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Percy Jackson - Polybotes by Someoneyoudontknow5
Percy Jackson - Polybotesby SomeoneYouDontKnow
What if Percy Jackson really WAS taken by Polybotes? After finally getting back with Annabeth and fleeing from Rome, Percy finally gets to spend some time with Annabeth...
  • jackson
  • piper
  • percabeth
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Titan Of Life by ForlornSpirit
Titan Of Lifeby Jess(ica) Brown
What if Perseus was born a titan? A spawn of the heavens and the earth, a son of Ouranos and Gaea. Twin to the titan of Mortality, mighty Iapetus. Where was he, in the d...
  • olympians
  • kronos
  • titanpercy
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Four Horsemen to Save the World (percy jackson fan fiction) by OkamiAkuma
Four Horsemen to Save the World ( OkamiAkuma
What if you were betrayed? What if the person you loved the most turned her back on you? What if you left the only place safe for your kind, heading out into a world tha...
  • chaos
  • horsemen
  • gaea
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Da Long Lost Relatives (Hoo and Hp fanfic) by Shark_DS
Da Long Lost Relatives (Hoo and Hey there :)
Only one of the seven survived the war. Percy Jackson. After Annabeth dies, he's broken. Not the same seaweed brain as before. He returns to his apartment, to find his...
  • gaea
  • harrypotter
  • percyjackson
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To torture a hero by realworldmagic
To torture a heroby Riley/Sage/Lucy
What if, Gaea decided to make a surprise visit to the Argo II one night? What if, she ended up leaving with more than she came with? What if Percy wasn't so sarcastic an...
  • percymoment
  • evil
  • torture
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Lose Your Mind (percy jackson fanfic) by werewolf6758
Lose Your Mind (percy jackson werewolf6758
The seven were on their way to defeat Gaea. They were strong and confident of the outcome. But when their leader is kidnapped they become uneasy. Besides even if they DO...
  • gaea
  • torture
  • violence
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The Recruit (Percy Jackson Avengers Crossover) by FlyingPuppy101
The Recruit (Percy Jackson Natalie
During the Giant War, Percy defeats Gaea, but loses everything important to him. The Olympian Council decides that Percy must join a group called the Avengers. When Dire...
  • nickfury
  • brucebanner
  • philcoulson
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Fighting for You (Leo Valdez x Reader) by 7Sneakers
Fighting for You (Leo Valdez x 7Sneakers
READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE At the site of giant deaths, Does Mother Earth stay, The last of her essence, Must be put away. The Seven to go, Have two to sway, Throug...
  • prophecyoftheseven
  • theseven
  • sibyllinebooks
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A King Can't Rule Alone by goodygoodi
A King Can't Rule Aloneby Jaylene Iris
Kronos had won, everything was wrong, he was slowly brainwashing Percy and it doesn't help that since the king made him immortal he is slowly turning Titan... #39 Hermes...
  • zeus
  • titanswon
  • nico
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Voldemorts Grandson by shadowray17
Voldemorts Grandsonby shadowray17
When Percy Jackson lost everything he has. His fiancé, Mom, Paul, the seven, Thalia and Nico. Percy is falling apart.
  • potter
  • tomriddle
  • war
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Gone -Book One- (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) {Completed} by greywarrxn
Gone -Book One- (Percy Jackson Sarcasm of Olympus
It started just like every other day at Camp. Annabeth wakes up to get Percy for breakfast. She finds his cabin empty. Oh no, not again ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join Annab...
  • adventure
  • percyjackson
  • death
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I Am Alone: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by Stuckbetween2worlds
I Am Alone: A Percy Jackson lance mcclain is my baby
He saved them. He loved them. Cared for them. A hero like this should be treated with respect. However his only reward was betrayal. His name is Iota. And this is his st...
  • adventure
  • leovaldez
  • gaea
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If I Could Fly -Leo Valdez Fanfiction by Brearuo
If I Could Fly -Leo Valdez Brearuo
"I'm sorry, you can't save me now." And with that, a step of confidence broke through my skin, renewing me. I took a leap. And I truly believed that I could fl...
  • depressed
  • percyjackson
  • jiper
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Is This The End Perseus?(Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by TheAuroraLights
Is This The End Perseus?(Percy Rosey
Just a COMPLETED short story. Rick Riordan owns all rights to PJO/HOO, the plot line is mine and yeah, that about covers it. Percy is basically betrayed, but that's not...
  • hunters
  • gaea
  • reyna
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Percy Jackson and The Council's Army by Jash_Parikh
Percy Jackson and The Council's Jash Parikh
The war is over; Percy Jackson hopes to breathe a sigh of relief and have his happily ever after with Annabeth Chase. In comes Gwen - a daughter of Venus, claiming to b...
  • kronos
  • betrayal
  • fanfiction
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Warriors➳Jason Grace by -sarcasticpotter
Warriors➳Jason Graceby 𝓼𝓪𝓱𝓪𝓻
❝Do not mistake my kindness for weakness, I could tear you down and watch you crumble into with nothing but a thought if I wished to do so.❞ Valeria Scarlet Ravenswood w...
  • annabethchase
  • reynaramirezarellano
  • rickriordan
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Percy Jackson: Betrayed and wants Revenge by -Music_Is_Life-
Percy Jackson: Betrayed and - - - -
Perseus Jackson. Recognise that name? He used to be a hero. Fantastic demigod he used to be. Son of Poseidon? Until he got betrayed. He no longer has any friends. He...
  • jackson
  • betrayed
  • gods
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The New Demigod at Goode by Diana5314
The New Demigod at Goodeby Diana
Celeste is a demigod. She met the seven and even went on her own quest to defeat Gaea. Now she just wants a normal school year. But since when does that ever happen? She...
  • percabeth
  • celeste
  • thenewdemigodatcamohalfblood
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Nephew of Stark (Percy Jackson cross avengers fan fiction) by abba-is-my-queen
Nephew of Stark (Percy Jackson abba-is-my-queen
Percy is broken. Five of the seven have died. Everyone but Nico, Tahlia, Grover, Blackjack and the Gods think he has died. He is lost. When Sally and Paul die he has to...
  • tonystark
  • avengers
  • loki
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Percy Jackson- Teenage Rockstar by Taste_the_Rainbow-
Percy Jackson- Teenage Rockstarby Katie
ALL SONGS FROM THIS STORY ARE NOT MINE. " Thalia what are you singing?" Apollo, the sun god, asked. " I Write Sins not Tragedies by Percy...
  • hoo
  • song
  • rockstar
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