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You open the door and see nothing but darkness, yet you walk in anyway. On flashes a spotlight centering on a lonely wooden chair. A mysterious voice asks you to take a seat.
Just as you comply, the door slams shut and suddenly the room is showered in glittery forms of light from the discoball above.
"Where am I?" You ask with a trembling voice.
"The question is not where you are, but how you came to be here." The mysterious voice sounds again.
You struggle to speak but eventually you're able to say, "My love for literature and all things gay guided me."
"Ah yes," the voice becomes clearer, more feminine. "As is usually the case."
"Wh- who exactly are you?" You stammer.
Out of the darkness of one particular corner, a figure emerges seemingly dressed in all black with a blood-red cape.
She whips her cape behind her and stands with her hands on her hips as she proudly announces: "I AM CHENNELLE, LOVER OF BOYS AND WRITER OF GAYS and you, my dear friend, are welcome to my works...if, that is, you are brave enough to endure them."
And with that, she disappears leaving nothing but a laptop behind--you find yourself reaching for it, accepting the challenge.
Little did you know how quickly you would lose your innocence along with any sense of happiness you still hold within you, the moment your eyes fall upon its screen.

Such is the fate of any who read...


@Susurrations is my darling.

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Private Chapters of The Rent Boy: Two - and Five -
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It's annoying bc I have a TKY chapter finished but no laptop to post it on n posting from my phone just messes the layout up what sad times 
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