Bed Buddies | ManXMan by nighttaker
Bed Buddies | ManXManby Chace
_________________________________________ A 100/100 scorer in 2017 LGBT Awards First Place winner (category- Romance) in The Apollo Awards First Place winner (LGBT+ cate...
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  • boylove
  • taygetsthegay
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Camp Mapplewood (GirlxGirl, Lesbian) ✓ by Troplet
Camp Mapplewood (GirlxGirl, Lesbia...by Troplet
It all started because the Beaver's counsellor locked me in the tool-shed on the first day at Camp Mapplewood. I just wanted to chill for the summer in the sun, like my...
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  • summerromance
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Alpha (ManxMan)  Book One by EeveeAndras
Alpha (ManxMan) Book Oneby EeveeAndras
Nicolas was the son who wasn't supposed to live, the one who continued to be a disappointment. When it became known that he was one of the chosen to wield the ability to...
  • magic
  • mxm
  • fantasy
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HELPLINE by artmum
Henry's grumpy. Isaac's lonely. And then Isaac rings the cereal helpline Henry works at, and things get a lot more complicated. [short story - #48, 1st october 2014] [te...
  • shania
  • tgtg
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Who Would've Thought? by avalonbwriting
Who Would've Thought?by avalonbwriting
(Slow Updates) Rio and Declan. Declan and Rio. They've been best friends as long as they can remember. Both are 17, both go to school together, both play football. But...
  • gaylove
  • guyxguy
  • slash
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Apple Pies and Stethoscopes (BoyxBoy) by animana
Apple Pies and Stethoscopes (BoyxB...by animana
Book 1 Harry is pissed. Really Pissed. His boyfriend of two years told him he was getting married. With someone else. Just after sex. ...
  • yaoi
  • gay
  • lgbt
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The Only Exception [BoyxBoy] by ShadieTree
The Only Exception [BoyxBoy]by Lara
(BOOK FOUR OF THE KISSING BOOTH SERIES) Ryan Rivera doesn't have it easy. Growing up in foster care with his twin brother and not knowing who his real parents are has l...
  • gaylove
  • bxb
  • slash
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Challenging the Goddess of Love (GirlxGirl, Lesbian) by Troplet
Challenging the Goddess of Love (G...by Troplet
Nineteen-year-old Spencer Evans embarks on a wondrous adventure after challenging the Goddess of love. With the help of her best friend and other acquaintances made alon...
  • goddess
  • adultfiction
  • lesbianstories
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Secondhand Girlfriend by planomania
Secondhand Girlfriendby Emma Jean
"Curiosity kills the cat, darling, but I guess I'm already dead." Love, who has time for it? Certainly not Kieran Lane. Being a seventeen year old male, you ar...
  • sale
  • interracial
  • bwwm
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Bleeding Color by AdrienneCivetti
Bleeding Colorby Adrienne
Cameron "Cammie" Bailey is used to moving every few years, so spending her senior year in a new place starting over once again doesn't seem to faze her. The co...
  • lgbt
  • taygetsthegay
  • romance
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A Bleachers Boy Perspective (BoyxBoy) by 5upernatura1
A Bleachers Boy Perspective (BoyxB...by 5upernatura1
My dad is the football coach of Elwood High. He has won every single game for every year he has worked there. He's muscular, intelligent and popular. He had everything. ...
  • humor
  • gaylove
  • love
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January [BoyxBoy] by SinHasRisen
January [BoyxBoy]by Sin
Featured on the official lgbtq+ profile of Wattpad. *** The month of bitter winds and coffee mugs, cold air and warm rugs, witnesses the journey of two lovers from acro...
  • justwriteit
  • shortstory
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Broken Heart ⚣ TK by tereselovlien
Broken Heart ⚣ TKby Terese Lóvlien
Ⓦhen your roommate was everything that filled your fantasies, what would you expect? #26 rank in university July 6th 2018
  • bromance
  • school
  • fanfiction
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A Spark of Hope (GirlxGirl, Lesbian) by Troplet
A Spark of Hope (GirlxGirl, Lesbia...by Troplet
It all started because of a stolen pen, a hotdog costume and cut brakes. I was just a normal nineteen year old finding out how college life worked by; procrastin...
  • featured
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  • lesbianstories
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Fish tanks and tattoos by angrylego
Fish tanks and tattoosby Karter
Bloomer has never been able to be around people long, he's nervous and shy, and they annoy him and most anyone who towers over him, which is near everyone intimidates hi...
  • cute
  • badboy
  • taygetsthegay
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17 again. by I_Tamilore_Onkowe
17 again.by I. Tamilore Onkọwe
Cole Winters isn't a bad kid. Not really. He's just going through some stuff. Plus he just doesn't care anymore. Not about life and especially not about school. His enab...
  • queer
  • pride
  • gay
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Misgendered by Lost_infairytales
Misgenderedby Scarlett
"If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it is a duck." Taylor Adams and Lily Baker: complete opposites in almost every sense. Taylor Adams: complete...
  • nonbinary
  • transallycommunity
  • music
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Reminisce by gtfomaggie
Reminisceby Meg A.
Wherein she writes a letters to her dream girl. Written by: Meg A.
  • love
  • suicide
  • thoughts
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Drunk Talks by heartened
Drunk Talksby pooh bear™
No matter how many times his parents retold the story, Jason could never believe they had met and fell in love over the phone... Until he experienced it himself.
  • wattpride
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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Blood Prize {Bloody Dance Series #1} BoyxBoy by EzraWinn
Blood Prize {Bloody Dance Series #...by Ezra Winn
Magic burns and demons roam the earth. Two hundred years ago the door to hell was opened and demons poured into the world. When Emma invited a beautiful stranger into...
  • fantasy
  • bloodydance
  • killing
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