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Moving On: Book 1 (PJO/HoO FanFic) by SuzyQ_
Moving On: Book 1 (PJO/HoO FanFic)by susie
(REWRITTEN) What would you do if everything you had was taken? Your family, friends, home? How about your dreams, your love, your life? Would you accept death, or will y...
The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon Fanfiction) by AdventCourier
The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon Fanf...by AmidstChaos
Percy Jackson had the life everyone wanted, he was the hero of Olympus, respected by the most powerful beings, and had the best of friends. However, fate works in cruel...
The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for release.  by story-lover1423
The Dejected Hero: Sentenced for r...by story-lover1423
(A Percy Jackson fanfiction) The king of gods made a horrible mistake a long time ago, yet none of the other gods went against him in fear of the consequences. The king...
Percy Jackson: The Son Of Tartarus by percyjacksonfannest2
Percy Jackson: The Son Of Tartarusby Jon Snow
He was once their leader and their friend. The people loved him even most of the gods. Sadly that time is over and now he must face the truth and pain. Percy Jackson is...
Marvel Half-Blood by athlete68
Marvel Half-Bloodby Athlete68
A few days after the giant war, Percy is alone in the world. A week out of Tartarus, EVERYONE is gone... all because of Gaia. Now a group of "super heroes" wan...
Memories by fandomz_baby
Memoriesby Lily-Rose
Percy's soul has been decimated by Tartarus; nightmares haunt him, the gods fear him and his memories make each breath harder and harder to cope with. Tartarus has infil...
Percy Jackson in School  by EfCarramzam
Percy Jackson in School by Ef Carramzam
This is a story of Percy Jackson, the well known, two times Savior of Olympus. In School. (I'll try to not make this the typical cliche story, but i can't promise anyth...
When the Stars Align -  A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by Miss_Crippsy
When the Stars Align - A Percy Ja...by I am a Potato
|| BoO Rewrite || Ongoing Fanfiction || "He was afraid of water. Of drowning. How can a son of Poseidon drown? In his own misery." (X : PERCY) The seven, Nico...
High School For Percy by Popcorn32-24-34
High School For Percyby Zoe Crooks
A PJO/HOO fanfiction. Takes place after the events of BOO. Basically, Percy has always been the leader at camp, but when it comes to school, he doesn't quite fit in. An...
Percy Jackson: The Light Bringer by AlmightyMortal
Percy Jackson: The Light Bringerby Samanth Martis
[[{ Daily Updates }]] Percy Jackson's life changes completely when he is chosen by Lucifer to be the light bearer. Before he leaves though, he whispers something that ch...
Escaping Tartarus-A Percy Jackson fan fiction-Out of HELL by 552266Wisegirl552266
Escaping Tartarus-A Percy Jackson...by wisegirl_818
A scream rung through the air of the Argo 11. The seven demi-gods torn from their sleep as screams illuminated from inside the infirmary. The screams belonging to the o...
Percy Jackson: Sacrifice of the Legend by PrinceofHalfBlood
Percy Jackson: Sacrifice of the Le...by PrinceofHalfBlood
They have successfully defeated the Giants. Now a week later Percy and friends are on Olympus to receive their rewards, but things go wrong. Percy is tasked with a missi...
The Darkness Within by sapphireblue12312
The Darkness Withinby ₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥𝙎𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙮
Percy Jackson is betrayed once again. He is accused of murdering dozens of satyrs and nymphs. Even Grover won't talk to him. He is forced to endure eternity in Tartarus...
The Rise of Gaea by awesomeoncerchick
The Rise of Gaeaby awesomeoncerchick
Percy Jackson has always been brave, but is he brave enough to fight his way through Tartarus? When Percy falls into Tartarus, Annabeth must rally the Greeks, Romans, an...
Perseus Jackson son of Aphrodite and Tartarus by Reynicolover69
Perseus Jackson son of Aphrodite a...by Anonymous
Long ago there was a child born from Love and The Pit, This child was like none other, he was one of the most powerful gods to ever exist; strong enough to stand up to s...
Agent Flame Wave ( A Percy Jackson and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover) by EclipseBluejay
Agent Flame Wave ( A Percy Jackson...by PacificEternity
After getting betrayed by the camp and gods, cheated on by Annabeth and witnessing the death of his mother and step-father; Percy is saved from Loki and Tartarus by the...
Secrets to Keep (Harry Potter x PJO) by evia19589
Secrets to Keep (Harry Potter x PJ...by evia19589
Percy, Nico, Annabeth, and Will are called to the big house. They are sent on a quest to help the wizards during their time of war. But what happens when the Golden Trio...
Arena's Victor : The God of Darkness |The Anak Series| by AnaklusmosX
Arena's Victor : The God of Darkne...by The Writing Deities
|| DISCLAIMER: Book is considered a main book in "The Anak Series" there is no order of book you must read in The Anak Series || Perseus was the oldest God. He...
shattered pieces by Fanfiction_me
shattered piecesby fffffffffff
Percy is suffering from severe PTSD after being tortured by Gaea in Tartarus and he doesn't how to cope. Annabeth tries to keep him from self destructing, but it nearly...
Percy Jackson and the Saviors of Tartarus by koroy003
Percy Jackson and the Saviors of T...by Krissy
Percy Jackson is finally happy. His life has calmed down, and he and all of his friends have been granted immortality. He has the promise of forever to spend with the...