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Entwined Love (completed) by Meraki18
Entwined Love (completed)by user08911564
Someone truly said "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." This is a story of courageous Sqn. Ldr...
love is the last option✓ by daydreamero9
love is the last option✓by daydreamero9
*status: completed* | Nia Subhash | A 16 year old teen who enjoys life as it comes. She has mother who loves her unconditionally. A father who hates her existence for so...
Its a story for all pani shippers its about how was there trip to Delhi and what happens in there life after that ,purily imaginary and has no resemblance with real life...
One Day At A Time by Sohni29
One Day At A Timeby Sohni
They grew up together. They were meant to be together. He knew it. So did she. ...And so did he. What happens when the boy next door, your best friend, and the college h...
WANT MY DAYS BACK by jigglypuff_green
WANT MY DAYS BACKby jigglypuff_green
This is a story about two souls who gets to live together by the name of marriage.... Two souls with two different past Will this past affect their present? or play a vi...
Anika [Ongoing] by likhitha9
Anika [Ongoing]by Likhitha Reddy
Meet Anika Reddy, an introvert south Indian girl. She is eager to share her childhood with you. A fun-filled childhood which many children are not destined to. At the ag...
His Revenge | ✓ by likhitha9
His Revenge | ✓by Likhitha Reddy
Hitesh A cheerful man and an honest, successful lawyer. When his sister commits suicide, he is shattered and blames himself for her death. He wants to take revenge. *** ...
Nothing we haven't heard before.. by JacobinCuckoo
Nothing we haven't heard before..by Dream a little dream
Your regular girl and guy falling in love. Every love story is mostly the same, yet each feels a little different.
Poetry by _Adi__B
Poetryby ❣️~lovelye boy~❣️
This is My First Book. I want to describe about my emotions, feelings through this book.. It's about love, passion, care feeling.. A poem is a group of words that has so...
Unity Game Development in pune by javaclasses
Unity Game Development in puneby javaclasses
Codekul.com is the best Gaming Institute in Pune to learn unity game development. Learn how to create games using the Unity3d engine and learn how to create Multiplayer...
Machine learning course online india by javaclasses
Machine learning course online ind...by javaclasses
Codekul.com provides job oriented best machine-learning course online in Pune with the help of Industry experts. Online machine learning Training in Pune at Codekul will...
Game developemnet training in pune by javaclasses
Game developemnet training in puneby javaclasses
Codekul.com is the best Game development training in Pune to Learn how to create games using the Unity3d engine. The trainers are working professionals and certified in...
Best machine learning online course in india by javaclasses
Best machine learning online cours...by javaclasses
Codekul.com provides job oriented best machine learning course online in Pune with the help of Industry experts. Online machine learning Training in Pune at Codekul will...
social media marketing training by javaclasses
social media marketing trainingby javaclasses
Learn about social media marketing from top-rated social media experts. 100% Practical training. Provide classroom and online practical training with Google certificatio...
Sobati by nutella_fad
Sobatiby Soha 🌱 सोहा
[ ON-GOING ] सोबती (sobati) /sobatee/ noun. companion, partner. [ Extended Description inside ]
Intimate Encounters | ✓ by nutella_fad
Intimate Encounters | ✓by Soha 🌱 सोहा
[ COMPLETE ] Ananya Sathe was hoping for a do-not-disturb solo writing retreat. What she got was something better. Much better.
Father in Heaven by PratsRats
Father in Heavenby PratsRats
What happened when Kumar a Cab Driver tells about his Father to Aditya a college going student who has a very different perspective about his Father, do you think Aditya...
My crazy ➡heart ❤ by _Adi__B
My crazy ➡heart ❤by ❣️~lovelye boy~❣️
{\__/} ( • . •) / > please check ❤ I do not know all of you guys. Over here I welcome your story to all of you. My story is about a girl named Julie. Evening if...
social media marketing courses by javaclasses
social media marketing coursesby javaclasses
Learn social media marketing courses in Pune from digital marketing industry experts. Work on live projects. Get 100% placement support. Accelerate your career with new...
IVF Specialist in Pune by ashishkale1122
IVF Specialist in Puneby Ashakiran Hospital
Dr. Ashish Kale is an experienced gynecologist, IVF Specialist in Pune. He has over 18 years of experience as a Gynaec Endoscopy Surgeon and currently practicing at Asha...