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Spawn Of Pontus by Star-Walker09
Spawn Of Pontusby Star-Walker09
Percy Jackson is a new demigod/demiprimordial. He goes on a crazy, messed up roller coaster that is his life. What happens when he finds love with the two most unlikely...
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A Deathly Ocean (Percy J. Bianca A.) Perianca by MoonsHeir01
A Deathly Ocean (Percy J. Bianca • Riley Wendigo •
Bianca di Angelo comes back, Chaos herself giving her a second chance at life. Hades didn't mind, seeing as Nico would definately love that surprise, but it all comes fo...
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Peranca in Goode (on hold) by SONofdaHADES
Peranca in Goode (on hold)by childofHecate
What would happen between Percy and Bianca if she hadn't died what would nico think what would happen if they were all going to Goode and living in a giant mansion this...
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Percy Jackson - Back from Tartarus | {нιαтυѕ} by save_me_im_fine
Percy Jackson - Back from a6d's french sister
Our hero, once known as Percy Jackson, was thrown into Tartarus for a crime he didn't commit. During his time there, which was twenty earth years and two hundred Tartaru...
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Perianca one-shot collection by MoonsHeir01
Perianca one-shot collectionby • Riley Wendigo •
This is a bunch of oneships of Bianca Di Angelo and Percy Jackson. if you ship them like I do then your'll definitely enjoy this book. thank you wattpadians!!! -Riles
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Percy Jackson: The Defender of Olympus  by TheGodOfThunder
Percy Jackson: The Defender of Ặlek⚡️
Cover by LavendarEyes (Shay). He was betrayed by his own kin. He was shunned away, like a pile of trash. And when he was on the brink of death, Chaos took him in. Now he...
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The Betrayed Hero Book One: The New Son Of Chaos by England_From_Hetalia
The Betrayed Hero Book One: The Decko
Bad stuff happens at Camp. Percy is betrayed. Not by Annabeth or some of the other kids, but by the new kid. His friends encouraged him to run away. Percy is no longer P...
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Son of Chaos by littlemissfanfic_
Son of Chaosby >>Kayla<<
Dead. At least, that's what we're supposed to be.. After saving Olympus (again) I come home to see my girlfriend cheating on me. My friends, (besides Thalia,Jason, and c...
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Percy Jackson/Teen Wolf Crossover Gods of Alaska by BrianDreyerJr
Percy Jackson/Teen Wolf Brian Dreyer Jr
Percy Jackson and his brother's gets betrayed because Zeus's paranoia Lady Chaos saves them and make them gods of Alaska. What happens when Zeus finds out about them as...
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Twins of Lady Chaos (adopted) by Eaglescout174
Twins of Lady Chaos (adopted)by Josh J
The continuation of The Twins of Chaos by KrisTheSatanSister
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Seven Fairytales, All My Fiancee's. by iloveyounicodiangelo
Seven Fairytales, All My Fiancee' iloveyounicodiangelo
Percy wakes up to remember nothing. All he knows is that he is in a castle where there are seven girls. Each one claims to be his wife. How will be know which one actual...
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Percy Jackson- Warrior of Chaos by cfckid
Percy Jackson- Warrior of Chaosby cfckid
Many years ago, Percy was betrayed by all of his friends. Now he works with chaos In his army. What happens when he returns to the place he hates most?
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Chaos by Chaos_creator_of_all
Chaosby Chaos
All I did for them Everything I had done for them And they repay me with this They were my family my friends But then they betrayed me Authors note: this is my first...
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Fighter Of The Universe (Percy Jackson Betray Story) by Azileia12
Fighter Of The Universe (Percy Azileia12
Percy was betrayed by those he trusted the most but doesn't throw a fit about it like most stories. After this beautiful man keep visiting him and claiming that he's P...
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Bleeding Out (A Percy x Bianca Fanfic) by dragonsnout
Bleeding Out (A Percy x Bianca Abby
Perseus Jackson. Saviour of Olympus. Part of The Seven. You know his story. He's the underdog turned hero. Everybody's golden boy. But is that all? Bianca di Angelo. Dau...
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