ł ī ň ę
[ COMPLETED: UNDER EDITING ] " The best things happen when you least expect it. " ♡♡♡ Sierra Williams thought that moving i...
  • jealously
  • hotboys
  • romance
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It Starts With A Enemy | ✔️ by celinesilvaxx
It Starts With A Enemy | ✔️by ć ĕ ł ī ň ę
|| Winner Of Unknown Author Awards 2017 || [COMPLETED] #80 youngadult ■■■■■ "Falling for the enemy is ...
  • secrets
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Youngblood Lovers | Emo Trinity Fan-Fiction by akazmi22
Youngblood Lovers | Emo Trinity ✦ ₳ł₥Ɇ₦ ✦
EVERYONE IS A TORTURED SOUL ▸ Ever wondered what happened the first time rock and roll was saved? The Trinity was on a very intense mission to protect something importa...
  • ybc
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Paris Carter and Dominic Holten were neighbors and best friends since the day of birth. They grew up best friends and were practically born together. They spent many pla...
  • tattoos
  • desire
  • betrayal
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Alone Together | JK by hansua_
Alone Together | JKby 한수아
He was that weird kid. She was that quiet girl. "I don't know where you're going but do you got room for one more troubled soul." "I don't know where I'm...
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Home Sweet Crack-Shack by Slaidey_Valheim
Home Sweet Crack-Shackby Slaidey Valheim
Who knew growing up could be so bitter? HSCS follows the story of Jennie, a seventeen year old girl who suffers from constant inner conflict, and an irrevocable love fo...
  • depression
  • movingout
  • innerconflict
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SPARK by harsuga_
SPARKby Harshitha R
Yoongi is a billionaire and CEO of the famous Min enterprises who only thinks about himself while Hannah is a poor, brave girl who understood everyone's heart but her ow...
  • fandom
  • alonetogether
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The longing for you, The ending of us. by typicallexx
The longing for you, The ending alexx
The longing for you, The ending of us is a collection of poems, letters, excerpts from stages of my life and relationships. With this I hope to show that no matter what...
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Kpop depressed  by 7_renchan
Kpop depressed by 角膜/mooren.jun
"Stop making me fall for you every Day every second!"-? "You just did it to yourself "-Y/N Follow my ig for new updates on This story @yujiyuriperez
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Until You Found Me  by DarciAnnMacLean
Until You Found Me by Darci Ann
Quinn at 17 years old doesn't live with his parents. His parents kicked him out last year for coming out to them. He lives in the bad part of town and in a run down apar...
  • newfoundfamily
  • boyxboy
  • abandoned
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My Crush Stories by isis_Gardezi
My Crush Storiesby isis_Gardezi
this is all about the story of my crush or crushes. I hope you could relate to most of them. Enjoy ;)
  • life
  • cringeworthy
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Letters to the lost by 12acton
Letters to the lostby 12acton
18 year old Ava has lost her mum and her dad disappears and she's left alone for the first time in all her life. Writing letters to her mom to still talk and be close t...
  • alonetogether
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♥Alone Together♥-Vkook/ Taekook by JungKookie1414
♥Alone Together♥-Vkook/ Taekookby JungKookie14
For Taehyung life wasn't always easy , actually it was a living hell. He was alone. He always was and will always be. **** Jungkook thought his life was perfect in it's...
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The Fighter by Mamidjun
The Fighterby Maryam Crystal
"You may think you have a big dick, but baby boy, I was made with big dick energy." Fuck Prince Charming. Fuck the Knight in Shinning Armour. She is charming w...
  • badboybadgirl
  • nightlife
  • latin
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The new roommate  by KenniMoore3
The new roommate by Kenni Moore
Asha Lu, the school's biggest nerd finds herself in a huge predicament. Lu is pregnant. After only the first time having sex and becomes pregnant. Her parents disgusted...
  • teenromance
  • fuckboy
  • kickedout
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