How To Drown Colin McKinin | ON HOLD by Chatachino
How To Drown Colin McKinin | ON Mignon
Colin McKinin; soccer star and playboy to whom's lucky-go nature and charming smile grew his popularity. But, even as Colin was surrounded by people there was the chilli...
  • nomorebullying
  • chatachino
  • wattys2018
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It Starts With Jealousy |✔️  by celinesilvaxx
It Starts With Jealousy |✔️ by ć e l į n e
[ COMPLETED: UNDER EDITING ] " The best things happen when you least expect it. " ♡♡♡ Sierra Williams thought that moving i...
  • funny
  • choices
  • cheesymoments
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It Starts With An Enemy | ✔️ by celinesilvaxx
It Starts With An Enemy | ✔️by ć e l į n e
|| Winner Of Unknown Author Awards 2017 || [COMPLETED] #80 youngadult ■■■■■ "Falling for the enemy is ...
  • featured
  • heartbreak
  • secrets
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Alone Together Prompts by promptingskenekidz
Alone Together Promptsby Jen
  • alonetogether
  • lgbt
  • prompts
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happier.|stucky by avengingstucky
happier.|stuckyby 🌇Big Bisexual Energy🌇
✨I Want To Raise Your Spirits✨
  • alonetogether
  • happier
  • buckybarnes
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New Revolution by _antonnette_
New Revolutionby _antonnette_
For 3 months things were projected as normal and for 3 months the threat was lurking. Only a few people knew what to do and it was now their job to protect those who cou...
  • undead
  • horror
  • alonetogether
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Closed in your heart //KPOP by 7_renchan
Closed in your heart //KPOPby ‘ @0_kxnlq ;
"Stop making me fall for you every Day every second!"-? "You just did it to yourself "-Y/N Follow my ig for new updates on This story @yujiyuriperez
  • depression
  • nct
  • exocbx
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Lost Together {Bucky Barnes x Reader} by PILLOW_SEBBY
Lost Together {Bucky Barnes x Darian
"Wait.. where the hell did everyone go?" I ask dropping the sticks and twigs in my arms. "Huh? I'm not sure, I swear the camp was right here a few moment...
  • readerxcharacter
  • marvel
  • thewintersoldier
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Aesthetic poetry by Misaki_drowned
Aesthetic poetryby flower girl
I put my feelings into words I'm lost How can a guy like you affect me? Do you love me? Or am I just a friend? We're strangers who stare at each other all the time Will...
  • lonely
  • poem
  • aesthetic
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Mending A Broken Heart Calum Hood x Reader by Wavier_Wires
Mending A Broken Heart Calum Lexi🖤
Are you still going to love me even if you know the truth? Will you still forgive me? Or are you going to leave me?
  • calumhoodlovestory
  • bullystory
  • 5sos
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Only you by aloha_v
Only youby aloha_v
i love you jungkook last breath
  • peacefully
  • lovestory
  • sadness
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What Lexi Left Us by XLonelyLightsWritesX
What Lexi Left Usby 🥂ScarletSugarLips🥂
Lexi Revas was a best friend, Lexi Revas was a nightmare, Lexi revas murdered in cold blood. They say they still don't know what happened, that Lexi had no enemies she w...
  • suspense
  • alonetogether
  • adventure
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All She Wants For Now ✔ by swimminginthedeepend
All She Wants For Now ✔by brisa🦋
A girl falls hard for a boy that likes to make her laugh. But she doesn't have the confidence to do anything else but giggle.
  • completed
  • alonetogether
  • onesidedlove
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Put you deep in your feelings.  by jiminievibes
Put you deep in your feelings. by FREEWIFI√
Relating to some people out there with thoughts in my head.
  • feels
  • sad
  • alonetogether
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Finally college??? *HANNIE* *JENZIE* by Cupcake23abigail
Finally college??? *HANNIE* * Cupcake23abigail
This is about if hannie and jenzie met in collage... YAY
  • hannie
  • roommates
  • jenzie
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melting hearts by awsmpuri
melting heartsby Purnima
English , hindi poems and thoughts.. #100 in poetry on 28 September 2018
  • aweaome
  • sadstory
  • hindipoem
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The  Woods by CreepyYouTuberPasta
The Woodsby Sammy Kay
You wake up in the woods alone. its dark and cold... your hurt badly... you don't know why or how you got there.. you don't really remember anything before you wake up i...
  • wolfpack
  • wolf
  • alonetogether
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Antisocial  by The_Cat_Whisperer01
Antisocial by Everything WILL get better
From afar, a young girl named Mattie sees a strange boy out of the corner of her eye. He never talks to anyone, never steps out of line, and always blends in with the cr...
  • alone
  • bonding
  • teenromance
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Unspoken Words by Babydancer112
Unspoken Wordsby amanda
A broken heart Left in sorrow Same today And same tomorrow She should've left Should've gone The lies she believed All along Now she lies In her bed Writing the words...
  • kiss
  • peace
  • newlove
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