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Hey, I'm Chen! As you can see by my banner up there, I'm one of the laziest photoshoppers you will ever meet. Just putting that out there.
18. British. Reading, writing and drawing are some of the finer things in life.

@SuperheroesAndSprite, @TheRegularNonsense and @juyodenai get a special s/o bc I love them.

Private Chapters of The Rent Boy: Two - and Five -
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Chennelle Chennelle Jan 31, 2016 09:29PM
Hopefully I'll get my shit together soon and get some writing done...pray for me 
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A Game of Attraction

Social data: 16.7K reads. 749 votes. 310 comments.

Description: [BoyxBoy - Ongoing] Benson Jacobs was your average English man, living in the city. He had a job in an office and the cheapest apartment he could possibly find, living each day the same as the last. But when h...


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To Keep You

To Keep You

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[BoyxBoy - Ongoing] Letting someone you love go was always the hard part. Faced with the decision to kee...

The Rent Boys

The Rent Boys

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[BoyxBoy - Completed] (Sequel to "The Rent Boy") Mitch has spent his life hiding everything h...

Mature Completed
One Shots

One Shots

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[GirlxGirl - Ongoing] One shots I'll be doing to try something new!



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Eh I have opinions on stuff sometimes and sometimes I just get bored and like to rant and rave about any...

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Story Reading List

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