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A few Titans solve many issues, including the Reapers. by Vinnymoneyho
A few Titans solve many issues, in...by Vinnymoneyho
There has always been a section of the galaxy closed off to all of the galactic Civilization. Known simply as the Montoken Region and encompassing 20% of the galaxy, no...
His Choice  by NCIScrazy
His Choice by NCIScrazy
Tony DiNozzo used to be a NCIS Agent. He used to sleep around and put away killers. But all that suddenly changed when he became a father. Talk came to him after her mo...
Tivali Paris Reunion by abacado03
Tivali Paris Reunionby Abacado3
After eliminating the threat of Sahar, Ziva enters a new chapter in her life, a life after reuniting with her daughter and Partner. Though, after four years, a secret ch...
Perfect Storm by glass22
Perfect Stormby glass22
Tony and Ziva go camping but are surprised with some interesting news in the morning. Tiva fluff we all want and love. (Takes place after Berlin, Ziva never went back t...
Nuclear Family by imacharacter98
Nuclear Familyby imacharacter98
Typically 'nuclear family' refers to two parents and their offspring. Together they are one unit. However... Tony, Ziva, and Tali are anything but your typical family. T...
Answers by imacharacter98
Answersby imacharacter98
News of Ziva's death leaves a trail of fiery destruction behind, namely through Tony's heart. Paired with a stuffed pup named Kalev and a daughter he didn't know he had...
Ember Soul by Cheshire_SK
Ember Soulby Cheshire
A strange girl washes up on shore of Camp Half-blood. No one knows who she is or who her godly parent is, but as theories are disproven and new details come to light. Th...
Family First (NCIS) by densi_fangirl
Family First (NCIS)by Densi_fangirl
This story is based off of NCIS episode family first. This is how I think it should have ended In this story jenny never died, she only left NCIS after dealing with a c...
Til Death Do We Part by glass22
Til Death Do We Partby glass22
Ziva reunites with Tony and Tali in Paris. She has trouble reconnecting. When she finally does, she and Tony make the decision to tie the knot. Will their huge Greek...
Following Tali by mykindafantasy
Following Taliby A blob
Leads on from the season 13 finale When Ziva's farmhouse explodes what will Tony do? Tony's daughter, Tali, appears from no where but can he care for her and who...
Tali's Request by viva_la_tiva
Tali's Requestby viva_la_tiva
What will Ziva do when Tali asks "When can I see my Abba?" The episode Family First never happened! This is my take on how Ziva introduced Tali to Tony.
Is It Too Late? by glass22
Is It Too Late?by glass22
You never really stop loving someone. Not when it was a love like that. It never goes away. It just depends on what you're willing to do to fix it.
Magnets by imacharacter98
Magnetsby imacharacter98
Three years after Tony leaves Ziva in Israel, a mysterious woman shows up at NCIS. Discovering her identity will change Tony's life forever. Wow, that's so incredibly l...
Tiva One-shots by glass22
Tiva One-shotsby glass22
Collection of Tiva one-shots. Each chapter is a different story.
My search. (NCIS fanfic) by Zivakindagirl
My search. (NCIS fanfic)by britt
My search, to my parents. I don't know who they are. I don't know where they are. But I will find them.
|~Tali x Male Shepard~|  -short stories by Jet_The_Knight
|~Tali x Male Shepard~| -short st...by The_Inquisitor
A series of short stories, oneshots, headcanons, and incorrect quotes about everyone's favorite Mass Effect relationship. Male Shepard and Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. Other ch...
Citadel: Party (Mass Effect) by TimidQuarian
Citadel: Party (Mass Effect)by Emily
Shepard and the crew are under a lot of stress... And what better way is there to work off stress than a movie party! Warning! A bit of Citadel DLC spoilers...
Tiva Oneshots by Multifandom_2900
Tiva Oneshotsby Kate H.
This is a lot of Tiva Oneshots the description of each story is in front of every story
Tivali by gibbsrule18
Tivaliby NCIS
Takes place after the Season 17 episodes with Ziva. I do not own NCIS or it's characters. Only my own and my storyline. Cover Photo Credit To @ncis.tivalireunion on Inst...